Combination and combination of wallpaper in the interior (37 photos)

Combination and combination of wallpaper in the interior (37 photos)

Everyone knows what to use forfast transformation of walls in the room. Wallpaper is a universal material that is used to create an interior of any style. But few people know how to combine several colors of wallpaper at the same time in one room. We will understand all the nuances of multi-colored combination. 81468415Option to combine several types of wallpaperEach manufacturer creates his collection in such a way that among all types of wallpaper you can choose several colors that are perfect for each other. In modern interiors, it is customary to combine not only wallpaper, but also various textures, for example:

  • wall panels;
  • ceramic tiles;
  • photo wallpaper.

The experiments with the sticker on the wallpaper of different colors will give the room contrast, originality and personality. v-gostyach-u-kraski-12Bright horizontal wallpaper in the living room interior

How to combine wallpaper in the interior by color

You can combine wallpapers in several main ways:

  • simple: only two colors are combined that perfectly complement each other;
  • complicated: use wallpapers of different colors and shades;
  • extraordinary: they take into operation three completely different shades of wallpaper.

To cope on their own and choose wallpaper by color, use the “color wheel”. Such a tool is used by all designers. 1398814895_sochetanie-oboev-palitraColor wheel If you want the room to becomesofter, softer and calmer, combine two adjacent colors in the wheel. For example, it can be orange, bright peach and pastel. This color scheme is most suitable for the bedroom interior. 1398814902_sochetanie-oboev-20The combination of wallpaper with different patterns in soft colorsIf on the contrary you want to get a bright room design, then in this case you select wallpapers whose colors are opposite to each other. For example, a duet of green and pink or blue with orange. kak-sochetat-raznie-oboiFashionable and vibrant color wallpaper sticking method

The basic rules for combining wallpaper in the interior

You can learn to combine wallpapers of different colors yourself. To do this, remember a few simple but important rules:

  • If for work you chose wallpapers of different textures, then they should not only be in contrast with each other, but also have common features.
  • If you choose wallpaper from the same color scheme, but in different shades, make sure that they have the same ornament and structure in style.
  • If you decide to combine wallpaper with differentpatterns, you can achieve harmony using color and texture. In this case, if you are not confident in your abilities, seek the help of a professional designer or consultant in a store.
  • The advantages of combining wallpaper in the interior

    The combination of wallpaper in different colors and patterns has its undoubted advantages:

  • This design hides all the flaws of the walls. Need to divert attention from crooked corners and walls? Then choose a wallpaper with an interesting print. With the help of wallpaper you can visually increase the area of ​​the room. For this, materials of light shades are used. If it is necessary to visually lengthen a room with low ceilings, then choose wallpaper with horizontal lines.
  • With the help of wallpaper you can divide the room intoseveral functional areas. For example, if you need to separate the zone of a boy and a girl in a children's room, feel free to glue the wallpapers in pink and blue. Thus, each child receives his own personal zone. You can also do with other rooms in the apartment.
  • By combining wallpaper, you can emphasize the important elements of the room.
  • The main methods of combining wallpaper in the interior

    To make it more clear how to combine multi-colored wallpapers with each other, get acquainted with the main ways:

  • Vertical stripes. For design, you need wallpapers of the same width and texture, but choose a different color. Thus, it is better to glue only one wall.
  • Horizontal stripes. Most often, this technique is used in classic interiors. The top layer is pasted over with wallpaper, and the bottom is finished with natural finishing materials. You can divide the room and completely wallpaper. Dark color is used below, and light above. Between them, a decorative border should be located.
  • Visual focus. For such a design, wallpaper with a geometric ornament is combined. This helps to visually change the parameters of the room.
  • Accent. This is the easiest way to combine colorful wallpapers. Paste only one wall. Usually they choose the one on which the TV hangs or there is an object that needs to be highlighted. Wallpaper can just plain or with a large original pattern.
  • Focus. In this method, a small part of the wall is glued with bright wallpaper. Thus, you can select a zone for reading.
  • Decorative element. If you want to quickly and easily highlight a boring wall, then cut out colored and bright squares of a small size and stick to the wall. They frame the square with a molding. You can leave it as is, or paint the wallpaper in a different color. Most often, this technique is used in classic interiors.
  • Shreds. This is a complicated but original way to combine different wallpapers. For work, prepare the material in several bright colors. Cut them into pieces of arbitrary shape and size. They are glued to the walls as you like. It all depends on your imagination.
  • Niches and ledges. A boring niche can be transformed with bright wallpapers. You will get a separate and original element in the room, on which you can place shelves with accessories.
  • 1398814861_sochetanie-oboev-14Recreation area highlighted with bright wallpaper with a horizontal pattern

    Reviews of combining wallpaper in different rooms in the interior

    Let's consider in more detail how to combine wallpaper depending on the type of room. The combination of wallpaper in the interior of the living room. We oftenwrite about how to adjust the size of a small room. But it happens that the living room can be large and spacious, but completely uncomfortable. This can be fixed using wallpaper. For wall decoration, the following shades are suitable:

    • Violet;
    • the black;
    • Gray.

    The ornament should be large. If all the decor and furniture will be monotonous, then the pattern should be saturated. The wall near which you plan to put furniture is better to simply paste with plain plain wallpaper without images. 1398814877_sochetanie-oboev-7Wallpaper for a large living room in dark shades withlarge pattern If, nevertheless, your living room has a small size, then abandon the dark shades. Wallpaper should be light colors with a small ornament. It is allowed to decorate one main wall with wallpaper with a small geometric pattern in a light shade. The remaining walls should be monotonous. 1398814831_sochetanie-oboev-13The combination of light wallpaper for a small living roomsize Combination of wallpaper in the interior of the kitchen If you are a happy owner of a large kitchen with high ceilings and large window openings, then there is where to turn around. To make the room cozy and family, the room is divided horizontally into two equal parts. The top should be light in color, the bottom should be dark. And between the wallpaper is a contrasting border. This method will visually lower the ceiling slightly. 1398814830_sochetanie-oboev-10Horizontal separation of walls using wallpapercontrasting colors How to combine wallpaper in the interior of a dark room If the room does not have enough natural light, then this can be fixed with wallpaper. Use only warm shades for pasting. To make the room play with light, we recommend using a monochrome combination of colors. Here are some good color examples:

    • coral and pink;
    • golden and sand;
    • lilac and purple.

    256Wallpaper with geometric pattern at the head of the bedCombination of wallpaper in the interior with uneven walls All experts recommend carefully aligning the walls before wallpapering. Even the smallest cracks will become visible under the wallpaper. If, after all, the walls are uneven and there is no way to fix this, then choose a non-woven wallpaper. The drawing should be discreet. Shades for a combination are better to choose close to each other. 1398814818_sochetanie-oboev-12Violet wallpaper with a large patternsuitable for rooms with high ceilings. Combination of wallpaper in the interior of a long room. If you choose the wrong wallpaper, you get a real dark tunnel. To prevent this, a short wall can be pulled out using wallpaper. They should be with a horizontal pattern. On a long wall, choose a large and textured ornament. In order not to be mistaken, choose wallpapers from one collection. This will increase the chances of getting a positive result. verticalnye-poloski-fotoThe vertical way of sticking multi-colored wallpapers As you can see, using the skills of combining wallpapers, you can easily correct room defects:

    • wrong geometry;
    • low or high ceilings;
    • small room size;
    • divide one large room into several zones.

    In a modern building materials store, you can find original wallpapers of various colors, with which create a unique image of your home. Do you like the article? Share on social networks!