Crafts for giving from glass bottles (15 photos)

Crafts for giving from glass bottles (15 photos)

Crafts for giving from glass bottles

Most people periodically experiencethe question is where to put the glass containers that have accumulated at home? Glass bottles take up a lot of space, throwing them away is not very environmentally friendly, and collection points are becoming less and less, as the shape of glass bottles often changes. Creative, creative people will always find use for unnecessary glass bottles, because of them you can make a large number of different crafts for a summer cottage.

Glass bottle vase

Small glass vases can decoratethe interior of the cottage. They can put nuts, sweets, various necessary small things. Making such a vase is easy enough. For this, it is enough to use a furnace with a high temperature. A molten glass bottle only needs to be shaped. To do this, you can use a pre-prepared ceramic pattern. Glass bottle vaseGlass bottle vase

Flowerbeds of glass bottles

In order to do on your siteyou will need the original flowerbed from glass bottles: • Capacity-base, to create the shape of the flowerbed; • cement mortar; • Shards of brick, stone, expanded clay; • Glass bottles. Best if they are the same shape and color. For the basics, it’s best to take old car tires and stack them on top of each other. An ordinary bucket is also suitable. It can be with or without bottom. You can use any other cylindrical object. The prepared form must be plastered with the prepared cement mortar. If the container-form is large enough, then plastering it is completely optional, since the cement dries quickly. When the bottom of the tank is covered with cement mortar, you can begin to lay the first row of bottles. This is the most crucial moment, as all other bottles will be held on the basis. It is best to lay the bottles upside down, so the whole design will look holistic. Like the first layer, you need to lay out the rest of the bottle. The base of the flowerbed can be covered with expanded clay, broken brick, or laid out with stones. It is necessary to pour fertile soil into the base container and plant your favorite plants in it. Flowerbed of glass bottlesFlowerbed of glass bottles

Glass bottle

Perhaps the easiest glass craftsbottles - a glass. Such glasses can be used in the country or presented to your relatives and friends. In order to make a glass of a glass bottle yourself, you will need: • Glass bottle; • Strong thread; • Kerosene, acetone or any other flammable liquid; • Sandpaper; • Small file; • A basin of cold water. A similar pattern for cutting a glass bottle is very simple. To begin with, it is necessary to thoroughly moisten the thread in a combustible eeriness (it is better if it will be acetone). Then mark the cut-off point on the bottle and wind it several times. When everything is ready, the thread must be set on fire. In this case, it is best to hold the bottle over the basin. After the thread is completely burnt, the bottle should immediately be lowered into cold water. Now it remains only to process the sharp edges of the glass with sandpaper and a small file. Edging should be carried out in water so that glass shavings that may get into the eyes do not fly away. The resulting glass can be decorated with salt dough, clay or painted as you like. Glasses from glass bottlesGlasses from glass bottles We also recommend viewing:

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