Conceptual lamp from sticks by own hands

Conceptual lamp from sticks by own hands

Original designer lamps stand asrule, a lot of money. And often the design is very simple, in a minimalist style. Then why pay more? What if you can create a unique ceiling lamp from sticks without significant financial costs? chandelier Materials you need:

  • cord with a light bulb
  • 20 or more pieces of wooden sticks or spokes
  • balloon with aerosol paint of the selected color
  • mounting blade with retractable blade
  • superglue for wood
  • two-component epoxy adhesive
  • sharp scissors

Glue the first wooden needle on top of the cartridge. lamp from sticks master class Adhesive for a tree type Moment gluerelatively perpendicular, at a slight angle to the first horizontal spoke at an equal distance from the cartridge, two more spokes. The foundation of the future ceiling lamp is ready. Then include fantasy and creative vision, continuing to glue the spokes in random order. lamp from sticks master class Do not be afraid to experiment, stick knitting needlesin different places, directions, at different angles. The main thing - make sure that the whole structure does not outweigh one side, the sticks (especially in the places of gluing) do not touch the light bulb. By the way, make sure that there is access to the light bulb and it was possible to replace it. Excess glue in the places of gluing immediately wipe with a cloth. lamp from sticks master class Continue adding wooden sticks up tothe desired result. If you feel that the ends of the sticks are too long and spoil the intended form of the lamp - cut them with sharp scissors. The final touch will be the painting of the lamp. To do this, unscrew the bulb, close the bottom of the cartridge and spray the paint from the can. candlestick Friends can safely say about the design origin of the lamp from the rods!