Coffee table in the interior: create comfort in the living room (37 photos)

Coffee table in the interior: create comfort in the living room (37 photos)

A coffee table is an indispensable any home. It comes in various sizes, shapes and colors. There are ordinary models, but you can also find design options, or make it according to your personal project and ideas. Let's get to know what such tables are like. Coffee table in the interiorCoffee table in the interior Content

Description of coffee tables

Despite the fact that there is a wide varietyoptions for such tables, what is it that distinguishes it from all the others? Briefly about the main thing - its main distinguishing feature is its height. It ranges from 40 centimeters to 50 cm. Usually, the greater the height of the table, the smaller it is by itself. Coffee table A coffee table in the interior You can still highlight the following parameters, behind which the coffee tables differ from each other:

  • For starters, we can talk about the shape of the countertops,which is quite different. There is round, square, oval, rectangular or in the form of a curbstone. You can pick up for every taste and color, depending on your wishes. Undoubtedly, any of the options will fit into the interior of your home or apartment.
  • The tables differ and the type of legs that canbe straight or curved, wheeled or carved. Again, it will depend on which design you prefer. Consider the important point when choosing a table on wheels - it is convenient and practical on the one hand, but not very good on the other. Such a table will be quite functional from the point of view that it is mobile, and it can be rearranged from one part of the room to another without any problems. But the wheels are still less stable than ordinary legs, especially if there are children in the house who like to run and jump.
  • Coffee table with curved legsCoffee table with curved legs

  • The color scheme is represented by the main classic colors (black, white, brown), but you can order a color option. Here it’s better to navigate what will fit into the interior of the room.
  • According to the materials there are tables: wooden, metal, glass and even made of artificial stone. Of course, a large number of people choose the wooden option. Why? Now we find out.

Wooden coffee table in the interior

Undoubtedly, there are a lot of materials from which furniture is made, but wood is especially popular among the rest. The main reasons why people make choices towards the tree:

  • Quality is the main factor in everything. Wooden furniture lasts a long time, especially if it is properly looked after. Very often, she even passes from generation to generation. So if you are a supporter of high-quality and natural things, then this version of the material is best for you.
  • The wood structure is strong enoughaccordingly, heavier objects can be placed on it, and they are not afraid that something will happen to the table. The material is quite resistant to mechanical damage.
  • Another significant advantage will be the environmental factor. The tree does not cause allergies, and is also not harmful in terms of emission of harmful substances.
  • Resistant to fungi, moisture and mildew. Agree, also a very important factor.
  • The color of a tree can be different, like the tree itself. So there is plenty to choose from.

Most importantly, wood is still a natural material, which is why it is so much appreciated among consumers. And this applies not only to coffee tables, but also, in principle, all the furniture in the house.

Transforming coffee table

As you already understood, the table is conditionally divided into a stationary or folding type. We understand the use of a conventional table, but we may not fully understand the advantages of a transformer table.

  • Space Saving - Reducesoccupied territory, and surprise your guests with an interesting design and crease. The wings on the sides rise, and the table grows two to three times. It is very convenient to take one or two people, or a group of up to 6 people.
  • Transformer coffee tableTransformer coffee table in the interior

  • Due to the adjustment of the legs in some models, we are able to turn it in height into a normal full table.
  • Tables are strong and stable, which allows you to put on the surface not only magazines or newspapers, but also, for example, a tea service for receiving guests.
  • Materials of which are made: beech, oak, ash, alder.
  • The transforming coffee table is convenient and functional in use. This is the option when you want to save space without saving on quality.

    Where can a coffee table fit into the interior?

    In fact, a coffee table can be placednot only in the living room, but also in the kitchen, in the bedroom, office, children's room. In any room you can find a place for him, the main thing is that he does not interfere and fulfill his function. A coffee table can stand both in the center of the room and on the side. Usually in the center of the room it is placed when it is used not only as a location for household trifles, but also for receiving guests. When the table is located on the side, it is less visible, and often they put keys, a telephone, newspapers, etc. on it. Coffee table in the bedroom The coffee table in the center of the living roomA coffee table in the living room in the center. In the bedroom, it additionally performs the function of a bedside table, which is very convenient in home life. Coffee table in the bedroomCoffee table in the bedroom. Coffee table in the bedroom.children's room In the nursery will also be indispensable for important children's things, such as paints, pencils, drawings. It is convenient to use it at a time when the child is engaged in creative activities, such as drawing, modeling, creating crafts. Coffee table in the nurseryCoffee table in the nursery

    Design of coffee tables in the interior

    The tables will differ not only in the materials of which they are made, but also in the stylistic direction. Interesting points that can be identified in this direction:

    • For people who like moderntechnology, high-tech tables are perfect. There is no chapel for fantasies. These can be various cosmic and fantastic-shaped tables, which additionally even include luminous elements.
    • Hi-tech tableHi-tech table

    • Those who are loyal to the classic style can buyan ordinary table, or with some frills. It can be additions in the form of decoration with stones, various wooden inserts and elements, as well as an interesting option for inserting a Florentine mosaic.
    • Classic tableClassic table

    • Exclusive lovers will be happy toacquire special versions of tables that are designed by designers, and are coffee tables made of wood (rattan) in the colonial style. A very interesting option, especially for connoisseurs and admirers of this area.
    • When you need a large table, but there is not enough space - look for an option with additional supports. It is he who will perfectly fit into the interior of the living room or office, in which guests are often received.
    • If you have many rooms and no financialOpportunities to purchase a coffee table in each of them - the solution is simple! Pay attention to the options with wheels that can move freely throughout the apartment. When buying, be sure to check if the table rattles when moving, and if the wheels leave traces on the floor surface.
    • Trolley on wheelsTrolley on wheels

    • Table shape may not necessarily be standardgeometric shapes (circle, rectangle, square). You can buy options in the form of a drop, zigzag, spiral, musical instrument. And this is not a fantasy chapel!
    • Guitar shaped tableGuitar shaped table

    • The legs are forged cast, plastic, curved wooden, metal, similar to amphorae.
    • An interesting fact is that if you givepreference for a glass table, it visually looks weightless, and less clutters the overall space of the room. For long-term use, it is better to choose a durable glass that will be difficult to break.
    • Glass tableGlass table

    • The metal options will differ from all previous materials in their heavy weight and will be suitable exclusively for very modern home interiors.
    • Coffee tables made of stone and wood fit perfectly into the country or retro style. But they require special care, and really do not like sudden changes in temperature.
    • Stone coffee tableStone coffee table

    As a result, we can say that coffee tablesvery comfortable and needed in the home, and will show off in any interior of the house. Many options are presented, so there will be plenty to choose from. Tables are different in their shape, materials and color. The main characteristic is a height of not less than 40 centimeters, and not more than 50 cm. Tables can be made in different interior styles, from classic to high-tech space style. Do you like the article? Share on social networks!