Coat with embroidery: learn to decorate outerwear

Coat with embroidery: learn to decorate outerwear


At all times was in high demand andPopularity among the fair sex. A simple embroidery with beads or smoothness will help a little to refresh and decorate a thing that has already worn. Each needlewoman can try her hand at doing such a thing and make her outerwear more beautiful with her own hands. To realize your own ideas you need to acquire time and patience.

What materials and tools

Such work as embroidery on a coat can not be performed without the following materials:

  • needle. For embroidery, you will need to purchase a specially designed needle that will have a fairly large eyelet;
  • Circuit. To decorate the outer clothing, you can take a ready-made chart or draw a pattern with a marker at your own discretion;
  • Threads. On the coat with embroidery, the threads of the mulina will be most beneficial. They are presented today in a wide and varied choice. The needlewomen will necessarily pick up a suitable color scheme, and even they will be able to pick up shiny threads;
  • Scissors, thimbles, markers for marking.

All women and girls want to have in their ownWardrobe unusual coat. But you can make it fresh and more beautiful with your own hands, while spending a small amount of time. Thanks to this unique decision, the fair sex representatives will be able to stand out and declare their originality.
Today, things that are made by themselves are in great demand.

Preparatory work before embroidery

Before you start embroidery yourselfIt is necessary to prepare all necessary materials. The first thing to do is take care of the drawing or diagram. The needlewomen can independently draw any composition or select schemes on the Internet. Today there is a large number of photos of ready-made works, so choosing a picture for yourself will not be particularly difficult.
For beginner needlewomen, it's best to tryEmbroider a small fragment on a regular fabric. This is the only way to determine the final place for embroidery to decorate the product. The pattern can be placed on the cut, side of the back or waist, and also at any other place. The main thing is that the coat with embroidery should be as harmonious as possible and all the details look appropriate. You can apply a small, previously made sketch to the clothes, so as not to be mistaken.

How to transfer a picture to a coat

If a drawing is taken from the Internet, then itsNeed to print. You can also make a photo of the pattern, which has already been embroidered, to compare it with the work done. It is worth noting that the chosen drawing is accompanied by an instruction on the optimal color scheme. But each needlewoman can rely on her own taste and pick up threads that will be optimally combined with the color of the coat.
If there are beads in the embroidery,Then the instructions will indicate the total number and size of the beads, the thread numbers and the matching needles. Then you need to take care of the translation of the picture directly on the fabric. If the coat is light, then it's best to take a carbon paper. That during drawing of drawing there were no shifts and other unpleasant moments, it is necessary to pin a picture of drawing with the help of English pins.
It is recommended to use soap or chalk for dark fabric, which are sold in stationery stores. Now you can start to work and make your own embroidery on your coat.

Embroidery pattern on the coat

Coats with embroidery can have beads, sequins and other ornaments. In such a case, the main task of any needlewoman is to decorate your product and outerwear. Technique of embroidery.
To make a beautiful drawing you need to use a seam called "back needle". The technique for doing it is quite simple. To begin with, a small bundle is made, and a working thread is fixed.

The required quantity is typed on the needleBeads, and the needle is inserted into the fabric of the coat. The distance of the stitches should be equal to the sizes of the beads typed onto the working thread. After this, it is necessary to insert the needle on the front side of the work before the first strung beads and again pass through the stitches. Thus, the beads will be strung twice.
Next, you will need to dial a certain number of beads and embroider according to the printed pattern or photo of the pattern.
The finished sketch is best preserved and from time to time reconciled with the already embroidered pattern.
After embroidery with your own hands will beCompleted absolutely all the seams need to be carefully refilled. The coat should be gently washed and dried. With regard to washing, it is not recommended to use a washing machine, because beads or other decorations can come off. To decorate the product more experienced needlewomen are advised to use silk or kapron threads. Combine the colors of the yarns with the coat color.
As you can see, any girl can decorate a coat or any other product. Any work with their own hands will look profitable, and emphasize individuality.