New-year fur-tree toys from felt with their own hands. Video. MK / Toys with own hands, patterns, video, MK

New-year fur-tree toys from felt with their own hands. Video. MK / Toys with own hands, patterns, video, MK

Very soon the New Year, and you want to do something unusual for the holiday with your own hands. New Year's toys made of felt are an excellent choice for a holiday.

24 ideas from the fetradle Christmas tree

If you think that Christmas toystake a lot of time from you or require some special skills, then boldly dismiss this idea. Creating beautiful jewelry with your own hands is easier than it seems. And much more interesting.

We prepare materials

Of course, you will need some things. First of all, you can not do without felt, because it will become the main material for future Christmas tree toys. It is best to choose medium-hardness felt, it keeps the shape perfectly and is easy to work with. For the manufacture of small parts, hard material is ideal, but with such a felt it will be much more difficult to work. Advice: do not limit yourself in color, combine material of different colors, then you can create your own truly unique and unusual New Year toys. houses are stored many different threads. If you decide to make Christmas toys with your own hands, then the threads will be useful to you. Different texture and thickness, color and shade - all this will only help you. Do not be afraid to experiment! To create your own voluminous Christmas toys, you need a filler. The simplest and most accessible is the synthepon. There are special fillers for toys (sold in specialized stores), but they are much more expensive, New Year toys of felt do not require such luxury. Christmas toys should be very beautiful, so you will need different ribbons, lace, beads ... You can use anything that turns out at hand, to decorate their toys from felt. Only you can not do without your own hands, do not forget about the tools, without which nothing will work: scissors, a needle and a pencil.

Where to begin?

Beginners, who are just beginning to do handicrafts,it is best to see a good master class. There are a lot of them on the Internet. If you liked the style of explaining some author, then you can subscribe and receive notifications of his new works. For you, a small master class for beginners. If it seemed too easy for you, you can see what other New Year's the toys are created by the needlewomen with their own hands. A beautiful Christmas toy "A candle made of felt." A loving Christmas toy is a penguin made of felt. After watching such videos, the question arises where to take the templates by which they draw and cut ovogodnie toys. On the Internet, there are a lot of them. Christmas toys are popular not only in our country, so do not be surprised if some templates are signed by unfamiliar letters. Guess which part from where, it is usually quite simple. And if you can draw, then templates for Christmas toys from felt you can create with your own hands. Editor's advice: start with the simplest sketches, as they explain the standard methods of working with felt. After you master the basics of this kind of needlework, then start creating your own felt Christmas toys.

The order of creating toys from felt

New Year's toys from felt

  • Print the template on the printer and cut out the details.
  • First you need to sew small parts. Start with the paws if they are Christmas-tree toys in the shape of animals.
  • After you need to sew large elements.
  • Next, collect all the details, sewing small parts into the main (if this animal, for example, the legs in the trunk). You need to leave a hole for packing on the side.
  • Nabeyte toy depending on your desire. If you like three-dimensional fur-tree toys, it is better to use a larger amount of sintepon.
  • Do not forget to decorate your toy. The beads and colored tapes are sewn on the felt-felt toys, sometimes they are even painted with acrylic paints.
  • Here are your felt works of art.
  • Christmas decorations will make your house truly festive, and the mood is magical. Things created by yourself give special warmth!