Hairpins with own hands from beads in the master class (photo)

Hairpins with own hands from beads in the master class (photo)


Braiding hair ornaments with your own hands fromBead or any other beautiful accessory does not require much. You need to learn how to weave the most simple flowers or embroider beads patterns. This is even for beginners. Weave a flat snowflake or bird, attach special hooks for earrings and invisible hooks to it, and you will get a beautiful set. In our case, a beautiful pin bead will be created.
In addition to the invisible to the barrette, you can attach anyAnother basis: a hair clipper, a clip, a hairpin, and make a beautiful and necessary thing. Hairpin of beads - the most simple decoration, which you can do with your own hands. It does not require special skills, but looks very beautiful. That is why we recommend beginning masters to begin their acquaintance with beading with such simple schemes and techniques.

Master-class weaving beading with beads

Using this master class, you canHands create a lot of different pins. Just take the scheme of weaving this chamomile flower, the beads that you have at home and begin work. Beading and its result will delight you.
If you are not familiar with different techniquesWeaving, then use our video lessons, on which experienced needlewomen share cunnings and subtleties of beading. For a hairpin in the form of a flower you need a bead, a fishing line and a needle for beads. And, the material for weaving can be as two colors, and monochrome. For a flower, it is best to use a fishing line, so that the petals keep the shape well. In the photo you can see a thread of black color. It is used to clearly show the order of the weaving.
For the petal you need a fishing line 50 cm long, just enough for the petal. On the fishing line, we collect 26 white beads and connect them to the ring, as shown in the photo.

First we make one step in the Ndebele technique

Now weave in a mosaic technique: one bead through one.

According to this scheme, a total of 11 steps.

Again we make one step in the Ndebele technique.

We continue the weaving in a mosaic style, we also do 11 steps to the end.

We close the series. Moreover, we always pass a needle through the last two beads at the end of the row.

Again we begin to weave a series: we make a step in the Ndebele technique.

Further weaving will be only in a mosaic style, one bead through one. We start and finish the series with a white bead, all the other beads are blue.

The photo clearly shows what the series looks like.

According to the same scheme, 4 more rows are woven. This will be a blank for the petal.

Four more such blanks, ponytails, which remained free, do not cut off.

Now put the blanks in the flower. The needle is threaded from bottom to top. On a free line we string one white bead. String another blue bead.
We connect two petals. We pass the needle through the last blue bead of the other billet. Then we return to the first petal: we pass the needle through the blue interlaced bead.

Now the needle is passed through the white bead of the second billet.

Again, go back to the added beads of the first workpiece, pass the needle through a white bead.

So, we put two blanks together.

By weaving beads, we also connect all five blanks.

Fill the beads with the core. We sew a white bead on the string, then we introduce the needle into the base of the near petal.
Further, the needle from the top down is passed to the base of the neighboring petal.
Again, type a white bead and insert the needle from the bottom up into the next bead.
So we spoil the series to the end. We get five beads in a row. For strength several times around the circle, pass a needle with a fishing line and tighten the middle.
You can in the middle of the flower weave beads of other colors and shapes at your discretion.
After the flower is completely ready, take the line to the wrong side of the work.
Hairpin made of beads Hairpin made of beads Hairpin made of beads Hairpin made of beads Hairpin made of beads Hairpin made of beads A few turns of a fishing line tie a hairpin toFlower. Firmly fasten it at the base of the flower. To ensure that the barrette does not fall apart, drip the superglue onto the attachment point of the hair clip and wait until it dries completely.

To successfully create beautiful things, you do not needTo be a professional. Our hairpin made of beads is proof. Try beading all kinds of products, learn from experience and do what the soul is for. And from what will your author's works, what techniques you use - it does not matter. After all, many people dream of realizing themselves, but it turns out not at all. Be engaged in weaving, embroidery, knitting with beads. Your works will be repaid many times with unique and fine samples of needlework.
In the next master class there is a variant of weaving a beautiful tender flower from beads, which can also become the basis for a beautiful hair clip or brooch.

Video: Flower of beads by brick weaving