Christmas crown kanzashi: master class

Christmas crown kanzashi: master class

Kanzashi Crown The New Year is a time of miracles and reincarnations. With particular trepidation, little children await the arrival of magic. Matinees for them - the opportunity to feel like the protagonists of the tale. Naturally, girls dream of being princesses or Snow Maidens. In addition to a chic dress, bright accessories and stylish shoes, they still need a crown, which will immediately turn any girl into a New Year's beauty. From our master class you will learn how to make a spectacular Christmas crown of kanzashi ribbons on the rim. This accessory also solves the issue with the hair: hair can be collected in a bun or wrapped in a ring, and you can leave it loose (it would be nice to pre-curl them). From above we put on the remarkable elegant crown made on our master class - and the girl in an instant turns into the beautiful Snow Maiden or "princess" character. In today's master class, the kanzashi crown for the New Year is made in a green and gold tones. The green color, the shape of the petals, the cone-shaped arrangement of the details - all this resembles a Christmas tree, and the golden brocade and rhinestones fit perfectly into the general holiday ensemble. But, of course, nothing prevents to make the New Year's crown for the Snow Maiden in white-blue-silver or any other color. Our master class for making the New Year's crown of kanzashi consists of several parts.

To make a kanzashi crown in our master class, you will need:

plastic wrap (hair band) anycolors (about 0.8 cm wide or more); thin green satin ribbon of two shades: light and dark - 2 cuts of 2 m each; satin ribbon of the same green shades 5 cm wide - 2.9 m each; golden brocade tape 5 cm wide - 2.9 m; semi-beads with a diameter of 1.2 cm in red - 7 pieces; semi-beads with a diameter of 0.6 cm red - 10 pieces; semi-beads with a diameter of 0.4 cm red - 7 pieces; golden stars with a diameter of 1 cm - 14 pieces; hot melt glue and glue gun; scissors; lighter.

New Year's Crown of Kanzashi: MK with step by step photos

New Year's Crown presented at the finalThe photo consists solely of sharp kanzashi petals. All petals are made of three layers: a green ribbon of two shades and golden brocade. To begin with, we will cut a wide ribbon (5 cm wide) of light, dark green and golden colors into 5 cm long segments. This will result in 58 squares of each color. To prevent the ribbons from falling off, we quickly and accurately process sections using a lighter flame. Consider the process of making a petal. Take three squares of the same size but different colors. How to mount the kanzashi crown All three squares are bent diagonally. The closed ends are once again flushed with a cigarette lighter so that the corner is glued together. To do this, hold both edges of the tape tightly, then the melted material of the tape solders them. Crown of kanzashi ribbons: master class We fold the resulting figure again, combining sharp corners. As in the previous step, we solder the tails with a lighter. Rim-crown kanzashi: master class If it doesn't come out to glue the tape with a lighter,fold the tape in the manner described and fix the tip with a drop of hot silicone glue. It is important that the glue is invisible. All three figures fold the sandwich one on another: at the bottom - dark green, on top - light, golden - at the very top. To triangles are not shifted, it makes sense to fix them with a pin. Note that the triangles are stacked on each other with a slight offset so that they are all clearly visible. This is understandable from the photo. MK Crown kanzashi for the New Year Sharp corners of the sandwich combine so thatthe golden petal was inside. The tip can be fixed again with a cigarette lighter or a needle thread. But do not forget that the cut is uneven, multi-layered. The edge and the base of the petal will have to be cut with sharp scissors and scorch the cut well. Remember that work must be neat from the face and from the inside, as the back of the New Year's crown of kanzashi will also be visible. Kanzashi Christmas Crown: MK Crown in kanzashi technique Repeating the steps described, we make in this way 58 petals. Crown DIY (kanzashi) The petals are distributed as follows:

  • 19 pieces will be used for the lower tier;
  • 18 pieces - on the middle tier;
  • 21 pieces - on triple bushes (only 7 bushes).

Before modeling the crown,braid itself plastic bezel. To do this, take two thin green ribbons of different shades. On each we will make a loop: its height must be such that the second tape passes into it. Kanzashi: how to braid the rim of the tape To start weaving, stretch the dark ribbon in a loop of light. How to braid the bezel: master class Then we fold the light one in half and stretch the resulting loop into the loop of the dark ribbon. How to braid the bezel in kanzashi style We do the same with dark tape: we lay it up with a loop, and stretch the loop itself into the loop of the light ribbon. After this, we lightly tape the light ribbon: the weaving should be quite dense. We twist kanzashi bezel We continue to work, weaving a dense braid for the rim under the crown for the New Year. How to braid the rim with ribbons The length of the wide double spit is equal to the length of the rim. Cut the ribbon so that small tips remain. We hide them under the pigtail. How to braid the bezel Apply silicone glue along the entire length to the hoop. At the end of weaving, we bend the tips and glue this part of the braid to the rim. Then we press the finished braid from the tape along the entire length of the rim. DIY Crown: Kanzashi On the bezel we determine the center. To the crown did not disappoint, accuracy is important in the details. We begin to glue the first row from the center to the sides. The first row, as we wrote above, consists of 19 petals, and. Total, we glue the first one exactly in the center, and on either side of it we place another 9 petals. Begin to glue sharp petals. They need to have glued corners up. Kanzashi: the crown on the rim Christmas crown kanzashi: master class The back side of the bezel will also look beautiful. How to make a kanzashi crown In a staggered manner, in the gaps between the needles of the first layer, glue the details of the second tier. At the same time, the glued side of the petal is facing down! Kanzashi Crown From the reverse side, it can be seen that the upper parts must clearly enter the grooves between the lower ones. Kanzashi Crown Of the remaining petals in the amount of 21 pieces need to collect the twigs. Each branch will consist of three parts. Crown kanzashi for the New Year: master class Paste 7 received branches symmetrically, forming a beautiful crown, similar to the Christmas tree. New Year's Crown of Kanzashi: MK Prepare red beads of three sizes and golden stars for decoration. Decor for the kanzashi crown for the New Year 7 stars are pasted on the main tops andwe also add the smallest semi-beads. With the largest semi-beads, we will mask the attachment points of the branches, and all the other places where the petals dock are medium sized. Kanzashi Crown: photo The remaining 7 stars are used to mask the attachment points of the branches on the reverse side. New Year's Crown of Kanzashi: MK Crown kanzashi for the Christmas party is ready. This accessory will look very nice with a carnival costume; It can also be used for a New Year photo session or school play. You can find all the accessories for making a kanzashi crown in our master class in the store, but this exclusive product can be made only by yourself. Crown kanzashi for New Year Kanzashi Crown: MK Christmas Crown Kanzashi Kanzashi Crown: Master Class Elena Nikolaeva specifically for the site Previous article: Next article: