Column with two naquids

Column with two naquids

Column with two naquids. Column with two naquids.This is the basics of crochet. For openwork patterns that are used for knitting clothes used column with two naquids. Derived and the next in complexity after the execution is a column with two nakida. The double crochets have a higher height than the single crochet. When used in the compilation of patterns of columns with two naquids, openwork and air patterns are obtained. These patterns can be used for summer tunics, blouses and sundresses.

Column with two naquids as an independent pattern

Columns with two naquids can be performed notonly patterns, but also a continuous cloth! It turns out air and easy. For what it is possible to use such a “sieve”! ? If you knit a blouse, scarf or stole of yarn which includes angora, then the fabric connected with the help of such air columns will still get warm, and also due to its subtlety gentle and airy. 1. A column with two bows will match three ... 2. ... or four air depending on your knitting density 3. We make two nakida on the hook (twist the thread on the hook twice) 4. We put the hook into the loop (the loop from which the lifting loops extend does not count) 5. Grab the working thread 6. We pull the working thread on the front side (on itself) 7. Again, grab the working thread. 8. Pull the working thread through the first two loops on the hook. There are three loops on the hook. 9. Grab the working thread and pull it through the next two loops on the hook. After that, there will be two loops on the hook. 10. Grab the working thread and stretch it through the remaining two loops on the hook. the column with two naquids is ready 11. In the diagram, columns with two nakida are drawn as 12. To perform a continuous web, repeating steps 3-11, we reach the edge of knitting. A row of double crochets will look like this. 13. The fabric obtained by knitting with double crochets will look like this. Thanks for attention! See you at the new classes! The next kind of nakida bumps is. Do not forget to add a useful bookmark using the bookmarks buttons or social networks located below!