Clock-decoupage for beginners: photos and instructions step by step

Clock-decoupage for beginners: photos and instructions step by step

Decoupage-clock for beginners

Watch decoupage for beginners. Photo №1 In order to learn how to work with decoupage,It is necessary to learn the basics and actions that lead to the result. As you know, decoupage technique is a way of decorating objects with your own hands, which is great for decorating objects. In order to create objects with graphic design, you need to consider a variety of properties. Let's look at the example of the decoupage of hours and consider how you can do your work. To begin with, it is necessary to decide where our decoupage will be located. If it's a bedroom - romantic pictures will suit perfectly. Also, depending on the interior of the apartment, you can choose your color scheme and the direction of the picture. Decoupage-hours for beginners are very simple!

Surface preparation

Watch decoupage for beginners. Photo # 2 The first thing we need to do in our work isprepare the surface with which we will work. You can buy wood in the shops for needlework, then - the element of work you need to sand. If, the surface of the work is plastic - it means, it is necessary to treat it beforehand with the help of degreaser.

Think over the background

Watch decoupage for beginners. Picture №3 The second thing we need to do is to come up with a background. It will be the total area for our picture. Therefore, the correspondence of colors and design should be appropriate in meaning. There are several design options:

  • Process paint backdrop
  • Carry out a vintage work (to age the product artificially)
  • Treat with a napkin or rice paper

Watch decoupage for beginners. Photo №4 These three popular options are great for an overwhelming number of ideas. The surface should be painted with white acrylic paint.

Paste the picture

Watch decoupage for beginners. Photo №5 Further - we work over that to gluepicture on the product. To begin with, we need to carefully cut the product along its contour, or simply tear it off with hands, pretreating the image with water. Ragged edges in this case are better masked. Glue the product best with a PVA glue, which is also diluted with water. Also, you can buy a specialized adhesive for decoupage techniques. Both options are perfect for work. It is very important not to allow folds when working with the surface. The best set for a beginner master is the solution of rice paper. In this case, unevenness should be absent. After you paste your product on the surface, it must be dried, and then covered with acrylic lacquer. Again, dry and, if desired, apply a few more layers of varnish to fix. Next, drill a hole in the product and fasten the clockwork inside the device. Our work is ready! Decoupage-hours for beginners can be performed in a variety of sizes, depending on the preferences and desires of the master. The technology of the lining for small, medium and large objects does not differ. Hours can be hung in the apartment, or make a gift to a loved one.