Crafts from tires and car tires for the garden (88 photos)

Crafts from tires and car tires for the garden (88 photos)

Why are tire and tire crafts so popular? Many owners of summer cottages try to make them look aesthetically pleasing and have a well-groomed appearance using crafts made from tires. However, in order to improve and decorate the territory of the cottage, the presence of free time and money is required. As for the financial side of the issue, there is a wonderful way how you can refine the country territory without any special costs. We are talking about crafts from old car tires. To implement it, you will need only a little free time, a creative approach and outdated car tires that can easily turn into fabulous swans, giraffes, horses, turtles, snails and other interesting characters. Crafts for giving from car tires: a photo what to do from tiresCrafts for giving from car tires: a photo what to do from tires Content

How to make crafts from tires and where to get tires

In addition to free time, fantasy and oldcar tires, in the process of making such crafts you will need multi-colored paints, brushes, knives, ropes, chains, a shovel. All this must be prepared in advance, as well as determine what exactly you want to do. It should be borne in mind that in this case it is better to use tires of foreign manufacturers, since domestic tires are more rigid and more difficult to turn out, and also that summer tires turn out more difficult than winter ones. Tire fakes are generally easy to do with your own hands, you just need to be patient and imagined. The tires themselves can be searched near any large tire fitting in your city - they are often simply thrown out there. Original crafts from a car tire in the form of a basket for flowersOriginal crafts from a car tire in the form of a basket for flowers

Flowerbed of car tires

Any suburban area is transformed by flowers, illuminatingall around with bright colors and delicate aromas. To clean up the flower garden, and to give a well-groomed appearance to the flower beds will help flowerpots from tires. They are made quickly and easily, but at the same time they look very attractive. The flowerpot is made of the tire with a disk. It is necessary to lay it horizontally and draw a zigzag pattern around the disk with chalk. Further, according to this marking, a sharp knife is cut. To facilitate this task, it is recommended to wet the knife in water. Then the tire is carefully turned inside out. If the tire is thick, you may need outside help. After the tire is turned out, it must be turned over, washed thoroughly and covered with paint. Next, the finished flowerpot is covered with earth, and your favorite flowers are planted. You can simplify the task and not cut out the flowerpot, but simply rinse and paint the old tires and lay out a whole flower bed from them. Such a flowerbed looks bright and spectacular. Flower bed of car tiresFlower bed from car tires Video: do-it-yourself flower bed from a tire

Functional crafts from tires

Such crafts include items thatcan be used in everyday life. So, for example, from old tires you can make garden tables and stools. Having covered them with paint of natural shades, they will wonderfully harmonize with the surrounding landscape. Also from automobile tires you can make ottomans, coffee tables for a country house or a garden wash basin.

Furniture from tires - 14 photos

DIY furniture from tiresDo-it-yourself garden furniture from tires As we alreadywrote above, from old tires you can easily make garden furniture. Of course, not everyone agrees to sit on rubber, since in the summer in the heat it may not be too pleasant for the body. But if you paint it in bright colors, then it will look really gorgeous. And also you can use additional materials, for example, to put cushions on chairs and benches from tires for greater comfort, and using a rope to make an ottoman from an old tire. By the way, you can read here. And here's a step-by-step master class: how to make a stylish ottoman from a tire and a tourniquet with your own hands Tire and rope ottoman - step-by-step instructionsTreadmill from a tire and rope - step-by-step instruction Video: furniture from tires - crafts for DIY

Animals and fairy-tale characters from tires and car tires

Such crafts will certainly revive your countrythe site and will bring a lot of positive emotions, especially to your children. One of the most popular crafts from tires for a summer residence is a swan. To do this, you need a tire without metal cord - it will be easier to cut it. Cuts should be done according to a previously prepared marking on the tire with a sharp knife. The finished swan's neck can be strengthened with an iron rod. At the final stage, paint the finished frame with the appropriate paint colors. It’s not difficult to make from old tiresfunny giraffe, zebra or horse. To do this, dig a tire and a small wooden beam into the ground, paint and decorate the blanks in such a way as to convey the characteristic external features of a particular animal. Funny giraffe from a car tire and a wooden blockFunny giraffe from a car tire and a wooden beam Car tire zebraA zebra from a car tire Also, car tires that have outlived their life and an old enameled basin can easily turn into a fairy frog or a turtle. Fairy frog from an old tire and a basinFairy frog from an old tire and a basin Tortoise from a car tire and enameled basinTortoise from a car tire and enameledpelvis Crafts from tires is an easy and economical way to decorate your summer cottage. Sleight of hand and a creative approach will create beautiful and funny compositions. Video: do-it-yourself animals from tires

Crafts from tires for giving - photo

What kind of crafts from tires do notdecorating the cottage. It’s not difficult to find old tires, it’s enough to go around several tire service, choosing the time when everyone together goes there to “change shoes” for the summer or winter, and you can harvest a very rich harvest. And then at your disposal detailed step-by-step master classes on manufacturing complex crafts from tires such as a swan or a parrot, or just look at the photo - just how to make, for example, a bear, a frog or a ladybug.

Country crafts from tires: 30 photos

You can also make furniture from old tires -benches and chairs, ottomans and coffee tables and other things. But most of all, in such things originality is valued, so we have collected for you the most interesting photos of what can be made from tires. Most of all, we liked the bright and cheerful yellow minion of three tires, as well as a ladybug, a frog princess and large crafts from several characters using additional things such as a car and other garden tools - such a composition can decorate your cottage and garden. Elvira Goleva for Also recommend viewing:

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