Crafts from rackets for interior

Crafts from rackets for interior

How can I use old wooden racketsfor playing tennis or badminton? Such things, as a rule, are made of natural materials of excellent quality, and let the morally racquets become obsolete, but they will last for a long time in the decor of the interior. Some rackets can themselves be a wall decor, from others you can make your own hands, not only stylish, but also functional crafts made of rackets that will decorate the interior of the house. Of course, it's interesting to use old racquets, then crafts acquire an exclusive character and vintage style.

1. Crafts made of rackets: frames for mirrors and photographs

Old tennis and badminton rackets thanks toTheir designs are most often used as frames for mirrors and photographs. The mirror can be cut with a glass cutter and shaped to fit under the rim of the racket. If the strings are left, then the mirror can be attached directly to them. Also with photos or pictures - you can either fill the entire area of ​​the rim with the image completely, or snap small photos or notes to the clamps for the strings. crafts from rackets - a frame for a photo frame for photos from an old tennis racketcrafts from rackets - a mirror from a racket crafts from rackets - mirrors from rackets

2. Stand for earrings and jewelry

The string surface of the racquets is very convenient forstorage earrings. You can either put the racket on the table, stop it in the stand for earrings and jewelry, and hang it on the wall in a horizontal position. On the handle of the racket you can fill a couple of nails and hang beads and bracelets. Hanger on the wall for earrings and jewelry craftwork from rackets - stand for earrings crafts from rackets - store jewelry

3. Lamps from old rackets

Such a sports luminaire was the result of joined together rackets, light bulbs and chains. For an apartment too cumbersome, but for some store or sports club - just! lamp of old rackets This ceiling lamp is made of half-sawn tennis rackets. A good option is to use broken and very old rackets. lamp from old rackets

4. Crafts from rackets: the head of the bed

10-12 rackets can be turned into a decorative headboard for the bed. To ensure that the racquets are the same and make up the whole composition, they can be painted in one color. head of the bed from tennis rackets If you do not like such an unusual headboard,pay attention to the classic beds, combining high quality, elegant design, superior ergonomic properties -

5. Back of a chair from a racket

Old tennis or badminton rackets can be used as a backrest for chairs. And on the string surface of the racket you can attach some image, symbol or letter. the decor of the back of the chair with old rackets

6. Crafts from garden rackets: garden trellis

In the garden or in the country, racquets will also be used. For example, you can make such trellis trellises with your own hands. garden trellis of rackets

7. Rackets like wall decor

Well, the last and most obvious application of old tennis rackets is just to hang them on the wall. old tennis racket as a wall decor If there are many racquets - you can arrange them in the form of the sun, in the center of which you place a mirror, picture or photo. wall decor with rackets Racket strings - ready-made canvas with embroidery frame, so that you can embroider something on it. embroidery on strings of racket