Crafts from cans

Crafts from cans

Usually we throw away tins from foodproducts - baby formula, coffee, canned peas, corn and fruits. But from empty cans you can make by your own hands a lot of useful and beautiful things. Crafts from cans will decorate not only the garden and the dacha, but also become a functional decor in the interior of the apartment. Let's see, how can we use cans?

Crafts from cans - shelves and organizers

Just want to consider the option thatis used less often, but the most original and interesting. Empty cans can become a very convenient storage system for different things. Attach the jars to the wall in the hallway - and they will become a coat hanger and round shelves for scarves, gloves and hats. Crafts from cans - shelves and hangers handicrafts from cans - hanger In the bathroom in the banks you can store towels. crafts from cans - shelves For tinnitus tin cans - just a godsend! They can be made as a wall organizer for skeins of yarn and thread. crafts from tin cans - organizer Banks and in the closet will help to keep in order woolen things, scarves and other accessories. Cut off the bottom of the can and place the winter set-hat, scarf, mittens and socks. crafts from tin cans - store scarves how to use tin cans - organizer for scarves A convenient way to store light scarves and scarves. Tie the tape with 7 cans and hang the designs in the cabinet.

what to make of tin cans - organizer for thingsSupports and desktop organizers made of tin cans

The simplest artifacts from cans areUse the can as a stand for pencils and writing utensils. It is enough to wash the jar thoroughly, clean out sharp edges (if any), paint it if desired, paper it, tape it, paint it with acrylic paints and put it on the table. supports from cans But some craftsmen do not think quite traditionally. If you glue the banks in a horizontal position, you will get here such an organizer in the form of a pyramid. stand-organizer for food accessories And such an organizer is suitable for artists andcreative people who have a lot of pencils, markers, brushes and crayons. Thus, you can save space on the table, and also sort art supplies and keep them in a certain order. crafts from cans - organizer for pencils For collectors and wine lovers, we suggest making a stand for bottles made of tin cans.

stand for wine bottles made of cansCandlesticks and lamps - articles made of cans

Some craftsmen and industrial designersoffer to use tin cans as plafonds in luminaires. Such lamps look very stylish and modern, especially in interiors in the style of loft, industrial or plant. tin can lamp luminaire made of tin cans Very often cans are used inas candlesticks. It is very easy to make a perforated candlestick. Wash the jar, and then use a hammer and nails of different diameters to fill a pattern in the jar. In order to hang this candlestick hang, attach a wire handle to the jar. crafts from cans - candlesticks  candlesticks from tin cans by own hands candlesticks with own hands from tin cans candlesticks by hand from cans

Kashpo and vases from tin cans

From tin cans you can make beautiful pots, vases and flower pots. The color scale, drawing and design depends only on your imagination and desire! cans of cans hanging cans of cans flower pots from cans Probably a lot of tin cans found in the groundspecialists Geologix - - group of companies that carries out engineering surveys for construction, design, exploration and prospecting of mineral resources, archaeological research, geophysical, hydrogeological and geodetic works. The company has all necessary permits and permits, including a license from the FSB of Russia.