Scheme of embroidery stork flew: work in the technique of the cross

Scheme of embroidery stork flew: work in the technique of the cross


If the white stork has built a nest on the roof of the house, thenIn the family that lives in it, a baby will appear. This sign has always been confirmed by facts, which was noticed by our great-grandmothers. In many countries of the world, the arrival of a stork is associated with the arrival of spring, and with the beginning of a new life. If you want harmony and luck in your house, then embroider a couple of white storks in the technique of the cross, and maybe you will have a baby, as it is believed that this bird brings in the beaks of the kids.

Embroidery of an arriving stork

The embroidery scheme of the stork flew in, which willPresented first, depicts a beautiful pair of birds with their children sitting in the nest. This picture symbolizes the family values ​​that everyone should have. In this work, a relatively small number of thread colors of the mulina are involved. Everything is done in muted shades.
Starting embroidery is better from the center, for thisCalculate the number of crosses you need to start from. First of all you need to insert the needle from the wrong side and pull it up. The small end of the thread must remain on the canvas. Then make the first stitch diagonally and grab the edge of the mulina with a working thread while creating the next stitch diagonally. So you can firmly fasten the thread on the canvas, and your embroidery will not be able to blossom. In what direction do stitches - you decide. It does not matter whether it's left to right or vice versa, the main thing is that the direction is always the same. If you make a mistake, the defect will immediately be visible in the picture. So it's better to loosen the thread and embroider it all over again.

Embroidering a cross of a flown stork from the middle,Gradually move to the boundaries of the image until you finish the work. When you finish one color with a moulin, fasten its end from the wrong side and start embroidering with another shade. The edges of the embroidery can be sealed in the technique of "back needle", so the work will look neater.

Another type of embroidery of storks ismetrics. Since it is believed that the stork that arrives brings children, so this bird is a favorite character in children's metrics. On our site you can find a lot of interesting schemes or create your own picture yourself. Own sketch with inscriptions and figures, you must first put on paper to see how the picture on the canvas will be located.
This diagram depicts a flying stork with a toddler,Which is carried in the beak. In the color scheme, mostly different shades of brown predominate: from light to dark tone. Adding a finished product can be embroidered with the date of birth and the name of the child, also in the technique of the cross. Just try not to go beyond the image itself, so that everything looks organic.

The workflow is simple enough, so with thisEven beginners can easily cope with the scheme. Follow the rules that were described above and you will get a wonderful product that you need to hang in the frame. We suggest you see a gallery of diagrams depicting a stork, and you decide for yourself which theme to choose for embroidery in the technique of the cross.

Stork embroidery schemes