Crafts from beer cans by own hands

Crafts from beer cans by own hands

Empty cans of beer and various drinkscan become a source material for creating a variety of crafts. Some artifacts from beer cans are purely decorative, while others can be a useful accessory for home and garden. Look at 5 ways to make interesting crafts from tin cans with your own hands!

Luminaire from beer cans

Tin cans from beer and lemonade can beturn into lacy plafonds for the lamp. To do this, open the top, with a scissors or a stationery knife. Then, outline the pattern and make holes using nails of different diameters, screwdrivers and other sharp objects that will leave the curved holes. So that the bank is not wriggled - inside you can very tightly cram the paper. If desired, the can can be painted both outside and inside. It remains only to attach the cartridge with a bulb - and the original lamp from beer cans is ready. luminaire from aluminum cans beer can lamp lamp - crafts from beer cans The second variant of creation of crafts from beer cans inthe form of a table lamp - to use for the shade only the tabs from the aluminum cans, and the bank itself will serve as the foot of the lamp. To connect the tabs into one sheet, make a cut on each tab, twist them together and bend the cut with pliers. You can also use a thin wire or thread. lamp - crafts from beer cans beer can lamp

Garden furniture - crafts from beer cans

Unusual, but fully functional applicationaluminum cans for beverages. From them you can make garden furniture - an armchair and a table. You can connect the jars with each other using glue, and so that under the weight of the seated beer cans are not wrinkled, they can be filled with sand beforehand. armchair - crafts from beer cans garden furniture from beer cans

Alcohol torch made of tin cans

In the tourist community it becomes quitepopular use of a marble stove instead of a gas burner. In addition, the weight of the alcohol burner is very small - about 10 grams! Spirits make their own hands from beer cans. alcohol burner alcohol burner from beer cans A detailed master-class with photos and advice of a seasoned tourist can be found here.

House made of tin cans

The house, lined with tin cans, is inHouston, TX. Recently it was officially recognized as a local landmark of the city, and not surprisingly. For the construction, cladding and decoration of the house, more than 50 thousand aluminum cans of beer and lemonade were used! And this is not counting those that had to be replaced with new ones. The house was built by John Milkovich, born during the Great Depression and therefore knew how to save and do not throw anything away. In the 1970s, when aluminum became a common and fashionable material, John began decorating the house with assembled beer cans. In the mid-80's Milkovich died, but his wife and sons continued his work, updating the veneer. By the way, the cans, the outbuildings, the mail box and even the dog booth have also been made from cans! In the 2000s the house was bought by a charitable organization, completely restored it and opened to the general public. house of beer cans house made of tin cans house made of aluminum cans John Milkovich - the creator of the house from beer cans

Candlestick - a lantern from a beer can

In order to make such an artwork - gardena lantern from a beer can, make even cuts on the bank with a clerical knife every 3-4 cm. For convenience, you can use a ruler. Then gently push the jar from the top to get a flashlight. If desired, you can paint the candlestick with spray-paint. candlestick lantern from a beer can

Decorative articles from beer cans

It is necessary to warn at once, that crafts from tincans should be done very carefully and preferably in household knitted gloves, until you get used to working with razor-sharp edges. Therefore, young children are not recommended for work. Volumetric sprockets of aluminum cans Such crafts from beer cans as an asterisk will become an original children's room or a Christmas tree. A detailed master class can be found here. asterisk from a beer can asteriskes from beer cans

Butterflies from beer cans and other figures

Cut the jar, cut off the bottom and top toget a flat plate. Cut out the image of a butterfly, bird, flower or other figure from the paper, draw it on the tin plate and puncture the nail points with the awl. Cut along the lines a butterfly. Give the figure a little volume with a pen, screwdriver or pliers. Sell ​​light contours where necessary, round off the edges, bend the wings and so on. Color the butterflies. For this, you can use paint in a can or markers. butterflies from beer cans butterflies from beer cans crafts from beer cans - butterflies crafts from beer cans - birds flowers from beer cans flowers from aluminum cans Sculptures and other crafts from beer cans car of aluminum cans car of beer cans figurines from beer cans figurines from beer cans 00 sculptures from beer cans