Snowman from the sock with his own hands the master class, ideas / Toys with his own hands, patterns, video, MK

Snowman from the sock with his own hands the master class, ideas / Toys with his own hands, patterns, video, MK

Snowman - an integral part of the winter games andNew Year's celebration. This children's fun - to roll balls of snow and make them figures, came to us from the distant past. In winter, almost in every yard you can see this creation of children's hands. And in the new year, at this wonderful time of fulfillment of desires, mandarins and gifts under the tree, I want to please friends and relatives with something interesting. And let's make snowmen from socks! This will be an unusual surprise, and you will be able to surprise everyone with skill, create beautiful things yourself. So, let's start a master class.

"Snowman from the sock - two balls"

snowman from the sock Necessary materials:

  • Socks or socks (a pair of them are white)
  • Buttons (of different size and color)
  • Beads for the eyes, preferably black
  • Threads, a rope, a thin rubber band
  • Scissors
  • Groats (rice is best suited - white color is less noticeable through the sock)
  • Toothpick (for nose)
  • Felt-tip pen or marker (red, yellow or orange)
  • Small pieces of fabric, beads, ribbons, ornaments

We collect the base - a white sock or a golf slitin the field of "heel". The upper even part of the sock is turned inside out. From the side of the cut we collect and tie a string or reel it with a rubber band. We turn it to the front. The resulting "bag" is set vertically. Fill it to the brim. The top is also tightly tightened with a thread or a rubber band. We find the middle of the resulting cocoon. Move about a centimeter up, tie up another rubber band. We will get the base of the snowman - the head with the trunk of the two balls. Next step we sew the beads-eyes and make a nose to our snowmen from socks. The nose can be made from a bead or use a half of a toothpick, pre-painted with a felt-tip pen. As a cap, we'll use the second half of the white sock. Cut off the heel part and turn the sock to the wrong side. We turn the cut edge of the sock and put it on the head of the snowman - we'll get a hat with such a "fur" trim. We only have to dress up our snowmen: we'll make scarves from pieces of multi-colored fabric, sew buttons. Ornaments can also be made with your own hands from any improvised materials - cut out flowers and hearts from pieces of fabric, sprockets glue from shiny paper.

"Snowman from the sock - three balls"

snowman from the sock You can also make a figure out of the familiarus, three balls. The torso of the future snowman is done according to the scheme described above. Ready for the workpiece visually divide into three parts and tighten the pull - you get a snowman of three balls. The lower part, on which the snowman will stand, do a little more. This will give the toy stability. We will wear snowmen. To do this, cut the colored socks into two or three pieces, separating the area of ​​the heel. Smooth parts of the sock we use as a shirt, and from the other toe half we form a cap. We can fix the outfit with a string or ribbon. We will tighten it from two edges of a colored piece of a sock. The top of the cap will also be tied with a string. We sew buttons and other decorations for your taste. There are a lot of snowmen making their own hands. Attach to them handles and legs, and, behold, the snowmen are already holding a broom and are firmly on their feet. With pigtails and skirt - there will be a snowman girl, and in a blue cap and with a slingshot in her hand - a snowman boy. Material for this winter wonder can be found in eachhouse. A bit of training and you already with a professional skill can conduct a master class in needlework. Give vent to imagination. For example, the original gift will be the well-known "cartoon" snowman from a simple white sock with an applique of dark suede or felt and pompoms for the feet. By the way, depart from the traditions. Let your snowman be made of a green, blue or black sock. Unexpected color will surprise, please and will be a bright addition to the holiday. A happy snowman from a double sock will cheer up. Hold it in your hands and make a wish. Pleasant to the touch, this toy will allow you to relax a little and forget about the problems, and the desire, if it is good, is sure to be fulfilled. To make a similar New Year's souvenir is effective even for the child. Arrange a fascinating master class for your household. Let everyone become a participant of this interesting action and try to create a festive hand-crafted article. And then make a contest - who has the snowman turned out to be the most cheerful or most fat person. Brighten them with a Christmas tree - these toys will not break and will be safe for young children. And when the holidays pass, put the snowmen on the bookshelf or on the windowsill - in anticipation of the next celebration, they will please their appearance, and store your most magical memories.