Coffee lambs made of fabric: master class, video / Toys with their own hands, patterns, video, MK

Coffee lambs made of fabric: master class, video / Toys with their own hands, patterns, video, MK

Coffee toys are wonderful accessories for home. Cute look, smell nice and, most importantly, sew yourself with a simple pattern and accessible fabrics in just an hour. Lambs are one of the varieties that coffee toys can take. Of course, if you fundamentally do not lamb, but lamb - you can and so, only then do not forget that the patterns should have in their composition, horns. standing coffee coffee lamb So, lambs of pleasant coffee color, exuding the corresponding aroma. How to make them? You will need the appropriate patterns, they are full on the net, and we also offer our version for the toy. coffee lambs And also we will need:

  • Linen or coarse thick fabric for body toys
  • Coffee (ground or instant, not essential), ground cinnamon and vanilla
  • Vata, sintepon or holofayber so that our lambs become plump and lovely
  • Black thread for embroidering eyes, smile and spout
  • cosmetics for browning cheeks cheeks

So, if in the hands of good patterns - then half the battle is already done. We translate the details of the future toy on the fabric, not forgetting to leave room for the allowance. We cut out the details. Next, we prepare a mixture for coloring the lamb incoffee color. In a metal cup, fill 2-3 teaspoons of coffee, 2 teaspoons of cinnamon, a bag of vanilla. This mixture is poured with boiling water and set on the stove to cook. As soon as it starts to bubble, remove from the fire, filter. preparation of coffee solution Further, it is this composition that colors the details of the futuresheep. To use for this purpose it is best to use a wide soft brush. IMPORTANT: if a lamb is lighter, then the fabric can be dyed in one layer and dried with a hairdryer. If the shade is darker to the place, then you need to paint twice. Next, you need to steam out the details of the body of the toy. It is advisable to do this through gauze, so as not to stain the soleplate of the iron. detail marking After this part of the pattern is needed in pairsfold and first sweep by hand. Then, on this note, stitch on the machine, not forgetting to leave a hole for stuffing hollofayberom, sintepon or cotton. Next, to make flat patterns turned into a voluminous and beautiful coffee lamb, you need to distribute the filler gently, neatly and tightly. Plump toys - what can be nicer in a home setting. For packing it is very convenient to use an ordinary pencil. Distribute the filler is best in small portions, so that it "spread" over the body more evenly. lamb dressing When the body of the lamb is full, you need to sew its parts together. Next, with black thread, embroider the eye of the mulina, the nose and the smile of the lamb. You can mock the toy cheeks. muzzle of a lamb And with shaggy shreds can be donethe sheep is a real longhaired "mane." A good idea: you can first sew and fill the toy, and then tonify with coffee. So, as we see, with a pattern, fabrics, coffee and skillful hands, creating such a cute home accessory is quite simple. And such a coffee lamb is a great gift. If you generously dye the fabric, then it will emit a pleasant aroma for at least six months. If you sew a miniature toy, you can hang it in the car as a flavor.