Crafts from glass bottles - 40 ideas what to make from bottles

Crafts from glass bottles - 40 ideas what to make from bottles

In any home, family, especially after the holidays,glass bottles accumulate, but they don't always want to be thrown away. Yes, and do not need to do it. In this article we will analyze what can be made from empty and beautiful glass bottles. What can be made from bottles for home onToday, many bottles have a non-standard shape and their variety is very large. Make useful decorative crafts out of glass bottles with your own hands, which will add zest to your interior or exterior of the house and the bottles will no longer be just garbage for you. From empty glass bottles you can make stylish vases, various candlesticks, chandeliers, glasses, magnificent flower vases, terrariums for plants, hedges, it is interesting to arrange flowerbeds at the cottage and much more, which is enough for your imagination. Just before giving empty glass bottles a second wind, you need to decide what you want to do and choose a range of possibilities. Crafts from glass bottles can be divided into two large groups:

  • Interior - this group includes crafts to fill the interior and create a positive mood (chandeliers, stands, vases, candlesticks, and more).
  • Exterior - a group of crafts to create comfort in the country, in a country house (paths, hedges, etc.)

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Vase of bottles The most simple and beautiful thing inthe interior is a flower vase. Vases with flowers create a cozy and warm atmosphere in the house. They can be placed anywhere, on the tables, on the floor, on the shelves. The whole bottle is a ready-made flower vase. There are many ways to decorate a bottle in mono. Vase of bottles. Acrylic painting method Manufacturing process:

  • To do this, take a beautiful bottle of wine of unusual shape, cover it with acrylic or oil paint (for example, white), if necessary, apply a second coat of paint. Complete guide how
  • Then take a beautiful lace, 10 centimeters wide, and glue it to the bottom of the bottle. (see photo).
  • There is a final touch, put flowers in a vase. And your home will shine with tenderness.
  • Also vases can be not only desktop, but also wall. Make a wooden base, attaching it to the wall, and put it in the middle of its vase with flowers. Seth Vaz for table decor Wall vase Wine bottle wall vase Wall-mounted vase and wine bottle candlestick Collibri has a whole selection of master classes.- see the link! Candlestick No lamp that emits artificial light, does not give such an effect of romanticism, as the light of a glowing candle. Candle fire can make the atmosphere of any room beyond the mysterious and exciting, but at the same time more calm and cozy. The most ideal solution will be to make an individual candlestick with your own hands. Bottle holders Candle Holders from Clear Bottles Mosteasy way to make a candlestick from the lower halves of the bottles. To do this, cut the bottle. How to cut a glass bottle? There are several options. Most often use a special machine or a glass cutter, but not everyone has such tools in the house. Therefore, at home the glass can be cut using a burning thread. To do this, thoroughly moisten the middle rope in acetone (or nail polish remover), wrap it around the bottle where you need to cut it, light it, and then plunge it into ice water (water / ice = 1/1). Step by step. Candlestick from the bottom of the bottle Getabsolutely flat cut. Then, to process the edges so that they are smooth, use an emery wheel or a waterproof sandpaper. When working, be sure to adhere to the observance of safety measures. Manufacturing process:

  • After you cut the bottle, melt the paraffin in the water bath.
  • Then take a piece of wick, put it in the bottompart of the bottle, securing it with a dry piece of paraffin, and pouring it with melted paraffin, while securing the wick in place with something. Leave it to dry completely (1-2 hours). That's it, our wonderful candle is ready for use.
  • Or simply insert a thick candle into the bottom of the glass bottle, and you will have another excellent candle.
  • Wine bottle chandelier If you are tired of oldceiling lamps, then another variety for your home will be made from wine glass bottles with your own hands. It is necessary to cut the bottom of the wine bottle, and use this bottle as a plafond, you only need to carefully fix the cartridge with a light bulb. Also, mono is not limited to only one canopy, and make the whole royal chandelier in the same way, which will decorate your room and perfectly fit into your interior, especially in a country house. Want to make such a lamp? - Below are 3 detailed and step-by-step lessons! Elegant bottle chandelier The finished cartridge with the wiring is inserted into the cut bottle Rustic Chandelier Plates Most Simple andPopular in the manufacture of crafts from glass bottles - these are the various elements of dishes. If you want to make flat plates with your own hands, you must contact the workshop, where at high temperatures, it will give a different shape. Although there is a simple way to make a plate at home, as mentioned above. And your little plate is ready for use. Also, such plates can decorate the wall, read the material -. The original serving of a dish in a plate from a bottle. Plates for sweets. To make a dish for sweets, you need to:

  • take a tray or an old plastic plate
  • make a round hole in the middle, and put it on the neck of the bottle.
  • The bottle can be decorated with various decorative elements (paint, beads, pebbles and many others)
  • Original plate for desserts Jars forbulk products Cutting the neck of the bottle, and polishing the edges, you get an original jar for bulk products. Which will delight you with its appearance when preparing various dishes. Jars for the storage of bulk products. As a cap, you can use a cortical or foam ball Mug Already knowing the principle of cutting the bottle, you can try to make a glass mug, you just have to remember to carefully handle the edges. To do this, cut the bottom of the bottle and separately the very top of the neck, then glue the neck to the bottom as a handle with liquid nails and your glass is ready. Glass bottle mug soap dispenserfrom a whiskey bottle Beautifully shaped bottles will serve for you as a dispenser for liquid soap. This option will certainly look original your bathroom.

  • To depict such beauty and practicality, instead of a cork, attach a pump or a nozzle for liquid soap or dishwashing detergent left over from the used one.
  • You can fasten the nozzle with liquid nails or pick up a bottle with a suitable thread.
  • If you want to leave the label and do not soak it from water, cover it with clear varnish.
  • Done, you can already enjoy. Whiskey bottle dispenser for soapwine bottles Using glass bottles as props for wooden shelving is a great idea. Hollow bottles are incredibly durable and hold wooden boards (floors) with ease. To do this, it is enough to make several holes in the wooden hangers, connecting them together with bottles and your book house is ready. Bottle storage racks Hooks and hooksGlass wine bottles will find their use in the hallway, if they turn into an unusually original coat hanger. This idea was first presented by the company Lucirmás in Milan. On the one hand it is an art, at the same time and a useful thing. Manufacturing:

  • For the manufacture of hangers, we need wine bottles with a long neck.
  • It is necessary to cut them at such an angle that they are on the wall with the necessary inclination.
  • Then we fasten a mirror or glass base on the wall and glue our neck with liquid nails.
  • If you can not gently glue and visible glue base can be decorated with a cord. Designer hanger from the bottle do it yourselfTables of glass bottles. As well as for the manufacture of shelves, you will need a piece of the shape and size you would like to see your table. We drill holes for the neck of the bottle and insert them. And your table will certainly please with its originality not only you, but also your guests. Bottle Coffee Table Sample dostochki for the table of bottles Drill holes for the neck of the bottle and insert them. And your table will certainly please with its originality not only you, but also your guests.


    Implanting original crafts with their own hands candecorate not only the interior of your home, but also the exterior. Suspended terrarium Transparent bottles of any glass are perfect for home terrarium or pots for live plants. Such a hanging flowerbed creates the impression and feeling that the bottle has grown out of plants, and not vice versa. It is very simple to make it, it is necessary to cut off a small part of the bottle, plant a plant inside on the ground. Also they can be not only suspended, but also desktop or wall. Bird feeders Feeders can be made fromupside down bottles. Fill the bottle with food or grain, pre-fixing it in a wooden structure, turn it upside down, and put a glass or saucer under the bottom. Part of the feed will be poured into a glass or on a saucer. As soon as the birds eat the food, it will gradually be poured. Such feeders can be easily hung on the trees and they will decorate your site. Bird feeders on a wooden bracket Stylish bird feeders from the bottle “Musicwinds "of bottles. These bells are made of a colored glass bottle, pre-cutting it into several pieces. In the largest part and the rest of the small ones, it is necessary to make holes for the wires with the decorating material, with which all the cut parts of the bottle will be interconnected. Such a thing will look fabulous in your summer garden. Flowerbeds and fences Making a flowerbed out of bottles for the garden is not so difficult. And so we proceed:

  • For the base we take car tires. The bottom of the base is plastered with mortar.
  • The first row is laid with the necks towards the center, the second and the next in the same way, but with a gradual shift so that the bottles are stacked in a staggered manner.
  • All voids are filled with mortar to make the construction stronger.
  • The last layer is fixed with a solution, filled with soil, and only a wide part of the bottles should remain on the surface.
  • Round flowerbed of bottles is also very simpleYou can make a fence from glass bottles, dividing vegetables and berries with decorative fencing. To begin with, draw the boundaries of the divisions, then dig a ditch to set the bottles, placing them tightly in a row, and then ram the soil around. Fencing for flowerbeds The fence from the bottles also looks very original. Especially beautiful if the bottle will be of different shapes and colors. Original bottle fence Installation process:

  • We dig long wooden poles into the ground. Optionally, the poles can be mounted in a wooden base.
  • In each bottle in the bottom you need to make a hole 1 centimeter larger than the diameter of the pole.
  • Stringing bottles on poles and fix the strap on top.
  • Also see the detailed photo workshop. Prepare the base for the poles Stringing bottles on poles Making such crafts will entertain you, as well as benefit not only you, but also the environment.