Crafts from shoeboxes: 17 ideas, what can be done?

Crafts from shoeboxes: 17 ideas, what can be done?

What can be done from the old empty boxes from undershoes or from under the candy that remained in the house? Let's use them and make practical storage crafts. We offer you ideas and workshops how to decorate and decorate the boxes with your own hands, how to make an organizer, box, shelves and other necessary things for storing various trifles. The content of the article:

    Jewelry box

    If you still have a beautiful box whichit is a pity to throw it away, then put fabric rollers in it and you will get an excellent jewelry storage box. TIP: rollers are better to bite from a soft material, like felt or bikes

    Picnic box

    From large or medium shoe boxes, you canmake a charming and very convenient picnic box, which will be an excellent substitute for a standard basket. Decorate the box with a decoupage or just stick a cloth.

    • A shoe box can be decorated with a cloth or colored paper using PVA glue,
    • make pens out of braid and decorate as you like.

    Jewelry Organizer

    The lid of the box can be as useful as the box itself. For example, it can be used as a holder for jewelry. To make such an original thing, you need:

  • to cover the lid from under the shoe box with sacking,
  • then attach it to the wall,
  • fasten with nails through the cardboard, on which bracelets, chains and other ornaments will be hung.
  • Gift Boxes

    From a beautiful gift box you can makevery small box for small things. Like pendants or chains. Cutting patterns and patterns - you can look at the photo. No need to glue. Just lay down.

    Organizer for pens and pencils

    Usually cardboard rolls of toilet paperthey are a very useless thing and can only be thrown into the trash. However, using a cardboard box and several such rolls, you can make a wonderful stand for pencils and pens with your own hands. Such an organizer will become a very convenient thing, and only a few minutes will be used to create it.

    • For the manufacture of such an organizer, we need a small cardboard box, we can take it from the shoes and paste it with colored paper or decorate it in every way with ribbons, bows, stickers.
    • Put cardboard rolls tightly in a box or glue them together for greater convenience, which will allow sorting pens, pencils and other items according to their intended purpose.

    Pictures or panels on the wall

    A regular cover from a shoe or candy box can be turned into a real work of art that looks like a real art canvas or podelki-iz-korobok-iz-pod-obuvi-4

  • To do this, it is enough to glue the cover with decorative paper or white paper and draw a pattern yourself.
  • Then just hang the lid on a nail in the wall and you can admire this piece.
  • How else can you.

    Decorative wall shelves

    If you want, a shoe box is perfect for this.

    • You can paint or paste the inside of it with colored paper and glue the box to the wall with Moment glue or liquid nails.
    • Inside the box, install the desired decor, but it should not be heavy, so as not to pull the box down.

    Cardboard furniture

    Gift and packaging boxes are greata source of cardboard that can be used to create furniture, such as a shoe rack, a dresser, or a table for a laptop. We have a separate article devoted to this - 10 ways

    Puzzle toy for a child

    Great budget toy for children for example from the front of the box of candy.

  • We translate the scheme of the puzzle on the card. Better through copy paper
  • Cut out! Long course, but we can connect the whole family
  • We fold and enjoy together!
  • Frame for photos on the wall

    Cut the frame to the size of the photo and decorate the cardboard at its discretion. Beautifully covered with cloth or gift paper! You can also decorate with beads or flowers.

    Volume letters out of the box

    The boxes will be useful for you to craft bulk letters or numbers, for example, for a birthday or other holiday. Therefore it is worth saving them!

    Charging station for phones

    From the shoe box you can make an excellent compact charging station for phones. For this you need:

  • just cut holes in one wall of the box and secure them with special metal labels that you can buy at any hardware store.
  • Place the power supply inside the box and attach the box to the wall.
  • When you need to charge the phone, it will be enough to get a cord through the hole. Thus, the wires will be in order, and at the same time have an aesthetic appearance.
  • Storage Basket

    To create a real wicker basket imitation,it will be enough to glue the shoebox with a bundle of coils to a coil, you can use ordinary glue for this. It is possible to sew inside a soft white fabric bag to the size of the box, so you can easily make a very nice decorative basket for storing small things with your own hands, which will not be inferior to a real wicker basket.

    Storage box

    Shoe boxes are an excellent material for storing various things, so that they have an original and pretty look on the shelves of storage they are easy enough to transform.

    • To do this, they just need to paste over a satin card using PVA glue.
    • At the end of the box you can stick a sign with the signature of what is stored in this box, it will simplify the search for the right thing.

    5 workshops

    Organizer for the seamstress

    Perfect gift for a seamstress or just for yourself- will organize convenient storage of threads and coils! If you place the cloves and fix them with silicone glue - you will definitely see where some thread is!

    Mini file

    If you have a collection of stickers, stamps or other small things, then the shoebox will be a great place to store them.

  • First you need to pick a box of a suitable size and glue it with colored paper, so it will get a beautiful appearance.
  • Cut sheets of paper to the size of the box and sign the names of what will be stored in the box, then place these sheets between the corresponding things.
  • So you do not have to sort through the entire contents of the box to find the right thing.

    Chalk drawing board

    From the covers with shoe boxes can be very simplemake a mini drawing board with chalk. To do this, you need to paint the covers with black acrylic paint and you have mini-blackboards ready, which will be a great entertainment for children. podelki-iz-korobok-iz-pod-obuvi-13 And also such boards can be used aspointers to a big event, or you can also use them as big price tags. In order to change the inscription, you just need to erase the chalk and re-write a new one. Detailed

    Making a cardboard children's table

    A small safe table is ideal for children - there are no sharp corners or toxic paints, and most importantly - you can easily make it yourself, without spending much money. For the cardboard table we need:

    • Cardboard sheets can be cut from suitable boxes - 5 pieces, 50 cm;
    • Cardboard sleeves - 4 pieces;
    • Double-sided tape / PVA glue;
    • Scissors / NDK (cardboard knife);
    • Self-adhesive colored paper;
    • The pencil is simple.

    We take 4 cardboard sheets and draw the pencils closer to the corners, then cut out the holes that are equal to the diameter of the existing sleeves. The main thing is that the holes coincide with each other on all 4 sheets. Take the sleeve and the remaining sheet of cardboard. If you have one sleeve and a long one, measure 4 equal segments and cut it. If there are no such cardboard sleeves, take the tubes of toilet paper. We stick together 4 sheets with holes between them. You can take PVA glue, but the cardboard can soften it, so it will be more accurate to glue it with double-sided tape. For reliability, glue tape over the entire sheet, and not just the edges.

    • When gluing sheets with glue, wait until the PVA dries, if you used scotch tape, you can immediately insert the cardboard sleeves into the holes.

    • Glue on top of the table the remaining cardboard sheet. This will not allow the sleeves to move.
    • With the help of self-adhesive colored paper or paints you can yourself or with the help of a child to decorate the resulting table. The table is almost ready!

    As you can see, nothing difficult to manufactureThere is no table, but you get the right thing, but as a nice bonus - if you connect your child to work, he will be infinitely happy for the opportunity to do something interesting and useful with his parent! As you can see from cardboard shoe boxes it is very easy to do your own hands a lot of useful and interesting things for the home.