Corner wardrobe in the bedroom interior: compact storage and wardrobe organization (37 photos)

Corner wardrobe in the bedroom interior: compact storage and wardrobe organization (37 photos)

Choosing a corner wardrobe in the bedroom isimportant enough step for comfort and coziness in your home. Recently, corner cabinets are often installed, which save space and fit perfectly into the overall interior. Large corner wardrobe When choosing a cornera cabinet raises a lot of questions, for example: “Which one to choose?” or “How to install it correctly?”. Let's try to understand their classification, how to choose the right place and which color will work best. Content

    Types of corner cabinets for the bedroom

    It would seem that the name of the corner cabinet is notspeaks for itself? As it turned out, no. They are different and are divided into the following types: built-in, cabinet or freestanding. The choice of one or another option will depend on the needs of a particular family. Built-in wardrobe in bedroom design Cabinet in bright colors Corner cabinets in the bedroom are divided by their appearance and form. They are:

      • Triangular. Their shape resembles a triangle and their greatest advantage is volume in terms of the allocated space for things, as well as ease in the design. For the price they are more affordable. The only caveat is that they take away enough space in the bedroom.

    Triangle cabinet layout Triangular wardrobe in the interior

      • Trapezoidal. It looks like a trapezoid, it comes in many forms. A huge plus will be the ease of combining with the rest of the furniture in the room.

    Trapezoid cabinet layout

      • Pentagonal. Due to its spaciousness, many people prefer this particular cabinet option.

    Pentagonal cabinet layout Pentagonal corner wardrobe in the bedroom

      • Radius This model has a rounded shape that attracts the attention of buyers. One of the advantages of this design is its unusual design, which interestingly can fit into non-standard interiors or style designs. The nuances will be the complexity in the implementation of the design, respectively, the overpriced.

    Radius cabinet layout Radius cabinet design in the apartment

      • L-shaped. Such a corner cupboard resembles the letter "g" and is distinguished by the optimal use of corners in the bedroom. As such, the design does not have nuances, we can only notice simplicity in terms of visual appearance. As you can see, there are a lot of options for the shapes of corner cabinets, so you should choose one optimal one that suits your bedroom exactly. Basically it will depend on the quadrature of the room and individual wishes.

    L-shaped cabinet layout Large L-shaped cabinet in the room

    Design of the corner wardrobe in the bedroom

    The design of the cabinet will depend primarilyfrom the general interior of the bedroom in which it is located. It is important that it harmoniously blends with the general style direction and does not rush into the eyes. Well, if the cabinet is combined with the walls - then it does not visually clutter up the space, however, it fits well into the interior. Read also. If you have a large enough room squared- You can play on the accent option of painting walls or highlighting furniture. In this case, the determining factor in the cabinet will be its appearance and shape of the facade. It can be made from the following materials:

    • Fiberboard or MDF. They can be coated with plastic, film, or veneered. This is one of the most popular and cost-effective materials that is often used by consumers.
  • Corner wood cabinet

    • Mirror cloth. These are, in fact, mirrored cabinet doors, which can be matted with a pattern as desired. A good option for those who want to visually expand their room and create more free space in it.
  • Mirror blade design

    • Glass of increased strength and thickness. It can be matte or glossy at the request of the buyer. Under the glass layer, an additional layer of varnish can be applied, which will increase the options for design decisions. This can be a regular colored varnish, or a photo image of a drawing that you like.
  • Extra thick glass cabinet

    • Another option is a combination of materials. Often, this option is performed to order of the client.

    The shape of the facades of a corner cabinet is different, ranging from a straight line to a radius one. Additionally, you can decorate with beautiful fittings, which will be designed in the general style. Combined cabinet option. One is worth important point about the mirror cabinet. It is not recommended to use mirrors if they will be opposite the bed. This can negatively affect the psychological state of a person.

    Corner Doors

    In addition to the general dimensions of the corner cabinet in the bedroom, it is worth considering the size of the doors with which it will open. They may be:

    • Wide open. Such doors open in the usual way inside the room. Reliable enough and easy to operate, suitable for most bedroom interiors. The nuances are the occupancy of space in front of the closet.
    • Sliding. This principle is the type of door in a train compartment. In order to open such a cabinet, you will need to push the doors to the side. The priority is that it does not occupy the space in front of the cabinet, respectively, such a corner cabinet can be placed close to other furniture in the interior. A very convenient option for small bedrooms. Of the nuances - the density of the doors will not be as much as in the usual version. Accordingly, it will be slightly worse to protect from dust in the middle.

    It is important to pay attention to the choice of door mechanisms. They should open smoothly, without any jerks or jerks. The fit of the doors themselves to the cabinet should be as tight as possible.

    Filling and cabinet design inside

    If it is a modern corner cupboard, there will be standard elements for storing clothes. Filling the corner closet in the bedroom

  • Shelves. Can be wooden or metal. Mainly designed to store things that are in boxes.
  • Boxes. Usually they are retractable, it is best when equipped with a smooth closing regulator. They can store small items or clothing.
  • Rods. Used to store outerwear. They can be located at different heights. It will depend on what exactly is supposed to be hung there. For example, for dresses, the recommended opening height under the barbell is approximately 140-160 cm, while the height for skirts and shirts varies from 95 to 120 cm.
  • Baskets. Boxes-baskets are designed to store clothes, as well as shoes. Things in them are constantly aired and are in sight. Additionally, they can be equipped with a roller mechanism so that they can be advanced.
  • The design of the cabinet inside is determined firstturn the wishes of the owner himself. If there is enough space in it and it is possible to make a highlight - use ordinary or colored LED strip for decoration. Do not forget to consider the option of ventilation cabinet.

    Color selection

    First of all, the choice of color will vary the moment of the overall interior of the bedroom. Some tips from designers about this:

  • The choice of color will depend on the rest of the furniture in the room. They should be in harmony and be in the same color palette.
  • An interesting design decision is a game of contrasts. For example, stick a light wallpaper, and order a cabinet in dark colors. Very impressive and stylish, and most importantly not boring.
  • Similarly, you can play and vice versa. Wallpaper to make dark, and furniture - light. But with this option, you should be very careful, because it is known that the dark colors of the walls visually narrow the room, and a feeling of isolation may occur.
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  • If you are a sufficiently creative person whonot afraid to experiment - for you there is an option of bright contrasting furniture, including a corner cabinet. It fits perfectly in a modern way. Very often, corner cabinets of bright colors are placed in the children's bedroom, you can even beat thematically.
  • Light, including the white color of the corner cabinet is well suited for a small room. He will not clutter him, but even vice versa - he will betray a feeling of lightness and freshness.
  • Summing up, we can say that the choice of angulara bedroom wardrobe is not so simple, because there are many options and models of designs, among which you need to choose the most suitable. Therefore, for starters, we choose the shape and material of the future product, then the principle of opening the door and internal filling. It will be important to correctly navigate in the color of the closet, depending on the overall interior of the bedroom and the wishes of the owner. Do you like the article? Share on social networks!