Crafts from glass bottles for home and garden (36 photos)

Crafts from glass bottles for home and garden (36 photos)

Crafts from glass bottles for giving and for the houseare not difficult to do, and the materials at hand are always at your fingertips. Sometimes the problem of accumulating unnecessary glass bottles in your home can be quite serious. Of course, you can solve it with the help of recycling, but why not try to entertain yourself, and make crafts from this container. Crafts from glass bottlesCrafts from glass bottles: DIY lamps After all, having shown a little creativity and inspired by the ideas presented in this article, you will be able to create the most beautiful decor elements with your own hands. Original crafts from glass bottles will find their place in any, even the most stylish interior. From glass bottles make beautiful accessories in the decor of the premises, use in the country, etc. In general, everything is in order, so let's find out a few ideas on how and where to use it. Content

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DIY glass bottle craft ideasThere are many options on this topic, but here are a few of the most popular ideas that are already implemented in everyday life. Let's see what can be done to decorate your cottage and garden with them. See also:.

Do-it-yourself glassware from glass bottles

Hard to believe, but from used bottlesYou can make original dishes that you will use at home or in the country. To do this, you will need to cut the bottles into appropriate parts and sand them thoroughly. For example, we cut the bottle in half, grind it, and in the end we get the original glass. If you do everything figuratively, you can even get a glass, whose leg is made of corks, or old broken glasses. Glass bottle utensilsGlass bottle utensils - plates andsalad bowls Speaking of plates, it will be harder to make them at home, but using the services of a glass-blowing workshop, your container will turn into a beautiful set of flat plates.

Vases, flower pots and flower pots from glass bottles

The bottle itself is already a good base for our vase. In order to make it more interesting, you can decorate a thing with the help of paints, decoupage and other design techniques. VaseDo-it-yourself vase from a glass bottleSince vases are not only ordinary, but also wall-mounted - this is another version of the idea. Take a bottle, cut it in half. In the part where the neck is, pour the earth, using the net, and plant a small plant. Pour water into the compartment with the “glass” (bottom). We have an excellent vase-pot for growing decorative flowers. See also: vases from glass bottles - and.

Glass Bottle Candle Holders

Candles in themselves are quite an important accessory in romance. But if you add an interesting candlestick there, it can cause a furore of positive impressions for your partner. CandlestickGlass Bottle Candlestick - A Simple Craft. See also:.

Glass Bottle Lights

Also an interesting option for using crafts. Great wine and beer bottles that can be used as a ceiling. In addition, using bottles of different colors and shades, you will receive an original garland lamp that can be used at home, in the country or in the gazebo. DIY glass bottle lampDIY glass bottle lamp

Fences and protections from glass bottles

Undoubtedly, it will attract the attention of neighbors and passers-by. Such a design will not take you a lot of time in work, but the result will be amazing. FenceThe glass bottle fence is beautiful andModernly Use as a material bottles of various shapes, colors and displacement. You can place it in plain, or creatively selected pattern. In general, there is no aisle of imagination, so experiment. See also:.

Decorative flower beds from bottles

To implement this idea, sufficientthe number of bottles, cement and a couple of sketches about the design of the future flower beds. Such a project can be developed to a serious scale, and your garden landscape will definitely not be left without due attention. Flowerbed decorationFlowerbed Design: Bottle Fence

Borders on the beds of bottles

Making flower beds is not a chapel. Part of the idea can be transferred to the beds, and zoned departments using colored bottles. For example, to protect vegetables from fruits, creating an original border that will look great against the background of the overall picture. Borders on the bedsBorders and fence on glass bedsbottles The course of work is quite simple. First you imagine and conditionally draw the borders where they should be. Then you will need to dig small grooves, where to put the bottles close enough to each other, and in the end it is good to compact the soil with earth. See also:.

Glass bottle house walls

Have you ever seen how beautiful colored glass looks in the decor of houses, walls and other objects. So why not design your walls in this way? House of Glass BottlesDIY glass bottle house All you need is a little creativity and creativity. Also directly the material itself in the form of bottles, cement mortar, ruler and pencil.

DIY table for bottles

It happens this piece of furniture made of wood, tires, and evenfrom the bottles! You can do this craft in the country, using as a basis several bottles that are firmly set in the foundation of the place where you want to place your table. TableTable for giving from glass bottles

Hangers - Bottle Hooks

Another extraordinary use casethe necks of the bottles that they first wanted to throw away. Do not believe it, but you can quite interestingly beat this functional and necessary piece of furniture in the corridor. Even to make some emphasis, for example, to set the hooks with a checkerboard, make them of different shapes, or use colored glass. HooksGlass bottle hanger hooks. See also:.

Master class “Ladder in a Bottle”

Such a do-it-yourself craft will undoubtedly be able toto decorate the interior of any home. It can also be used as a gift to your loved ones and loved ones. It is not difficult to do the craft, the main thing is to follow these instructions, and pre-stock up with all the necessary material for work. Ladder in a bottleStaircase in a glass bottle So, we need:

  • Bottle (best used from under whiskey or vodka).
  • The dowels are 5 centimeters in size, the diameter of which will be 0.4 cm.
  • Two square wooden sticks. The approximate size is 14 * 0.8 * 0.4cm.
  • Water.
  • Pencil.
  • Drill.
  • Ruler.
  • Sandpaper and tweezers.


  • To get started, rinse your bottle thoroughly and completely remove the label from it. Remember that she was ready for work, you need to thoroughly dry it.
  • While the bottle is drying, we will begin the processmaking stairs. Take pre-cooked wooden sticks and place marks on them where our steps should be. When the marks are ready, put the sticks in a vise, and carefully drill holes in the right places.
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  • Next we insert the steps and here is our ladderready. It is important to note the fact that all its details will need to be slightly sanded so that the surface is smooth. Additionally, if desired, you can cover it all with varnish for wood.
  • Now the most intriguing moment remains: "How to stick our ladder into the middle of the bottle?" To do this, we put it in boiling water for about 10-15 minutes. During this time, the tree softens, and becomes a little plastic. In order not to get burned, it is recommended to wear rubberized gloves, fold the ladder diagonally, and quickly slip it into the bottle. Then it is already possible to straighten and correct where necessary, using a thin wand.
  • Alternatively, fill the bottle with liquid or leave it empty. Such a do-it-yourself craft will make an indelible impression on those people who catch its eye. Read also:

    Master class "New Year's bottle"

    In fact, you can choose any holiday theme, but in this version we will consider just the New Year. To work you need to stock up:

    • Champagne bottle.
    • Gold or silver spray paint (optional).
    • Hot silicone gun.
    • Glue PVA.
    • Scissors.
    • A napkin with a favorite pattern for the theme of the holiday.

    New Year's bottle of decoupageNew Year's bottle decoupage Work progress:

  • To make a craft out of a glass bottle, wash it and dry it thoroughly.
  • Then we cut out with the scissors the picture we need fromnapkins, and apply it to the bottle with PVA glue. An important point: if the bottle was not primed for the base, the cloth is three-layer glue, without separating the parts.
  • Next, using a glue gun, apply droplets of glue around the top of our bottle.
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  • We wrap the part where the napkin was pasted, wrap it with an ordinary sheet of paper and fix it on tape. This is necessary so that the aerosol does not fall on the drawing.
  • Spray with spray paint, decorating the top of the bottle.
  • We remove the paper, and our craft is ready.
  • You can experiment with it by adding various decorative elements, piece snow, just snowflakes, etc.

    30 glass bottle craft photos

    If you liked the ideas, but you haven’tYou’ve figured out what kind of crafts to do with your own hands in order to decorate your own house or cottage, here are 20 more ideas for inspiration. So do not rush to throw out unnecessary glass bottles, but try to work with them, using as a material for different types of crafts. This will not only bring you pleasure in the process of work, but also will be a great gift for a birthday or anniversary. Large lamp for a country house of glass bottlesLarge lamp for a country house of glass bottles Original flowerbed of green wine bottlesOriginal flowerbed of green wine bottles DIY lamp of their three bottles in a loft-styleDIY lamp of their three bottles in a loft-style Decorative fence in the country from multi-colored bottlesDecorative fence in the country from multi-colored bottles Unusual outdoor chair made of metal and glass bottlesUnusual outdoor chair made of metal and glass bottles Bottles with cereals for home decorBottles with cereals for home decor Street cottage decor of hanging glass bottles and flowersStreet cottage decor of hanging glass bottles and flowers Original lights from a garland and a glass bottleOriginal lights from a garland and a glass bottle Steampunk glass bottle decorSteampunk glass bottle decor decorative houses from bottles, burlap and cardboarddecorative houses from bottles, burlap and cardboard DIY decoupage glass bottlesDIY decoupage glass bottles Cute bottle giraffe lightsCute bottle giraffe lights Small glass bottles can be used as vasesSmall glass bottles can be used as vases To make such a pendant lamp from wood, bottles and chains is not at all difficultTo make such a pendant lamp from wood, bottles and chains is not at all difficult New Year's decor of beer bottles with horns - in the form of deerNew Year's decor of beer bottles with horns - in the form of deer Your photos in bottles - an idea for home decorYour photos in bottles - an idea for home decor Bottle vases with rope, twine or ribbonsBottle vases with rope, twine or ribbons A simple idea for glass bottle candle holdersA simple idea for glass bottle candle holders Lamps from a garland and wine bottlesLamps from a garland and wine bottles Wine bottle sushi plateWine bottle sushi plate Do-it-yourself round wine bottle lampDo-it-yourself round wine bottle lamp Decorative vases from bottles, twine and burlapDecorative vases from bottles, twine and burlap Halloween Candle HoldersHalloween Candle Holders Bottle oil lamps for a festive table settingBottle oil lamps for a festive table setting Street lamp made of bottles, flowers and candlesStreet lamp made of bottles, flowers and candles Small glass bottles as wall vasesSmall glass bottles as wall vases Bright painting of bottles - an idea for a vase and a giftBright painting of bottles - an idea for a vase and a gift Wine Bottle Wedding DecorWine Bottle Wedding Decor Blue vases from bottles of different shapes and sizesBlue vases from bottles of different shapes and sizes Do-it-yourself wall vases from glass bottlesWe make wall-mounted vases from glass bottles with our own hands. We also recommend viewing:

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