Coupling or bezmuftovy connection of a cable in warm floors. What's better? - Kallibry

Coupling or bezmuftovy connection of a cable in warm floors. What's better? - Kallibry

Reliability of a warm electric floorimportant and, perhaps, the only parameter to which you should pay attention when buying, because they all provide comfort about the same, but the installation of this heating system involves integration into the screed under the expensive flooring for many years. The heating section of the heated floor can be divided into three elements:

  • heating cable;
  • a cable that does not heat up, the so-called “cold end”, which is connected to the thermostat;
  • the coupling that connects these two cables.

In this article we will talk about one ofmost important aspects of the reliability of a warm floor - clutch. The photo shows an example of a high-quality warm floor Shtoller, made in Germany, with a classic clutch: Content of the article:

    Negative aspects of a warm floor repair

    In the event of a warm floor failure, repairfraught with difficulty. To begin with, with the help of special equipment, it is necessary to determine the place of damage without opening the tile, and then open the tile, locally in the place of damage, and install a repair coupling. Thus it is necessary to take into account two unpleasant moments:

    • search and repair of a warm floor, a rather expensive procedure, since it uses expensive equipment and the work of a specialist;
    • it is often impossible to find the same hue of the tile in order to close the repair location.

    The picture shows the process of repairing a heated floor:

    Coupling cable connection for underfloor heating

    Coupling is the most common, classic version. This option uses most well-known manufacturers of warm floors, such as:

    • Devi;
    • Shtoller;
    • Raychem;
    • Ensto;
    • other.

    In our opinion, the widest range,both cable connection options for underfloor heating, clearly presented in. The principle of the classic version is simple and reliable. The metal conductors of the heating and cold cables are crimped using shells, each wire is individually insulated with heat shrink tubing from the top, then the thick finishing heat shrink tubing with glue isolates the entire structure. The advantages of this type:

    • simplicity;
    • reliability;
    • maintainability;
    • You can connect both stranded cable and monolith.

    Shtoller quality cable clutch. For additional reliability, the joints of each wire are separated from each other at a safe distance:

    Smooth coupling

    Smooth coupling - innovative developmentNexans engineers. The peculiarity of this method is that the wire is first connected by soldering butt-welding, and then covered with a seamless sheath. "Innovation" is that the composition of the heating conductor of the "cold cable" and the heating one is different, respectively, the melting point is also different, which naturally leads to certain difficulties. Disadvantages and advantages of this method:

    • Allows to reduce the cost of production;
    • Reliability at an adequate level;
    • In this way, it is impossible to connect a multicore cable; only a multicore cable is certified by the German vde center;
    • In the case of damage to the "couplingless connection", it will still be necessary to connect in this place in the classical way.

    On the photo is the Nexans coupling without joint:

    What to choose? Comparison table and conclusions

    In fairness it is worth noting that bothmethods have the right to life. When buying, it is much more important to pay attention to the manufacturer's reputation than to the design of the coupling, because the responsible supplier, even in case of problems, hasten to solve everything at his own expense and as soon as possible so as not to spoil his reputation. Comparison table: Characteristics “Coupling connection” “Smokeless connection” Simplicity + - Maintainability + + Possibility to connect both stranded cable and monolith + - Reliability + + - Conclusions: relying on our long-term experience, we recommend to give preference to warm floors with ordinary classic ones clutch. No wonder this method uses most manufacturers of warm floors around the world.