Crafts from bottle caps for home and garden (36 photos)

Crafts from bottle caps for home and garden (36 photos)

Why throw away what else comes in handy? You can make excellent crafts from bottle caps for giving and at home do it yourself. There are many options for using old household items in everyday life. And it says not only about ordinary, but also, it would seem, completely unnecessary items. For example, you can make interesting crafts using old tires, unnecessary bottles, and even create a whole creative idea using bottle caps. Crafts from the LidsCrafts from bottle caps for a summer residence Content

Ideas for crafts from bottle caps

Since there are a rich number of different caps in terms of color and sometimes shape, different use cases can be considered. Here are a few of them.

  • To arrange boxes, barrels or other similarobjects to give them an interesting and creative look. This process will require a little of your time and perseverance, but the result can be quite interesting and impressive.
  • Box of lidsDo-it-yourself bottle cap box

  • Canopy. An unusual use case, but very worthy of attention. Such a canopy can be created using a wire frame and bottle caps.
  • Decorate furniture for a summer house or garden. You can decorate with the covers anything you like, including a bench, table, ottoman, sofa, bed, etc. By the way, it is important to note that by replacing the fabric base with covers you can avoid global problems with cleaning and upholstery cleaning.
  • Furniture decorationFurniture from bottle caps and its decor

  • Pots for plants. Another of the most popular design options using our material. Such decor will help to create an unusual and attractive appearance for your flowers and pots. It will be enough to gently glue the covers to the surface and allow them to dry.
  • Pots for plantsPots for plants from caps from plastic bottles

  • Fences and gates. This option will help to save a significant amount of money, while making the fence attractive and worthy of attention. Lids are glued onto a pre-made frame, you can lay them out with a mosaic, drawing anything there.
  • The design of the flower beds. Here you can fantasize a lot, because from the covers you can assemble a figure of an airplane, or some kind of animal. Here the main flight of thoughts and creativity.

There are all kinds of ideas, and in fact, theirlots of. Lids can be used in any decor of almost all items. And if you have already collected a bunch of caps, you must have left the bottles themselves. See also: 1.. 2.. 3..

How to make crafts from bottle caps

There are several important points that you should know before proceeding directly to the crafts themselves from the covers.

  • The first rule states that it is recommended that the covers not be put on adhesive, but on cement mortar. This is motivated by the fact that it will be more durable, so your creation will last longer.
  • It is important to know that solutions do not come into contact with plastic in the same way as bricks. Therefore, you will need to make holes in the covers so that you can properly attach them.
  • Consider the fact that plastic covers do not tolerate heat and frost. They can break down quickly enough, so be careful with the surfaces on which you apply the covers.
  • Additionally, with the help of covers you can even decorate the roof of the house. To do this, you will need to use self-tapping screws.
  • Use material to decorate objects made of wood and brick. Remember that you can lay out any picture that you just like. And it will look quite intriguing and beautiful.

    Bottle cap decor options

    An interesting fact is that crafts fromlids can be not only flat, but also voluminous. Ask how? Yes, very easy! With their help, you can lay out any animal or, for example, a character from a cartoon in a voluminous form. You can also take advantage of such decor options for your home and garden:

    • The laid out flower bed for flowers and plants in the form of a ladybug will look very original. Very beautiful and attractive.
    • Also, covers are often used ingarden path design. By the way, everything is done quite simply: first the cement is poured and the desired shape is immediately transferred, then until it has frozen, we stick in plain or colored covers. Make tracks in the form of original panels, and let all your neighbors be envious!
    • Decor OptionsDecor options for cottages from bottle caps

    • An interesting option would be a Christmas tree made of lids with your own hands. It is done very quickly: we cut out the Christmas tree from the bottle, and glue the lids on it, which we connect in garlands.
    • In the house, we can decorate with lids paintings, panels, partitions, screens, and even make curtains out of them.

    Panel, mosaic, picture of the caps from plastic bottles

    One of the largest projects that you canmake using caps - these are mosaics and paintings. They usually adorn the walls of a building or fence. The most important point will be the right pattern and colors of the caps. Progress:

  • Initially, we should have a good supplycaps that we will use in our picture. It is advisable to think in advance what exactly we want to lay out in order to collect the corresponding collection.
  • When the supply is sufficient to begin our work, the next step will be to thoroughly wash and clean our lids. After drying - and everything will be ready to start work.
  • The picture of the coversPattern of caps from plastic bottles

  • We distribute them into groups, depending on the color palette.
  • Next, print the picture we wantput out of the lids. You can independently divide it into segments to conditionally divide the image and be able to lay it out. If you are afraid to screw up something, use the special program on your computer, which can be found in the Internet resource.
  • When the picture is ready, we select the colors of each of the segments. If desired, they can be replaced with any other color that you like.
  • Next, we need to prepare the space on which we will apply the drawing. It is advisable to paint it before that in any of the colors, which may partially become the background.
  • On the painted area we apply the markup according to our drawing drawings. Mark the latitude and height of the picture.
  • Following the rules of drawing, you will needstep through everything. See also: and - there are also ideas for crafts from covers and corks. Rules for creating a picture of covers There are several unspoken rules that should be followed if we want to get an appropriate result.

    • In principle, the covers can be mounted on any oftypes of materials, whether it is iron, cardboard or plywood. The most important task will be to use the right glue that can help us. Often in such cases glue is used for BF2 or BF4 polyethylene. If our foundation is brick, there will be a slightly different situation. Then we better use a special solution. When the base is wooden, it is easiest to hammer the cover with a nail or a self-tapping screw.
    • The lids themselves should be close enoughone to the other. Moreover, in the future there will be a bit of a problem situation in terms of image cleaning. Dirt or dust can get into each of the covers, so you need to clean them separately too.
    • The seams between the covers at the last stages of work can be hidden with a cement mortar.
    • It is not recommended to use stencils in the work. It is best to resort to a clear plan for broken segments.
    • It's better to start with some simpler drawings. Having understood the entire masonry technology and the process itself, you can go to the next level. One of the highest achievements will be considered drawings from photographs of a family album.

    Master class “Rug from covers for relaxation”

    With the help of bottle caps you can not onlycreate interesting home and garden decorations, but also quite useful things directly for health and relaxation. It will be about a rug, when walking on which there is benefit and relaxation of the whole organism. This is due to the fact that on the feet of a person there are a large number of nerve endings that need to be relaxed from time to time. Materials that will be needed in the work:

    • Lids.
    • The line.
    • Awl.


  • Depending on the size of the mat, calculate the required number of covers. The mat will be hexagonal, respectively, on each side there should be no less than 10-15 parts.
  • We make 6 holes in each of the covers. To do this, heat the awl and do the work.
  • ProgressProgress - how to make a rug from bottle caps

  • Each of the extreme rows gathers on one fishing line, then fastens with it so that everything is firmly fixed.
  • Ready mat from the coverReady mat from the covers

  • To betray our rug an interesting look, you can think in advance about the drawing, which we will lay out on it.
  • Photo crafts from caps from plastic bottles

    Here is our unique thing and ready. Use it every day for at least a few minutes and very soon you will get results that everyone will envy. We also recommend viewing:

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