Crafts from cardboard boxes: toys for children and home photo

Crafts from cardboard boxes: toys for children and home photo

You know that you can make a variety of craftsfrom cardboard boxes - toys for children, items for home decor and other useful things. The fact that cardboard and cardboard boxes all of us now surround us from all sides remains undoubted. Cardboard material is the most common in the world, so it can be found anywhere. Almost all of our products that we buy in stores are packed in it. Craftwork from cardboard boxesDIY Craft Boxes DIYfrom this, whether the thought came to you that it can be used for your own purposes. How? Very simple - making useful crafts from cardboard boxes. Content

What to do from cardboard boxes with your own hands

After you have used cardboardappointment, she can give a "second chance", and make crafts. They can be very different, ranging from ordinary boxes with decoupage, ending with projects of castles, cities, various decorations, etc. One of the main advantages will be that such crafts are very good to do with children. Then they will not only creatively develop, but will also receive a huge portion of interest and pleasure. If you liked the idea of ​​crafts with children, theirconditionally can be divided into two groups: for boys and for girls. It is logical that girls will be more interested in carving dolls, various toys, flowers. Boys will give preference to airplanes, cars and tanks. In any case, the development of perseverance, attention and motor skills will be a huge advantage.

Types of cardboard for crafts

Depending on the packaging, there are severalcardboard options. Conventionally, a milk carton will differ in structure from a carton of equipment, for example. Therefore, depending on the idea, as well as materials at hand, we can choose one or another option. Cardboard box may vary:

  • Shape (round, square, triangular, etc.).
  • Size (small, medium, large).
  • Density.
  • Surface texture (matte, glossy, corrugated).

These are the main differences by which cardboard boxes can be distinguished.

Cardboard Box DIY Supplies

Before you go directly tothe manufacture of the crafts themselves, we must stock up on the necessary materials for our work. And so, in order to bring the idea to life, we may need:

  • Scissors or clerical knife.
  • Glue.
  • Marker or pencil.
  • Scotch.
  • Paints.
  • Ruler and compass.
  • Washcloth (in case of decoupage).

DIY materialsDIY carton materialsgeneral list of necessary things. It may be supplemented depending on the crafts that you will do. Progress - we decide what to make out of a cardboard box. If we talk about the general progress of work, first we need an idea that we must put into practice. Perhaps even a certain plan and drawing of the craft will be needed, so think about it in advance. Next, we prepare the necessary materials and proceed directly to the work itself.

DIY box ideas for kids and home

And so, here are a few ideas that you can use to apply the box in everyday life, as well as make it beautiful and functional. DIY ideaCardboard Box Idea

  • A large cardboard box can serve as a box,which will store linen, some seasonal items, old toys, photographs albums. In general, all that is needed, but should not be wallowing throughout the apartment. Such a box can be beautifully decorated with a cloth that adheres to glue.
  • Storage boxStorage box

  • A chest box where jewelry is stored. It is not necessary to buy old antique caskets. You can make such a store using improvised tools yourself. Decorate with decoupage, paint or varnish.
  • Chest boxChest box

  • Cardboard shoe box will be greata box for beads, accessories and other small accessories related to needlework. You can even make separate compartments for a particular material. To do this, you need smaller boxes, which we glue and put in the middle of a large one.
  • Jewelry boxJewelry box

  • Small matchboxes will be greatdresser for jewelry - chains, rings and other small trinkets. They can also be beautifully decorated and presented as a gift to friends or relatives.
  • Mini chest of drawers for small itemsMini dresser for small items from matchboxes

  • Another idea for using a cardboard matchbox is children's toys. Depending on the age and gender of the child, this can be a toy car, doll furniture or a train.
  • Kids toysChildren's toys from cardboard boxes

  • From larger boxes, build a whole children's kitchen furniture for your child.
  • Cardboard furnitureChildren's furniture made of cardboard boxes

  • Instead of a home tent, you can make a “home box”. Children are very fond of such small houses. Equip it in the middle with pillows, and the child will be wildly delighted.
  • Box houseDo-it-yourself box for a baby

  • Boxes of juice and milk are also not worth itthrow in the trash. They will make an excellent house - a bird feeder. Just a few minutes with scissors and our craft is ready. You can hang it both outside the window and in the forest, garden or in the country. This will be especially important in the winter season, when it is difficult for birds to find food.
  • FeederBird feeder from a cardboard bag of milk or juice

  • You can also make a children's rack from cardboard boxes, where toys and other things will be stored.
  • RackRack from a cardboard box for children's games

  • Animals from the boxes. When your child tortured you by wanting to have a pet, do not despair. You can do it with your child. For this you need boxes of different sizes and a little effort. Make a cat, dog or fish together. The child will be able to play with them, and perhaps even practice nursing skills.
  • Craft Box ToysCraft: toys from cardboard boxes As you can see, there are a lot of ideas, and they are all diverse. I can’t even believe that so many things can be built from ordinary cardboard. So let's move on to the practical part and try how it all works.

    Do-it-yourself box decoupage master class

    Not everyone in our time knows what decoupage is. Therefore, to begin with, let's clarify this term. Decoupage is a kind of surface design, mainly of cardboard type. It is created with glue, napkins and paints. There are several secrets on how to make an entire composition from a regular drawing on a napkin, from which you simply can not take your eyes off. Decoupage boxesDecoupage of a cardboard box So, in our work we will need such materials:

    • Cardboard box. It can be of any shape and color.
    • Oil and acrylic paints.
    • Lacquer craquelure two-phase.
    • Acrylic lacquer.
    • PVA glue).
    • Wipes with the composition that you like the most.
    • Sponge, brushes, scissors.
    • Skin.


  • If the box needs a skin, then carefully work on it until the surface is perfect.
  • Cardboard boxCardboard box - decoupage decor

  • Next we will need to make a basis. This will be done with white acrylic paint. We completely cover its surface and let it dry a little.
  • Paint coatingPaint coating

  • While the box is drying, we cut out the pattern from the napkin that we liked the most.
  • Cut out the pictureCut out the picture for the decor of the box

  • When our drawing is ready, we apply it to the lid of the box, or to the place where it should be. Easily mark this area with a pencil.
  • Then you need to mix several shades of those colors that will look beautiful with our pattern. Put them on the lid with a sponge. Do not forget to take into account previously drawn borders.
  • Mix the colorsMix shades of colors for the decor of a cardboard box

  • Now it's time to spread the surface with PVA glue and let it dry for 1-2 minutes. After that, remove the white layers of our napkins and glue the remaining pattern on the box lid.
  • Apply glueApply glue to the box

  • Similarly, you will need to glue the rest of the box. Themes and colors of napkins can be selected and combined.
  • We glue the whole box completelyWe glue the whole box completely Glue a napkin and fix the surface Glue a napkin and fix the surface

  • Our work of art is almost done. We apply a two-phase craquelure and wait until it dries. Ideally, you need it to be a little sticky, but not stick to your fingers.
  • For additional decoration, apply the paint with a sponge. Here you can also fantasize, because the pattern from a thick and thin sponge will look different.
  • Decorate with a sponge and paintDecorate with a sponge and paint

  • The finish line will be coating the product with acrylic varnish. It is recommended to do this in several layers. It is important to know that after drying each of the layers it is worth a little sandpaper to walk on the surface.
  • Finished boxReady box - this craft canuse as gifts As a result of our deeds, a beautiful extraordinary box of cardboard will come out, which will take on a completely different look than it was originally. You can store different things in it, and it will show off on a chest of drawers, a coffee table or a bedside table.

    Photo crafts from cardboard boxes

    So do not rush to throw cardboardboxes, but rather put it aside and use them to create different types of crafts for you and your kids. This is not only very funny and exciting, but also useful in everyday life. We also recommend viewing:

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