Compact furniture-transformer Boxetti

Compact furniture-transformer Boxetti

Compact furniture-transformer Boxettiis based on four universal principles - a high level of functionality, the use of modern technology, compactness and minimalism. Each of the modules of the collection is designed in such a way that the effect of comfort and functionality reaches a maximum. The ability of each piece of furniture to transform into compact blocks allows you to create a clean and spacious interior without unnecessary details. Content

  • Bedroom
  • Workplace
  • Recreational unit
  • TV and audio system
  • Kitchen
  • Modular furniture-transformer allowsto equip with everything necessary for a comfortable life a small one-room apartment or an apartment-studio. Each block of furniture - this is some basic area of ​​the apartment - a bedroom, kitchen or workplace. At the same time, compact dimensions and the ability to easily and quickly lay out / remove allow you to use Boxetti on a very limited living space. Effectively looks the use of all the blocks together, although, assuming that you can harmoniously fit into the interior and some one specific block.

    Bedroom module

    The Boxetti Privat bedroom module combinesbasic functions inherent in the bedroom. A double bed of standard sizes with built-in bedside tables is equipped with a remote control mechanism. The entire sleeping module is equipped with spotlights, and above the bed is mounted a special lighting panel with adjustable light output. The spacious closet consists of six closed sections with drawers, shelves and a bar for clothes. compact furniture-transformer Boxetti sleeping module in closed form bedroom unit - compact furniture-transformer Boxetti bedroom box Boxetti Private - compact furniture-transformer


    As standard with BoxettiPractice combines all the necessary functions of a convenient workplace. A system of closed book shelves will accommodate all the necessary books and things for study or work. The sliding table with the box box and the built-in niche with a stand for the laptop make it possible to choose a more suitable option for the moment. The niche is a soft seat with a fabric or leather trim with a pillow under your head, built-in LED lights allow you to read or learn. And you can just take a break from work and sleep. compact boxetti for workspace Boxetti Practice-compact workstation boxetti practice module for workspace

    Rest area for the living room

    In the open position, the Boxetti Lounge moduleis a three-seater sofa, and two removable from the seats of the blocks act as a coffee table. The sofa is soft and comfortable, with a soft filler and upholstery made of fabric or genuine leather. When assembled, the module can be used as a large dining table, the surface of which can be enlarged by the side lifted "wings". Also in the module there is a small additional workplace, consisting of a folding seat and a surface for a laptop. boxetti lounge - compact living room furniture transformer boxetti lounge - compact furniture-transformer for recreation area Modular Boxetti Box for the living room Modular Boxetti for recreation area Compact Boxetti Lounge Module for the living room Boxetti Lounge

    TV and sound system

    Boxetti Thrill - compact module with built-inTV and audio system, the most technically complex unit among all. With the help of remote control, you can not only switch channels or listen to music, but also fold / unfold the module. Combines a 46 "screen TV and built-in high-quality sound system, has a BluRay player and shelves for DVD. boxetti thrill - compact module with TV and audio system boxetti thrill - compact unit with TV and audio system boxetti thrill - compact modular unit with TV and audio system boxetti thrill - compact module with TV and audio system


    Multifunctional module for Kitchen BoxettiLunch contains everything necessary for storage and cooking and takes up a minimum of useful space. The standard equipment of the kitchen module consists of a working surface with built-in drawers for dishes and cutlery, a folding surface with a wooden surface for cutting bread or vegetables. Part of the main unit is an automatically opening sink with a mixer. For user safety, the sliding surface is equipped with motion sensors to prevent the module from closing while there is movement by hand. The kitchen module also has a built-in small refrigerator, high bar stools and wine shelves, as well as boxes and containers for separate garbage collection. boxetti lunch compact furniture-transformer boxetti lunch compact kitchen module boxetti lunch compact kitchen module boxetti lunch compact kitchen module boxetti lunch compact kitchen module boxetti lunch compact kitchen module boxetti lunch compact kitchen module boxetti lunch compact kitchen module boxetti lunch compact kitchen module