Crafts from acorns for the home - we do with children (26 photos)

Crafts from acorns for the home - we do with children (26 photos)


    What to make of acorns with children

    Autumn, the favorite time of many poets, gives greatthe amount of natural materials that can be used for various crafts and interior decoration. In addition, daylight hours are getting shorter, which allows you to spend more time at home and do needlework. As materials for crafts, you can use a variety of nuts, cones, autumn leaves of different colors, chestnuts and much more. But perhaps the most popular and versatile material for autumn crafts is acorns. Acorns in a vaseAcorns in a vase Other crafts from the autumn gifts of nature: - - - - - -

    Acorns as an independent element of decor

    The acorns themselves are very attractive andneat appearance, therefore, can serve as an independent element of interior decoration. Acorns in a transparent glass or a beautiful vase perfectly complement the autumn interior and make the atmosphere of the room warmer and more comfortable. Acorns suspended on a dry branch look original. It is possible to complement the autumn interior of the house with the help of various compositions from acorns and other natural materials. The romantic atmosphere of the room is filled with acorns. For such decorative elements, multi-colored acorns can be used. The surface of this natural material is easily varnished with wood, acrylics or regular nail polish. In order to make the craft look interesting, hats must be removed before painting with acorns, and after drying the varnish or paint, attach them back. Those who know the technique of felting can make cute colored acorns from wool. Acorns on a dry branchAcorns on a dry branch Acorns candlestickAcorns candlestick

    Figures of animals and men from acorns

    Perhaps the most common crafts fromOak fruits are a variety of figures of men, gnomes and animals. Without much effort, mono can get from acorns positive, funny figures of horses, gnomes, deer, birds, etc. If you apply the fantasy of acorns you can make a whole family of men, or a composition of forest inhabitants and birds. Additional materials for creating various figures can be: colored paper, tree branches, matches, small pieces of fabric, cardboard, toothpicks, glue or a glue gun. Such crafts can even be done by a child, since dry oak fruits hold their shape perfectly and lend themselves well to processing. Cute figures of men, animals, birds and berries will be an excellent decoration of the interior of a children's room or living room. Figures of little men from acornsFigures of little men from acorns Figures of animals from acornsFigures of animals from acorns

    Napkin Decorations

    Acorn napkin ring will decorate anya festive table will become an original gift for family and friends and will complement the autumn interior of the room. Such dyeing from acorns can also be used as holders for curtains. Such decorative elements can create a festive atmosphere in the room. Acorn Napkin DecorationsAcorn Napkin Decorations

    Acorn wreath

    Great decoration of a house or apartment in the fallthere may be a wreath on the front door made of acorns. Decoration from this natural material will give the house a certain warmth and comfort. To make such wreaths on your own is quite simple; you can even attract children to work. Such a wreath can be used for interior decoration, both the apartment itself and the decoration of the front door. If desired, a decorative wreath of oak fruits can be painted in any color, and this self-sufficient and concise decoration will delight the eyes of the owners of the house, their guests or just passers-by every day. Acorn wreathAcorn wreath

    Acorns frame

    From acorns you can make an original frame forphotos or for a mirror. For such crafts, you can use whole acorns or just hats from the fruit. Like any other craft, you can give the frame any color you like. A frame for photographs or a mirror framed by a frame of acorns can be a great gift for friends and relatives, as well as complement the interior of the room. Acorns frameAcorns frame

    Garlands and Christmas toys

    From acorns, to the New Year holidays, you canmake a garland and Christmas decorations. For the garland you will need a satin ribbon and the acorns themselves. You only need to string acorns on a ribbon and the festive garland is ready. For Christmas toys, you can use whole acorns or just their hats. For the manufacture of Christmas tree decorations, you should glue the foam ball with acorns or only their hats, attach a ribbon so that you can hang the ball on the Christmas tree and give the craft the necessary shade using spray cans. Acorns christmas toyAcorns christmas toy

    Panels and autumn compositions of acorns

    The wall of a house or apartment can be decorated with variouspanel of oak fruits. You can supplement the panel of acorns with other natural materials. This will give the fake brightness and a finished look. Various autumn compositions of acorns and leaves will be an excellent addition to the home interior. They will look great on window sills, tables or a fireplace. Autumn composition of acorns and other natural materialsAutumn composition of acorns and other natural materials We also recommend viewing:

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