Cookies and cakes for organizing sweet gifts to close people and friends - a master class

Cookies and cakes for organizing sweet gifts to close people and friends - a master class

New Year's souvenirs can be different. Some people prefer to buy ready-made variants of various ornaments, to look for special versions of Christmas tree toys and not infrequently, to use materials in order to work on their own crafts. But, in the world there are such souvenirs, thanks to which you can get emotional and taste pleasure.

Cookies and cakes for organizing sweet gifts to close people and friends - a master class

Sweet souvenirs for the new year - how to cook. Photo №1 Of course, we are talking about delicious crafts! Different varieties of cookies and sweets that we can cook with our own hands help us to please our family and friends in these cold, winter days. Holidays are close and sweets are an extremely important attribute of a sense of happiness in such an important period. Let's try to make out the versions of the most interesting, delicious items that we can make in the kitchen! Cookies of the "sable" type This is a version of the classic sandwich cookie, which in French translates as "Sable".

  • Buy butter in the amount of 225 grams
  • It will take 400 grams of flour
  • Take three yolks
  • It will take 150 grams of sugar
  • A little salt
  • Some vanillin
  • A little sugar

Initially, you need to take the oil, and thenflour composition and chop the butter. Then, with the help of hands it is necessary to wipe the entire composition into a small version of crumb that will resemble a sandy product. Yolks must be whipped together with sugar. Then, you need to add a little salt, and then - vanilla sugar. The products are mixed with floury okroshki in order to get a version of the test in a smooth form. Strongly do not need to knead, otherwise the dough will come out in a rough form. Then, we put the product in the freezer, sending it all for twenty minutes. After that, we make rolling out, we cut out the forms of pechenoks (the best variants of special molds in the form of the New Year theme are best: they can be Christmas trees or stars. We put the items on a baking tray, which needs to be covered with baking paper. Sweet souvenirs for the new year - how to cook. Photo # 2 Preparation of the baking process Baking processis made during the time until obtaining a golden hue, in the oven, heated by 180 degrees. To pack such a gift, it is best to choose the option of a beautiful packaging. The package is suitable only in order to protect the product from damage. Sweet souvenirs for the new year - how to cook. Picture №3 Also, instead of chocolate impurities in the recipe, you canuse options of other additives. For example, you can take candied fruits, zest, nuts, poppy seeds or cocoa. According to this recipe, thus, it is possible to make variations of twelve kinds of cookies. In this case, you can store the dough for a long period - a month. We cook cookies with Chocolate. There is also another great way to please loved ones with a delicious recipe. Chocolate biscuits are always a popular and favorite dish of children. Moreover, the dough for the recipe can be stored in the refrigerator for a long time. Thus, if in the New Year holidays you will be visited by acquaintances or relatives, you can always please them with your sweets in a short time.

  • Prepare butter in an amount of 225 grams
  • Sugar powder or grind sugar for 200 grams
  • Flour in the amount of 350 grams
  • One yolk
  • One egg
  • Tile of dark chocolate for 200 grams
  • Vanillin

Initially, it is necessary to dilute the oil and sugar,whisk until foamy. Then, add the yolk inside, then add the egg. We continue the process of whipping. Next, you need to add flour. Then, work with chocolate. It must be chopped into small pieces and poured into the dough. Thoroughly mix the composition until a smooth dough forms. Then, put the dough in the fridge and wait for at least an hour. After the dough is ready, it is necessary to mix them up to form a smooth composition. After that, we roll the product onto the formation in 0,4-0,5 centimeters. We cut the molds from our dough, and we also sculpt small balls to flatten them into liver forms. A delicious artwork should be baked at a temperature of 190 degrees, until the product reaches a pink color. For gift biscuits, you can also decorate the box, since this cookie is very fragile. Date coins This recipe, prepared on the basis of only natural products, will be the best sweet gift for many lovers of sweet fructose! In addition, dates can be replaced with dried apricots, prunes, and dried fruits!

  • Prepare dates without pits (or above mentioned fruit) in the amount of 200 grams
  • It will take 2-3 tablespoons of honey
  • Take whole nuts on the floor glass

It is necessary to skip dates using the toolmeat mincers. Alternatively, you can also use the services of a mixer. Add the necessary amount of honey to get a thick dough shape. It must be kneaded. The mass is mixed together with the nuts, and then - it rolls into the sausage shape. It must be wrapped in a normal food film and then placed in a refrigerator. We wait until the mass hardens and after, carefully cut into small pieces, but do not make them too thin. Keep this dish you can in any package, but it is desirable that it was airtight. This will help the dish not to dry out. Cake of Christmas trees The usual cake, which everyone can bake, can also contain a lot of surprises! For example, to hide behind a chocolate tree! Consider the process of creating such a dish and the ingredients for work:

  • Prepare butter, 200 grams of butter
  • It will take 300 grams of sugar
  • Need to take 6 eggs
  • Prepare flour in an amount of 300 grams
  • It is required to take starch per 100 grams
  • Take also a baking powder in the amount of 2 sachets
  • Lemon zest or vanillin to create an odor

In order to get a delicious and high-quality version of the cream, it is also necessary to prepare special ingredients:

  • 250 grams of butter
  • Condensation with sugar in the amount of 1 can of 200 milliliters
  • Cocoa in the amount of one tablespoon
  • Half a cup nuts
  • Sanding of almonds

Procurement of dough and cakes Let's prepare the dough! To do this, you need to beat up butter and sugar. Continue the whipping process and then, add one egg, with stirring. Also need to add dry versions of the components, along the way passing them through a sieve. They are added to the egg mixture. We break the product and then divide it into 3 lumps - to decorate the three cakes. If you need more, we do more. Corks are baked at a temperature of 180 degrees, it will take about half an hour. But, you can not let the dough dry! Now we are preparing the cream. To do this, it is necessary to whip the butter to the state of the foam, and then, continuing the whipping process, add the condensed milk to this mixture. Then, divide the cream into two parts, lay cocoa powder to one part. In case you do not want to make multi-colored layers of cream, you can make the entire cream of the color "cocoa". The crusts, which will cool, are laid out on the table. We place on them special circles in different diameters. It is convenient to do this by leaving a cup in the center of each crust, or a bowl, pressing to get a round shape impression. Then, cut out the center for each biscuit, forming a cone. To do this, you need to stick a knife using an angle of 45 degrees. We cut along the marked line. A small version of the cone will become the tip of our product. It is necessary to cut so that the cone does not reach the bottom of the cake. The other two crusts are formed by truncated edges. Then, the cut out pulp is crushed, mixed with the composition of the chocolate cream, in which nuts are added in a chopped form. Also, you can pour a small amount of alcohol - cognac, or rum. In case the mass is liquid, add vanilla crackers or cookie crackers. Chocolate mass is laid out in the central part of the cake. Around the hole we lubricate the cake with a light cream. Then, put one cake on the other. The largest cone is located below, and the smallest is at the top. If the cakes are obtained dry, it is necessary to impregnate them with a syrup mass, and alcohol can also be added. We decorate the cake on the outside. Put the product in the refrigerator before cooking.