Clothing for dolls of gum: photo and video workshops

Clothing for dolls of gum: photo and video workshops


Now quite difficult to find an adult ora child who does not know, what do you want little colored silicone gum. From this seemingly quite ordinary and unremarkable material can weave wonderful things!
The previous master classes we talked abouthow to make rezinochek decoration, covers for phones, key rings, figurines of animals, birds and even minions. And now we want to tell and show you what clothes for dolls of the gums. Let's try to examine step by step wizard class in weaving and make a nice outfit for a doll!

How to weave clothes for dolls in the series "Monster High"

Each child confident that the doll, as wellas well as people in need of clothing. So today we offer you to please their kids and weave for their pupae beautiful fancy dress. Of course, it will pay for the dolls of gum.
If desired, this model dresses can be woven in different colors. This will allow to easily and quickly update the puppet wardrobe and spend a minimum of means! To weave dress you will need:

  • white, yellow and red rezinochki;
  • hook.

After collecting all necessary, we can begin tocreating dresses for the dolls of gum. Tat doll clothes we will lumigurumi method. The use of this technology will allow us to significantly accelerate and significantly facilitate the process of creating a dress for a doll.
The first phase of the master class, we start withforming a chain of air loops. For such a doll like us, you will need exactly 11 pieces. If you want to weave clothes for another doll you have to make a chain and wrap her body pupae in the chest. If the edges of the chain come together - hence, a sufficient length.

The finished chain of elastic bands, we must join ina circle. To do this, enter the hook in the first elastic, and stretching it through the loop to form a knot. After that we continue to spin in a circle, with the plant working tool in each loop 1 time. It turns out that during the operation of increases we do not. Red gum is necessary to form 11 rows. The following 2 lines weave white.

Not to be mistaken with the size, during weavingDress should be periodically applied to the doll. The next stage of training master class is a little different from the previous one. Now we weave with increments.
Forming times are white, we are continuingweaving a bright red dress hem for. Do a little bit of a gain, we make a number of nakida. To do this, hold rezinochku through the loop and leave the hook 2 parts. And then take a new item and carry it through all the loops on the hook.

Due to the hem of her dress for the doll will be more lush and beautiful.

Next, take the gum and white weave 1 ryadochek the transverse parts of the previous row.

As a result, the newly-formed number mustbe under the previous one. If you want to weave a short dress you need to create two such ryadochka: one red and the other white. For longer clothes number of rows increases. Last ryadochek - a frill. He trudges as usual. The final stage of this little master class is to create decorations for dresses in the form of a flower. Flower turn white and yellow. To create it, we must first wrap in 3 turns a working tool rezinochkoy white, and then transfer the resulting preform 2 yellow. In total we weave these 5 parts.

They need to lose one yellow and tighten it in a knot. After that, you need to attach the finished flower to the dress with one another rezinochki.

Beautiful elegant clothes for dolls of the gums is ready! After studying this small master class, you can weave a couple of dresses of the same style, but in a different color and length!

Scourge outfit for the doll on the machine

Previously, to make a beautiful outfit for the doll, it was necessary to spend a lot of free time and effort. One doll dress you can sew or knit for several evenings.
Now everything is much easier! Indeed, in recent times especially popular clothing for dolls of the gums. She not only made faster, but it looks much brighter and more attractive than conventional fabric dresses. To weave an unusual dress for the doll you will need:

  • multicolored rezinochki;
  • hook;
  • machine.

Getting a master class. Set in front of the machine and put in a circle rezinochki, with their twisted figure eight. Put on another layer, but now no longer twisting.

On each column, remove a pair of lower parts and switch it to the center. Do not put the machine to twist another ryadochek.

Discard the bottom pair to the center of weaving. Without changing the schemes of action, weave 8 ryadochkov. Each ryadochke rezinochki use the new color. Remove the 2 pieces sticking out from the side of the column. And move them to a nearby ledge.

Get hooked to just put on a pair and2 lower inset. Move them to a nearby ledge. Continue weaving in a circle in the same way as long as the pair rezinochek not be worn in the first column. Now remove the number of long-range projections. Tension in the proximal ryadochek 4 rezinochki.

Move to the bottom center of the weaving. Refit the 4 pcs. Repeat steps 13 and 14 points 4 more times. After that, move the gum from the last column to the adjacent. Next, slip the hook in just to put on a rubber band, pull out the bottom pair and put it on the next ledge.

Braid under the scheme until the end. Then draw the hook through rezinochki on the column. Hook them a new pair, and copy it, as shown in the photo. The free throw with a loop on the working tool.

Take another 1 couple and, holding it with your fingers,extends through the workpiece on the hook. Free don loops on the hook, and repeat steps 3 times. The last loop of reserve on the finger. After that we start working tool in the weaving angle. We cling to it held by fingers rezinochku.

Spending through the loops. Tighten the knot.

Unusual and colorful clothes for dolls gum is ready!

Video: Scourge doll dresses rezinochek