Crafts from buttons with your own hands - master classes and ideas for creating unusual things (42 photos)

Crafts from buttons with your own hands - master classes and ideas for creating unusual things (42 photos)

Crafts from buttons are not at all difficult to do,probably because you still have a large box with old buttons, so why should they be idle when you can do something bright and unusual? New Year's holidays are coming soon, and you should think about what to give to your family and friends. This does not have to be an expensive gift, you can do something yourself. One of the options can be DIY crafts from buttons. Here are some ideas on how to use them as a gift or decoration. Button CraftsCockerel: DIY button crafts Content

Christmas button decorations

Since the buttons are different, starting in their shape and size, ending with the color scheme, they can be used as decoration for various cards and not only. See also:. Christmas decorationChristmas button decorations Christmas balls and button toys Usingbuttons you can create original toys in the form of a snowman, Santa Claus, Snow Maiden, snowflakes, etc. But now we will consider the option of how to make a Christmas ball. Christmas ballsChristmas balls made of buttons In order to get started, we need to stock up on the following material:

  • Balloon. It can be made of polystyrene, polystyrene, floral sponge or polyurethane foam.
  • Pin with bead head.
  • Buttons
  • Ribbon.

Depending on which ball you wantuse, it can be ordered in the online store. If this is a floristic sponge - buy in any flower department. It is theoretically possible to make a ball of polyurethane foam yourself, but this is far from an easy process. Alternatively, you can use a ball made of fabric, having previously filled its middle with a synthetic winterizer. Button ballDIY button ball Choose a colorball. If it should be white, then do nothing with it. But if you want something colored, you will need to repaint it with a spray can. And so, when everything is ready, we can begin the main work. To get started, take the ball and attach a ribbon to it. With it, we can then hang the product on the Christmas tree. And so, the ribbon is ready, proceed to the buttons. Take the button we like and fasten it toball with a pin. You can combine the colors and sizes of buttons, also adjusting the space between them. It can remain empty or fill it with additional elements. Christmas tree toys from buttonsToys for the Christmas tree from buttons Our ball is ready,Now you can safely hang it on the Christmas tree. Also, we advise you to read how to make decorative wreaths of buttons. A wreath on the door has become a very popular decoration element for the New Year holidays. Most often they are hung from the outside, but no one forbids using it in the interior of an apartment. A button wreath is becoming more and more popular from year to year, because you can make it yourself without spending a lot of effort. Decorative wreathDecorative wreath of buttons there are severaloptions for this craft. The simplest will be to cut out a cardboard in the form of a circle, additionally making in the middle also a round space. Then paste over it with multi-colored buttons, additionally using decor from Christmas tree branches. Button WreathButton wreath The second option is to sewcase, which is filled with padding polyester. The cover should be in the shape of a round wreath. When the workpiece is done, we sew our buttons on it. Christmas trees made of buttons Small cone-shaped Christmas trees will look great in a home interior. ButtonsFir-trees from buttons In order to build such a Christmas-tree you need a little:

  • Cone made of cardboard, polystyrene or polystyrene.
  • Buttons
  • Colored paper or fabric.
  • Pins or glue.

The process will be identical, as with the balls. The only thing is that if you use polystyrene or polystyrene, fasten the buttons on the pins. When the material is paper, it is best to use glue. The base of the Christmas tree will be well painted or pasted with something green. See also:. Button garland. As they say: "everything ingenious is simple." So it is with our button garlands. It seems nothing like this, but it will be quite interesting and creative to look. For work you will need a fishing line, wire or thread. In general, any material on which our buttons can be strung. Postcards and paintings from buttons. Also a creative and non-standard gift that can be made in a short time. You’re already making up anything. A postcard can be simply decorated with buttons or include whole pictures that fit the New Year theme.

Master class “Bowl of buttons”

The most interesting thing is that you can do craftsnot only on their own, but also with their children. Usually, children are very interested in this activity, and their joy has no limits. To conduct a master class we need:

  • Buttons of different colors and sizes (small ones are best glued).
  • PVA glue.
  • Balloons.
  • Scissors and a brush.
  • Jar.

Button BowlDo-it-yourself bowl of buttons

  • To begin, inflate the ball of the desired size.
  • Next, put it on a jar so that the tail is at the bottom.
  • Spread half the ball with glue using a brush or finger.
  • When the glue hardens, a kind of protection is formed between the ball and buttons.
  • By applying a second layer of glue, we will already be gluing our buttons. They should be close enough to each other.
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    Craft "bowl"Craft Button Bowl

  • When all the buttons are pasted, we leave our blank to dry. This may take several hours.
  • When everything dries, apply another layer of glue.
  • Now gently cut off the tail of our ball to slowly release air from it. With scissors you can get rid of excess glue.
  • As a result, we get a bowl of buttons in which you can store anything.

    Craft "machine" from buttons

    Another assignment that can be done withyour child. By the way, you can also make other crafts from buttons along with the children - choose any pattern, create a contour and stick the buttons on the base - then we will tell you in detail how to do this. From the materials you will need:

    • Buttons
    • Pin.
    • The tube.
    • Procrastination (thin).
    • Adhesive tape.
    • Glue.

    Craft "machine"Craft "machine" from buttons Work progress:

  • First, cut two pieces from the tube, 2.5 centimeters long.
  • Next, pull the wire through the cut off tube, and at the end attach it to the button.
  • We make one more such blank and insert both into the clothespin. We fix one in the front, the other in the back. Both are fastened with electrical tape.
  • Quick and fun, and most importantly, if you make several of these crafts, and then even build a slide out of cardboard - there will be no limit to children's joy. Read also:

    Master class “Snail from buttons”

    To make this craft from buttons, we need:

    • Thick cardboard sheet;
    • Wire;
    • old cd
    • Flat buttons;
    • PVA glue;
    • Double sided tape.

    First, it will be necessary to cut the curlyan element that will be the body of a snail, up to 10 cm long. Next, with double-sided tape we fix the disk onto a figure made of thick cardboard. After using PVA glue, we attach the buttons to the disk. Finally, it remains to make horns of wire. And your craft is ready! The process of making crafts "Snail" from buttons Ready-made crafts from buttons "Snail"

    Button application "flowers" - children's craft

    For its implementation, we need:

    • Wire.
    • Buttons
    • Felt.
    • Pliers.

    Craft "flowers"Craft “flowers” ​​from buttons Work progress:

  • We take the wire and string buttons on it through the hole.
  • Bend the wire to fasten the buttons and pass it in the reverse order through another hole.
  • After all the buttons are strung, twist the wire.
  • We cut out several flowers from felt and fasten them to the wire.
  • You can make several flowers to get a bouquet.
  • As a result, we get such an application of buttons and flowers.

    What else can be decorated with buttons?

    In fact, anything. For example, the decor of a flower pot from buttons will look very interesting, you can make cup stands in the form of small napkins, decor for curtains, and even the curtains themselves. Button craft ideasDIY handmade button ideasThe design can be thought up on pillows, paintings, panels, candlesticks and so on. The main thing is to arm yourself with the necessary materials and turn on the fantasy to the maximum. You can share such interesting ideas and master classes with your friends and acquaintances. Craft "rose"Craft "rose" from buttons As you can see, there is a verymany options where you can use unnecessary buttons. As a result, they can decorate your interior with garlands, cards or wreaths on the door. Therefore, use them to decorate any idea that you can implement on your own or with small children.

    Crafts from buttons - photo

    The main materials in the work will be: buttons, glue, paper or polystyrene foam, scissors and wire. All materials are affordable and do not require large cash costs. And the work will go very fast and fun, so inspiration to you! We also recommend viewing:

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