Crafts for giving from improvised materials (60 photos)

Crafts for giving from improvised materials (60 photos)

How crafts from improvised materials can be donefor a summer residence with your own hands? Yes, very different. Undoubtedly, each of us, if you look carefully, there are a lot of things that we do not use and should have been thrown away a long time ago. But think about the fact that these things can become useful in everyday life, and perhaps it is worth giving them a “second life”. Crafts for summer residenceCrafts for giving from improvised materialshands Many unnecessary things can be transformed and used as decor or furniture in the country or in a country house. Let's try now to find out what crafts can be figured out from old things and how to use them. Content

The advantages of crafts from improvised materials

Before we proceed directly to the manufacture of our crafts, think about what advantages they have. DIY craft ideaThe idea of ​​crafts for giving old shoes

  • Fun with the whole family. No wonder they say that a common cause unites people. So here, having some kind of idea, you can implement it together, and get closer even more.
  • The development of imagination and creative ideas. Undoubtedly, when you come up with or make out a thing, creative thinking begins to work, which brings a lot of pleasure and good time.
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  • Save on materials, because you can use the things that we already have, and not buy new ones. It could be:
    • Wood.
    • Styrofoam.
    • Old tires.
    • Barrels.
    • Plastic bottles.
    • Pebbles.

    This is not the whole list and it can go on for a very long time. The main thing is to have an idea, and there are definitely materials for its implementation.

  • DIY crafts will make you proud of your labors, and you can brag about them to your friends.
  • Video: country crafts from improvised materials

    To begin with, I suggest you watch a video - exactly what crafts can be made from one or another improvised material.

    DIY crafts from improvised things

    As you can see, there are quite a lot of good qualities,which will bring not only benefit, but also pleasure. Therefore, we go directly to practice and try to find out what can be thought up for your summer house from improvised materials. See also:.

    Crafts from bottles for a summer residence

    You must admit that there is always a lot of this good, but not everyone knows how they can be used a second time. The material is popular and practical, so it can be used in different ways. Crafts from BottlesCrafts from bottles: funny minions in the country Here are some ideas what crafts can be made from bottles:

      • Fence made of plastic bottles. To isolate yourself from neighbors or just to protect something, make a bottle fence. You can creatively approach this issue and additionally draw it with paint or other decorative elements.

    FenceDIY plastic bottle fence

      • Curtains and curtains. Do not believe it, but the bottles will fit in order to make an openwork curtain for your door. It looks quite original and unpretentious.

    CurtainsCurtains from plastic bottles - an idea for crafts

      • A bird feeder is a very good option for using the material, especially in winter.

    FeederDIY bird feeder from bottles

    • Artificial flowers, original animals and many other images that can be made from old bottles with your own hands.

    More ideas for crafts from plastic bottles:,,. Given that the material is quite practical, it has a number of advantages that are important to consider:

    • Since the bottles are mainly made of thin plastic, it will be easy to cut with ordinary scissors.
    • You can use any part, from the bottom to the usual lid.
    • Parts are connected in various ways. You can use glue, wire, fishing line, thread.

    And here is one idea that what crafts canmake bottles to decorate your summer cottage. A bed of “pigs” from a bottle. By the way, it is also an interesting use of an ordinary old bottle. In this case, it is a piglet. But in fact, a bottle can become anyone! Flowerbed pigFlowerbed "piglet" from a plastic bottle. There we will plant flowers or their seeds. An interesting fact is that our flower garden is mobile and can migrate from anywhere in the country or in the garden.

    Crafts from a tree for a summer residence

    No less creative options for crafts canmake of ordinary wood. This is improvised material that can be found in any country house. The first thing that comes to mind is the design of the table and benches. Note that it is not necessary to make them classic. Crafts of furniture made of stumps or log cabins can look quite interesting. Crafts from woodCrafts from wood From elementary, but very useful crafts that can be made from wood, will be:

    • Birdhouse.
    • Swing.
    • Box for storing materials.
    • Fence.
    • Candlestick or flashlight.

    It is clear that there are a lot of ideas for crafts from improvised materials for giving, the main thing is to start and do it! See also: and.

    Crafts from tires for a summer residence

    Recently, it has become very popular to make various crafts from old tires. Crafts from tiresCrafts from tires and other improvised materials for giving In the first place of the things that are made from tires:

    • Puffs.
    • Shops.
    • Little tables.
    • Decoration for the garden or beds.
    • Swing.
    • Sandboxes for children and much more.

    They are mainly used for of our cottage, so try to find old tires and do something interesting, following the workshops that you will find below. And also do not forget to use other improvised materials for country crafts, combining them with each other - in this case you can create real masterpieces. More ideas:. Do-it-yourself Parrot from Tire master class Agree that it is unlikely that motley colorful parrots will be able to leave anyone unattended and will definitely cheer you up for the whole day! Tire parrotDo it yourself parrot from tires

  • First you need to make a cut on both sidestires, leaving a very small strip of the inner circle. As a result, you should get a small tire radius, and one that is large - conditionally divide in half.
  • Next, you need to cut along a small radius on both sides, after which the tire will become the desired shape and you can continue with it already decorative work.
  • On the edges of our slice you need to make a tail andthe head of the future parrot. To do this, you need to dissolve the tire so that several strips come out, and sharpen them at the end - this will be our tail. We make the head of the parrot approximately in the shape that our fantasy draws.
  • The finish line will be coloring the parrot in differentcolors. Usually use green with yellow or red with blue shades. But these are classic options, and your parrot can transform into any of the colors of the rainbow.
  • Master class "princess frog" from Tsvetnoy tiresa parrot that can be hung on a tree so that it has mercy on the eye we already have. Now try to decorate not only the "airspace", but also the "earthly". Craft FrogDIY frog from tire do it yourself Havingseveral old tires, we can make a beautiful image of a frog that sits or looks out of the lawn. The process of work does not take much time. It will take only a couple of extra hours and a can of green paint. Working process:

  • So, having three tires available, we spreadtwo of them, tightly pressing against each other. We put the third on top. As a result, we get something like a pedestal that will serve us as a garden figure and decor.
  • Next, we fill our tires with earth, which should be in the middle of the wheels.
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  • The base is ready, goes to the frog itself. It is made from twigs, so you need to get two short (thicker), and two long (thin). These will be our paws.
  • Cut the additional shape of the legs with a hacksaw from wooden bars and attach them.
  • It remains to draw a face. We will need a plastic bottle from which we will cut out the eyes and crown for the toad. All other elements are painted with paint.
  • Read also: Do-it-yourself flowerbed of tires Another popular idea is a flowerbed of tires. It is done elementarily, you just need to dig a small hole in which we put our tires. Previously, it is better to paint them in solid color, or make interesting sketches. We plant several flowers in the middle, and do not forget to water them on time. Our flower garden is ready and will delight us for a long time. We also use other materials at hand, for example, wood or bottles, to decorate this flower bed. Flower bed made of tiresDo-it-yourself flowerbed of tires Master class "Palm"do it yourself with tires Using a jigsaw, you must first cut the tire. Next, with a pencil, you should sketch the outlines of palm leaves, which will also be subsequently cut out with a jigsaw. The next step, in the manufacture of palm trees from tires, will be painting the leaves in green. And the final stage: after the leaves have dried, we nail them to the tree trunk of your garden. Your palm is ready! Palm treeDIY palm tree from tires

    Garden figurines from improvised materials

    Well, here you can already come off, because the limitFantasy has no boundaries. You can make whole sketches on the theme of your favorite animals or cartoon characters. To implement the idea, we need one of the materials. It can be gypsum, mounting foam, clay, or something like that. Choose your favorite animal and begin to sculpt it from the material. When the character is ready, you can paint it with paint, and fix it with transparent varnish. Such figures are actually very decentin specialized stores. And so we will not only save money, but also get real pleasure from work. It may seem that the work is quite complicated, but when you take up it, believe that everything is far from what it seems at first glance.

    Photo crafts from improvised materials for the garden

    In conclusion, we can say that of such simpleimprovised materials like a bottle, wood or old tires can make real art creations. The main thing is that this does not require a lot of money, only our imagination and a couple of unnecessary things. Let's see a photo of what else can be done to give from various materials at hand - you can use not only the most popular, but also polystyrene, metal, old dishes, shoes and clothes, unnecessary furniture, records and CDs and other unnecessary things. Well from other crafts for the cottage of improvised materialsWell from other crafts for the cottage of improvised materials Cute daisies from plastic bottlesCute daisies from plastic bottles Posh homemade garden lights - candle candlesPosh homemade garden lights - candle candles Garden figurine from various materials at handGarden figurine from various materials at hand Decor garden dwarvesDecor garden dwarves Hanging flowerpots from old teapots - a very beautiful ideaHanging flowerpots from old teapots - a very beautiful idea The old kettle easily turns into a street flowerpot in the countryThe old kettle easily turns into a street flowerpot in the country Pond with swans from plastic bottlesPond with swans from plastic bottles Funny donkey made of tires, wood and threadFunny donkey made of tires, wood and thread Decor of a small plot at the cottage from improvised materialsDecor of a small plot at the cottage from improvised materials Decorate old stump with bright craftsDecorate old stump with bright crafts Decorations for giving from basins, helmets and other thingsDecorations for giving from basins, helmets and other things Original country crafts from different materialsOriginal country crafts from different materials A pond with a frog made of tires, a basin, a bucket and bottlesA pond with a frog made of tires, a basin, a bucket and bottles Bright snails from improvised materials to decorate the cottageBright snails from improvised materials to decorate the cottage Garden gnomes from ordinary plastic bottlesGarden gnomes from ordinary plastic bottles Crafts for the garden of tires and woodCrafts for the garden of tires and wood Idea for a simple garden figurine from improvised materialsIdea for a simple garden figurine from improvised materials Use an old wheelbarrow or cart for garden decorationUse an old wheelbarrow or cart for garden decoration Old rubber boots will make a beautiful flowerbed on the fenceOld rubber boots will make a beautiful flowerbed on the fence Crafts for giving from CD disksCrafts for giving from CD disks Chic flowerpots made of wood and clay flower potsChic flowerpots made of wood and clay flower pots Bright old shoes easily turn into an original flowerbedBright old shoes easily turn into an original flowerbed A gentleman and a lady from water barrelsA gentleman and a lady from water barrels Funny cow from an old bathFunny cow from an old bath Unusual Basketball PlanterUnusual Basketball Planter Many crafts for giving from various materials at handMany crafts for giving from various materials at hand. We also recommend viewing:

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