Crafts from old jeans with your own hands: simple ideas and ready-made turn-based workshops (38 photos)

Crafts from old jeans with your own hands: simple ideas and ready-made turn-based workshops (38 photos)

The use of denim in clothing, everyday life and inThe quality of interior decoration is still as popular, and it seems that jeans will always be in fashion. Denim is always associated with style, comfort, practicality and versatility. Things from this material look great both in classic and in a modern casual style. Surely each of us will have a lot of old things in the closet, including jeans. But do not immediately write them off, but it is better to try to give them a second life and make crafts that can be functionally used for some time to come. There are many options that can be made from jeans material, and we will now consider some of them.

  • Butterfly. Such a stylish accessory is suitable for both women and men. It is done quite simply and quickly. With just one pair of jeans, you can make many such butterflies, providing them not only yourself, but also your friends.
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    An extraordinary butterfly for an accent in clothes

  • A bag. There is generally nothing special to create is not required. You need to find only old jeans and a strap. The result is a comfortable hiking denim bag for a store or for a picnic.
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    Stylish jeans bag

  • Desktop and wall organizers. A very convenient thing for storing various kinds of little things. This craft will not only be convenient to use, but also stylishly fit into the overall interior of the room.
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    Workplace organizer

  • Mug stand. It can be made even with your child. It would seem that nothing special, but such a cup holder will be useful in everyday life, and you can easily put hot mugs on it.
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    Creative hot mug coasters

  • Pillow. An unusual but interesting solution that can creatively fit into the design of the room. Moreover, if you sew pockets on the pillow, you will additionally get a place to store the remote control or small things.
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    Pillow made of old jeans fabric

  • Mat. To bring this idea to life will need a lot of old jeans and a little patience. Here you can create different options for crafts, depending on the fabric you have and the creative approach to business.
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    Unusual rug in the interior of the house Read also:

  • Footwear. This is a rather complicated craft project, but very possible. If you are not afraid of difficulties, you can try your hand at this version of shoes as in the photo.
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    Stylish denim shoes do-it-yourself

  • Denim collar, which is removed. It can be cut off from an old denim shirt, or from any other, and simply sheathed with denim. A rather unusual, but stylish solution, which, undoubtedly, will attract more than one look of passers-by.
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    Colorful denim collar on the neck

  • Tool bag. Such a product is more suitable for men's needs, namely the storage of various kinds of tools. Creating a masterpiece is simple - you will need to cut off the top of your pockets from old jeans and carefully process their sections.
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    Denim tool bag

  • Table napkins. This work of art is especially appreciated by lovers of casual-style, because this is an unusual approach to table setting. In addition, such a napkin may have an additional cutlery compartment.
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    Table napkins for decoration and functional use

  • Apron. To realize this idea, you will need a few pairs of old jeans that you will need to put together with your legs and cut off the excess fabric. At the same time, the back pockets will turn into breast pockets, and the jeans themselves will become a beautiful apron for everyday use.
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    Convenient apron for working in the kitchen

  • Earrings. Do not believe it, but just a little time, and you can create earrings from jeans with your own hands. They look fashionable, and most importantly - few will have such a decoration.
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    DIY Heart Earrings

  • Gift wrap for champagne or wine. There you can pack a bottle of red wine or champagne, while it is additionally recommended to sew a pocket in which the corkscrew will lie.
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    Bottle packaging with corkscrew pocket

  • Frame decoration. One of the design options may be your old jeans. Take scissors and cut the fabric into many strips of different lengths. Then simply twist them and stick them on the frame, creating your own personal design.
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    Denim decorative frame design

  • Cover. Why not make an unusual cover for regular books? Moreover, it can be useful for the electronic version of the book. You just need to measure the size, cut and beautifully design the cover to your taste.
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    Beautiful cover for e-book

  • Tack. Sew a useful thing for the kitchen that you can take a hot kettle or pot.
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    Comfortable oven mitts and coasters

  • Necklace. Create such an unusual necklace that will decorate your neck and emphasize the style of clothing.
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    Creative necklace as a decoration for the neck

  • Upholstery of furniture. If you have accumulated a lot of old jeans or denim in your home, you can safely beat it as upholstery for a sofa, chair, ottoman and other furniture.
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    Stylish furniture upholstered in jeans

  • Mask. Arrange a mysterious party by making intriguing masks from jeans. Additionally, use all kinds of jewelry, including rhinestones or sequins.
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    DIY intriguing denim mask

  • Coasters. Do not believe it, but each of the parts of jeans can be very useful for you in the kitchen. For example, from the seams you can get good coasters for hot dishes or plates, as well as cup holders.
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    Fancy denim cup holder

  • Hedge. A very non-standard, but very attractive option, which is useful in use at the cottage or in the garden.
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    Colorful hedge in the interior

  • House for the kitten. This cute cozy house will help your kitten get a real fortress, as well as a place to hide and take a nap.
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    A cozy house for your kitten

  • Jeans skirt. Like in the good old movie: “And now the pants are turning ...” - into a skirt! If you have torn or worn pants on your knees, do not worry. Just cut off all the unnecessary with scissors, measure the desired length of the skirt and stitch the edges. The new skirt is ready! Alternatively, instead of a skirt, they can be turned into stylish shorts.
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    Turn jeans into a stylish skirt

  • A variant of galactic jeans. To achieve this effect, you need a few spray cans of paint, a little sparkle and an unearthly love of space.
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    DIY galactic jeans

  • Design old jeans with print. You will need fabric paint, sketches of your favorite stencils and a good creative mood.
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    Jeans with a print

  • Lace inserts and patches. If the old jeans have worn holes on their knees or in other places - do not rush to throw them into the trash. Take a few lace patches and sew them from the inside of the pants. Thus, it is possible to further decorate the edges of shorts, pockets and other parts of clothing.
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    The second life of ripped jeans with patches

  • Gradient jeans. From old jeans, make a fashionable modern model that you will wear at discos or walks. The gradient technique may not work out right away, but with experience it will become more interesting and fascinating. Design of old jeans using the gradient technique. Use the usual bleach as the chemical means by which such a transition is made.
  • Dressing with rhinestones. The usual design with the help of such decor can betray a new and beautiful appearance to old jeans.
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    Transformation of jeans with rhinestones

  • Painting with felt-tip pens. Use lace fabric and special felt-tip pens, with the help of which you can make an absolute novelty in your wardrobe from old jeans.
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    Painting material with felt pens

  • Torn jeans. This technique is used if the old jeans are a little torn. So, it is this moment that we will incline to our side, and we will make special beautiful cuts using the blade.
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    Neat holes made by a blade

    Master class "Bag for a picnic"

    When organizing a picnic, we do not always have whatput tasty foods, because you won’t carry them in the bag. After passing the master class, you will be able to independently make a bag with your own hands from old unnecessary jeans. Beautiful stylish bag from old jeans Materials that will be needed in work:

    • Denim material.
    • Narrow old waste belt.
    • Needle with thread.
    • Sewing machine and pins.
    • Scissors and awl.


  • To get started, prepare all the necessary materials, when everything is in place - proceed directly to the task.
  • We will need to cut off about half of the jeans leg (about 40 cm from the total length).
  • Next, we prepare the straps. The one with the buckle should be about 10cm. Another that has holes is about 40 cm long. We also need two pieces of about 3cm.
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    Cut the fabric and straps

  • After that, we turn the trouser leg inside out. Since the top seam will be the top of the bag, on the typewriter you will need to sew the other edge.
  • Corners need to be stitched with a triangle, while twisting them on the front side, you get a semicircle.
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    We carefully sew our craft

  • Using an awl, make holes at one end of a long lace.
  • Using a thread and a needle, sew a long string on one side of the leg, starting approximately from the center. To do this, use 3 cm pieces of belt so that you can make a loop.
  • A piece of belt with a buckle will need to be sewn at the bottom so that it is possible to fasten it. Use the second 3 cm belt piece in the same way.
  • The final stage is sewing on the straps. Our bag is ready for hiking on a picnic, if you do everything right, it will serve for a long time. We also recommend viewing:

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