New Year Christmas toys with own hands, ideas, photo / Toys with own hands, patterns, video, MK

New Year Christmas toys with own hands, ideas, photo / Toys with own hands, patterns, video, MK

Who does not want the original Christmas tree! Let's create it together, make Christmas tree decorations with our own hands from various materials.

Of felt

New Year toysOf this material is very nice to makedifferent figures. It is soft, bright, has a thickness, and therefore Christmas toys from it do not need to be stuffed. Effectively, multi-layer toys look like appliqués. The edges are not processed, the stitches are large, decorative, made with contrasting threads. The Internet is easy to find examples of working with felt. You can decorate a Christmas tree with beads and ribbons. You can use simple shapes for Christmas decorations: heart, boot, Christmas tree, candy, star. A very beautiful two-layer snowflake. Pattern can be done any. The white carved upper part is sewn with blue threads to a blue substrate, which is slightly wider. You can also make a New Year's bell. More ideas: .

Vintage Toys

New Year toysWith their own hands can be sewn from the fabric of smallPads on the Christmas tree or you can make them out of felt. Or simply paste vintage laces on plastic balls. Attributes of vintage items are natural fabrics, old photographs. New Year toysThe Christmas tree toy itself can be a framework for such aPhoto. The heart, laced with lace, has in the center an oval window-vignette, decorated with ribbons and beads, into which a picture is inserted. Many family photos are used. The production of a set of such hearts with images of all household members is worthy of a separate master class on creating a New Year family tree. New Year toysLacy angels are a gentle and touching attribute of a European Christmas tree. And here they have taken root among the New Year's ornaments, which are not difficult. More ideas: .

Balls of threads

New Year toysThese balls can be decorated not onlyChristmas tree, but the whole house. They can be placed under a tree or hung on a string. Multicolored balls require minimal financial and time costs, they can be done very much. The balls are united in garlands and from them snowmen are collected. New Year toysA simple example of balls of thread

  • It is necessary to take small balls, a diameter of 15 cm, clerical glue, petroleum jelly, a thick needle and nicer threads.
  • We inflate the ball, lubricate with petroleum jelly, so that it does notstuck to the threads. We thread the thread into the needle and pierce it through and through the jar of glue near the bottom, stretch the thread. The thread is impregnated with glue, wrap it on a ball and then let it dry.
  • Puncture the rubber ball and remove it. New Year thread ball on the tree is ready.
  • From paper

    New Year toysThe simplest Christmas decoration from paper -snowflake. With the help of the openwork carving it is possible to create separate paper toys and whole lace garlands. You can choose one simple form: an asterisk or heart, cut the details and make a garland of them on the Christmas tree, gluing together the details of 2 and laying a thread between them. 6 20Decoration in the style of scrapbooking will be appropriate indecoration of Christmas balls. Fans of this technique can use pictures of their family, as in vintage Christmas tree toys. The necessary information can be found in the master classes for creating postcards. New Year toysSimilar examples, revealing the technique of decoupage,you can find inspiration and new ideas for creating original Christmas decorations. There are examples on the Internet and other techniques for decorating paper: killing and origami. Paper gives many opportunities for Christmas decorations of a Christmas tree and a house. New bells of paper on video in the master class: More ideas: .

    Painted light bulbs

    New Year toysThe shape of a conventional incandescent lamp is similar to the shapea classic Christmas tree toy. This fact does not allow some people to throw out burned bulbs. They paint in a vintage style, under Khokhloma and enamel. They draw muzzles, stick a beard, make New Year snowmen on a Christmas tree. To hide the metal part of the bulb, you can make caps and hats for it. New Year toysNot only lamps are painted, you can draw onany fur-tree toy with suitable paints, on wooden blanks, glass and plastic balls. The most versatile paints for painting are acrylics. They are water-soluble, you can work with any density: on paper like watercolor, on plastic like gouache. After drying, they become more resistant than other paints.

    Gingerbread Man

    New Year toysA little man is a ginger biscuit adorned withglaze. You can bake a Christmas tree, a deer, a snowman, a snowflake. Ginger New Year's fragrance will settle in the house. Children will appreciate the benefits of edible Christmas tree toys. And even these brown figures on the Christmas tree can be sewn from fabric like soft toys. To paint them better with the same acrylic or contour for the batik, just like glaze.

    Discs and sequins

    Old CDs on the Christmas tree will get a second life thanks to their mirrored surface. They cut into a mosaic and pasted it with Christmas balls. From them you can make simple figures: bell, star. New Year toys For this kind of New Year's decor is bestfoam or polystyrene beads are suitable. A mosaic of discs is glued to liquid nails. If you use sequins, no less sparkling elements of plastic, then you can not stick them, but pins with decorative balls. With the help of soldering, you can create color drawings of any complexity. New Year toysMake Christmas toys on the Christmas tree best of allfamily. Everyone can make at least one of the proposed toys as a contribution to family comfort or as a New Year's gift to a close person. Simple toys for a Christmas tree made of cardboard and thread: More ideas: