Crafts from PVC plastic pipes (38 photos)

Crafts from PVC plastic pipes (38 photos)

Did you know that PVC plastic pipes canuse not only for their intended purpose, but also for additional designs and simple crafts that are done with your own hands. In fact, they are also exploited as shelving, furniture, various decorative ornaments and accessories. Therefore, if you have extra plastic pipes in stock, do not rush to throw them away. Better try creating crafts for the home or garden. Content

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Table made of PVC pipes The first thing you can try to do from pipes with the addition of wood is a low table. Used in the country or in the garden. A table made of PVC pipes and wood. Next, go to the execution of a full dining table. It will consist of three boards and plastic pipes. Unusual dining table made of plastic pipesShelving made of wood and plastic pipes. Another item that is made of PVC plastic pipes. It is perfect for a garage or storage room. It looks quite interesting and stylish. You can store various small things. Do-it-yourself PVC pipe rack for the storage room. As an option, make a rack for the apartment, on which it will be possible to put an audio system, TV, souvenirs and books. Rack for the hall from plastic pipesthe shelving option will also be interesting for you and others. One gets the impression that it was specially designed for any specific items. Additionally, there is the opportunity to decorate everything with beautiful accessories. Rack of pipes and boards in the interior Journaltable with tabletop In this embodiment, the pipes will be used as legs. So that they can withstand, the glass countertop is recommended to additionally strengthen them. A coffee table made of PVC pipes and glass Canopy bed Another extraordinary way to use PVC pipes. It can be as a decor in the country. A bed with a frame made of pipes in the interior A canopy of pipes A canopy above a bed can also be made of plastic pipes. Beautiful canopy over a crib from oldPipe Towel Rack She will be a great addition to any kind of life. This will look not only interesting, but also become a practical thing that you can use. Do-it-yourself towel dryer - crafts from PVC pipes for summer cottages Baby chairs Cute unpretentious chairs for children. The frame is made of PVC pipes, and the seat can be woven from ordinary threads. Chairs for children from pipes and threads Camping chairs Small chairs for nature or hiking will become simply indispensable. Done quickly and take up little space. Chairs for hiking in the nature Manege for children Using PVC pipes, build a frame where your children can play. This will be the so-called game zone, which can be located in the garden or in the country. A place for children's games made of pipes Barnayacounter Using an ordinary plastic PVC pipe, you can create an entire resort with a bar counter painted in the form of bamboo or other exotic wonders. There is a chance to throw a whole party dedicated to this topic. Bar counter made of PVC plastic pipes Children's easel A light tablet made of pipes and paper is perfect for a fun pastime for your children. Extraordinary “tablet” made of PVC Organizer from plastic pipes Organizer for the table, made and painted in any of the colors of the palette will help to clean up your desktop. A simple organizer for a scrap tableplastic pipes You can make the same organizer in the bathroom. Now all toothbrushes, pastes and other bath accessories will always be in place. Organizer for the bathroom Shoe cabinet A shoe compartment made of plastic tubes ensures safe storage of your shoes in a specially designated place. Organizer for shoes in the hallway from large pipes Shelf for wine This is a good option for using pipes as not only shelves, but also a whole cabinet for wine or other bottles. DIY wine shelf. Stand for working with a laptop. Simple to manufacture and use. From now on, working on a laptop will only be a joy. Functional stand for laptop Eaves fortulle and curtains Do not believe it, but the craft of plastic pipes in the form of a cornice will look not only bright and creative, but also very extraordinary. Ego can be painted or simply decorated with various decorative elements as desired. Eaves for curtains in the apartment

PVC pipe home decor

Another option for using PVC pipes is to cut them into rings and use them as decoration for dressers, tables, hangers, cabinets and any other furniture in the house. Decorating a dresser with PVC plastic pipes. Frame for a mirror. Similarly, you can cut a pipe into rings, lay out a picture or frame from them, and thus decorate the mirror. Piggy bank mirror frame framepigs An original approach to the use of PVC plastic pipes. It is quite possible to build such a piggy bank for a gift, or use it as a souvenir at home. The original pig-piggy vase Her Vase can be presented to any holiday. Fasten the PVC pipe to the base, arrange as desired and put flowers in the vase. Personal vase as a gift Lamp-bone from a pipe Made quickly, but it looks very extraordinary. Lamp from a PVC pipe Bracelet Do not believe it, but not enoughwho will guess what this bracelet is actually made of. Using PVC tubes and a little imagination, you can achieve not such heights in the manufacture of jewelry. Do-it-yourself pipe bracelet Plant pot One of the most common pipe uses. Do-it-yourself pot for home plantsnot all options for crafts that can be made from pipes. But there are enough of them to become interested in this art, and to continue to practice in the performance of various kinds of crafts.

Master class "Greenhouse from PVC pipes"

If you have a garden, you will undoubtedlyYou know that the use of a greenhouse as a place where certain plants can be located is very important. Therefore, we will try to make such greenhouse conditions from PVC plastic pipes with our own hands. Greenhouse from PVC pipes of an arch form For work we need the following materials:

  • PVC pipes with a diameter of 25mm.
  • Tee and cross for our pipes. It is also worth stocking up with oblique tees.
  • Fittings, wooden board, metal strip.
  • A hacksaw that is suitable for cutting wood or metal.
  • Welding machine for plastic pipes.
  • Screwdriver and screwdriver.
  • Self-tapping screws, hammer, nails, tape measure and construction level.

Workflow process

  • First, we need to take the boards of the right size. It is long at will, the width is preferably about 20 cm. They will definitely need to be thoroughly saturated with an antiseptic.
  • On pre-leveled ground seta rectangle of boards, fixing it in the corners with reinforcement, which we drive into the ground. It must be of the correct form. We can check this using the diagonal of the inner rectangle.
  • Next, we need to fix on the sides (those that are longer) segments of reinforcement so that we have 50-70 cm left on the surface of the earth. It is on them that the arcs will be fixed.
  • The width of the base is divided approximately in half, while the middle of the board is marked with a marker. From it we must retreat 40 cm to each side, while on the outside we also hammer the board.
  • Pipe preparation and installation

    To get a full arc, we will needweld two pieces of pipe. They should be approximately 30 cm each. In the middle we insert a cross. We fasten the outer parts with plastic tees. The arcs are installed on the principle of donning the end of the pipe to the reinforcement, which is located among the two long sides of the base. The process of mounting the arc on the valveinstallation of the central stiffener, which will keep the structure in balance. It is made of pipe sections 85cm long. and welded in the middle between the spider and the central tee. It is fixed directly on a wooden base with the help of self-tapping screws and metal clamps. The final step will be the process of creating doors and windows. You must first think about exactly where it is best to place them. Usually, doors will be installed in the end part of the greenhouse so that it is possible to ventilate. A window can be installed in the part opposite from the door. View of the greenhouse from the middle Coated greenhouses from pipesmay be polyethylene or polycarbonate. Basically, this kind of greenhouse will be used seasonally, since it is not entirely suitable for all seasons. It can be noted that the most popular size for the average greenhouse will be an option of about 3.82 m. at 6.3m. It is optimal and functional in operation. Summing up, you can notice what isquite a lot of interesting ideas related to crafts from PVC plastic pipes. The main thing is to decide what exactly you need, and just try to do it yourself. It can be ordinary souvenirs in the form of piggy banks or bracelets, or designs like furniture and greenhouses. We also recommend viewing:

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