Hairpins from tapes with their own hands with photo master-classes

Hairpins from tapes with their own hands with photo master-classes


Recently, become popular, doWith their own hands hair clips from ribbons, as well as elastic bands and braids with ribbons. In such needlework, the technique is assisted by tsunami Kanzashi from satin ribbons. Our master class, as well as video lessons, will be devoted to creating hair ornament in the style of Tsumami Kanzashi.

We make a hairpin of tapes

Our master class we will begin with the creation of Kanzashi barrettes for beginners. For this, we need such accessories, namely:

  • Cuts of satin ribbons, it is possible and repsovyh tapes, orange and white color;
  • Decorative material in the form of a rosette and a black bead;
  • scissors;
  • Textile glue;
  • Fire candles or lighters;
  • A simple barrette.

The design of the barrette is simple. Take the ribbons and mark them with a simple pencil, size 5 to 5, in the number of 16 pieces. This procedure is also done with a white tape. Cut everything into squares and shine with candles or lighters so that the threads do not creep, and you could do tsumami kanzashi. Look at the photo, here's what you should get.

For such a hair clip, we will make pointed petals. This technique is very common and on video, on the Internet, you can easily find it.
Pointed double lobe, let's makeOrange color, inside it, will be white. Take an orange square and bend it diagonally, then another one and swing the corner with fire. White blank, also fold diagonally, only three times. Look at the photo, that turns out.

Attach the white preform to the orange and make a petal. Remove the end and excess material and scorch it with flame. We should have 16 such elements.
To decorate the barrette, we need a few more pieces of simple single-layer blanks. Do from the cut tape, exactly the same actions that we did above in the text.

Simple pointed petals are made in the same way as double-layered petals. We will not repeat, so as not to waste time. Such a process can be viewed by video or photo in the text.

We need twelve pieces of such blanks.
Our master class continues, and we beginDo your own, the main part of the hair clip. We cut out from a dense cardboard, a circle in diameter of 3,5 sm and we paste on it a tape. In the end, it should form, here is such an element.

Now we move on to connecting all the elementstogether. Take double pointed petals, and spreading them with glue, attach to a round base. Do it, in a circle. Do this technology, clearly along the edge, attaching all the petals tightly. This should be the first tier of the flower, as shown in the photo.

Next, you need to cut another circle,A diameter of 2.5 cm and also glued with satin. Then, in a circle, glue the simple petals. In the end, you should get such a preparation in the technique of tsumami Kanzashi, made by yourself.

This small flower must be smeared with glue from the wrong side and gently glued to a large bud.

Our master class, coming to an end, remains, just to decorate the flower. For this, we need a socket with a black bead.

Drip a drop of glue on the outlet, and then on the bead, paste this decor in the center of the flower and press with your finger. Look at what tsumami Kanzashi, we have turned out.

Now take a simple hairpin, crab or gum on which we will attach a flower.
We put the glue on a hairpin or crab, and we press the flower to it, holding it a little with fingers, for full hardening.

On a ready-made accessory, sprinkle a little hairspray.
This master class for beginners, completelyCompleted. In the same way, you can decorate hairpins or elastic bands. We hope that our video lessons will be of use to you, and you will be able to create new hair ornaments with your own hands.

Eraser for kanzashi for hair

Such an interesting master class will be devoted to the creation of rubber bands in the technique of tsumami kanzashi for hair. For this, we need the following materials:

  • A narrow blue and blue ribbon. To use, it is better to take satin ribbons, but you can make an eraser from the reps tapes;
  • scissors;
  • Candle or lighter;
  • Textile glue;
  • A piece of satin fabric;
  • Rhinestones;
  • Regular gum or crab.

These are rubber bands for, we will do two-tone. For this, take the blue and blue ribbons. One, the length of two meters, and the second, one meter long. Blue material, cut into cuts of eight centimeters, and blue material, into segments of seven centimeters.

Each flap, fold in half in such a way as to result in an overlap and fire.

From a piece of cloth, you need to cut a circle, a diameter of 2.5 cm and give it a fire. Then, we begin to glue the workpieces symmetrically to each other.

From the first to the third tier, the color of the petal will be blue. The next two tiers, you need to create a blue hue. The topmost elements, prune, so that they become shorter.

In the middle of our flower tsumami Kanzashi, which we have done completely with our own hands, we glue a beautiful rhinestone, in a shape reminiscent of the heart.

From the wrong side, attach a simple rubber band for or crab, bought in the store, for little money. Before doing this, make a small fixation for it.

Our is not a difficult master class to create gum,Completed. We hope that such lessons for beginners, devoted to the technique of Kanzash, impressed you. The same method is used when decorating the hairpin. A detailed video can be viewed on our portal.

Master-class weaving ribbons in the braid

Since ancient times, shiny and beautiful hair,Counted as a sign of beauty in women. A braid with ribbon, considered a symbol of chastity and wisdom. If your hair is well-groomed and shiny, therefore, you are a wonderful hostess.
In our time, pigtails with ribbons, have not lostIts uniqueness. And on the contrary, many admirers have been acquired. How to weave a ribbon into the braid, every woman of the floor asks herself a question, when she is going on a holiday or just to work.
Our lessons will help you, master the skill of weaving braids with ribbons.
Scythes with an interlacing of satin ribbons, make a womanMore mysterious and tender. It is especially interesting, the ribbon looks on dark and long hair. If you do not have a suitable tape at hand, you can create with your own hands, a thread with beads. Such an accessory will turn a simple hairstyle into an evening version.

Prepare all the necessary materials to create a beautiful hairstyle, such as:

  • crest;
  • ribbon of satin;
  • Crab and hairpins;
  • Decorative material for hair, for example, flower tsumami kanzashi.

You can insert the ribbon into a simple pigtail. If, you want to create a bow on the end, then take the material of a longer length. So, let's start our lessons:

  • Well comb your hair and make a rubber band the tail;
  • On the elastic band, tie a tape that will hide it underneath. The resulting edges of the tape should be of the same length;
  • Divide your hair into three bunches, and connect the end of the strand to the ribbon. Then, plait the pigtail, as always;
  • At the end of this work, tie a rubber band, and on top of it make a bow.

Such a hairstyle for hair, like a braid with a ribbon,Can be weaved not only on the back of the head, but also on the sides or on the vertex. If, you are the owner of very long hair, braid the braid around the head, fixing it with a hairpin.

Now, let's weave a French braid for beginners, also decorated with ribbons. We begin lessons:

  • Comb your hair and make an even part. Embroider a scythe from one side, and then from another;
  • Make on top three bundles of hair, capturing fromFace, auxiliary locks and we begin to weave a French pigtail. When your weaving reaches the neck, fasten it with hairpins. On the other side, do exactly the same thing;
  • Connect the braids together and decorate with tape. Then, start weaving a simple braid with a ribbon.

Our wonderful master class, completelyFinished, with the help of your imagination, you can weave beautiful braids, decorating them with ribbons at your discretion. Interesting video, how to weave braids with ribbons, you can see on our website or on the Internet.

Video: Kanzashi's own hair clip