An exhaustive instruction on how to make an autumn suit with your own hands.

An exhaustive instruction on how to make an autumn suit with your own hands.

Creating an autumn suit with your own hands,that it turned out beautiful, interesting and passed the autumn festive mood. Therefore, stock up on accessories for a future suit is necessary in advance. For example, collect on the street bright yellow, red, green leaves and dry them at home. You can collect autumn colors and also dry them. Autumn costume with your own hands. Photo №1 In order to make an outfit for an autumn ball, you can follow the following tips:

  • The costume for the autumn holiday should be liked by the child and should be approached to the autumn theme.
  • Collect the autumn herbarium recommended in advance to make a beautiful and unusual outfit.
  • It is good to add bright elements to the costume, for example, a sprig of mountain ash, viburnum or dry bright flowers.

The simplest and, at the same time, interesting will beany outfit lined with autumn leaves. The image can be supplemented with a bouquet of leaves, yellow or orange umbrella. For the girl, the ideal suit will be an "autumn queen" costume. This outfit can be made from a dress or from a skirt and blouse. You can sew a dress or a skirt yourself or buy a ready-made one. The color of clothes can be any: all shades of yellow, red and orange colors will do. You can decorate it with leaves, beads and sequins. If you decide to sew the dress yourself, you can use an old dress or blouse for the pattern. Draw a sketch and make your own adjustments. Then you just need to sew together the resulting pieces of cloth, and the dress will be ready. Decorate it with prepared leaves, sew sequins and yellow beads, you can put a satin ribbon along the edge and attach decorative fruits. If you do not have real leaves, you can make them yourself. The most suitable option is tissue leaves. To do this, flaps of suitable size and color should be soaked in gelatin, and then gently spread and dry. Then from these gelatinous slices are cut out leaves of any shape. They can be used both for decorating the autumn dress, and for transforming the headdress. You can make a beautiful fluffy skirt for a suitwithout using a sewing machine. For this we need only: an elastic band of medium width and tulle of several colors. You can take red, yellow, orange. We measure the waist of the child and take an elastic band a couple of centimeters shorter than the value obtained. Then determine the length of the skirt and cut the tulle into strips of the same size. For example, if the skirt is 50 cm long, then the strip should be cut 100 cm long, the width can be any. Thus, you need to cut the whole tulle, should get 50-70 strips, depending on the length of the gum. When the whole tulle is cut, we proceed to create the skirt itself. The edges of the rubber bands are stitched together, then we get the resulting blank, for example, on the back of the chair and begin to tie strips of tulle to it, alternating colors. After the last bar is tied, you can admire your creation. It turns out quickly, easily, beautifully and economically. Decorate a skirt can, if desired, with bows, ribbons, leaves. There are several variants of hats, whichmake the costume more effective and original: - you can make a wreath or crown of real autumn leaves and inflorescences, add for decoration a couple of branches of mountain ash or Kalina. Only berries need to choose a little dried, not to stain the suit with juice. - You can decorate the wreath with artificial "gelatinous" leaves and decorative berries. The wreath can be made with the help of an ordinary hairband, which is decorated according to the imagination and desire. The edges of the rim are joined together by an elastic band, in order to keep the wreath well on the head. - You can decorate the autumn accessories with a hat. From scraps of fabric and the remaining leaves, you can make a bracelet on your arm.