Coat of Arms of Ukraine diagram of cross-stitch embroidery

Coat of Arms of Ukraine diagram of cross-stitch embroidery


How does the coat of arms of Ukraine, know the majorityInhabitants of this country. But not everyone knows what it means. They depict the coat of arms of Ukraine in yellow on a blue background in the form of a trident. This is an invisible symbol of the power of Prince Vladimir the Great. It was used for printing on government documents of the entire Rurikovich dynasty. The coat of arms of Ukraine is used as an embroidery on many products. Let's look at how to embroider a coat of arms in the technique of the cross.

Embroidery of the arms according to scheme

This symbolism in our time is embroidered on manyProducts. In this list from recent times included embroideries, napkins, tablecloths and much more, which is a remote symbol of Ukraine. To embroider a picture the coat of arms is possible, both full sewing, and partial. Prepare for work canvas and mulina two colors: yellow and blue. This embroidery is so simple that a beginner can easily handle it. The canvas is divided into many squares in the form of squares. Each square is designed for one cross. The mulina consists of six threads, you need to divide it in half. You can use a thread in two or three additions.

So, be prepared to embroider the coat of arms of Ukraine. Pull the needle up from the bottom corner on the left side, making a stitch in the upper right corner. Now you have a semi-cross. Always make stitches in the same direction to make the picture look right. If you need to embroider a whole row, then we recommend first embroidering all the semi stitches, and then returning back, complete the technique of the cross. After finishing the work in connection with the end of the thread, thread its edge under several crosses from the wrong side. Uzelkov should not be at all.
Schemes designed for experienced craftsmen,Depict a coat of arms surrounded by wheat ears, sunflowers and viburnum. These plants are also invisible symbols of a country like Ukraine. Wheat and viburnum is sung even in Ukrainian folk songs. The number of threads of the mulina is much more involved, so inexperienced beginners can get confused in the scheme. Each time, check with it in the process of work and carefully study the key of the used shades.

Such embroidery is relevant on the day of national holidays such as Constitution Day and Independence Day. Coat of arms of Ukraine the cross-stitch embroidery scheme will be presented in the article in several variants.

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