Crafts from gum: learn to weave various figures

Crafts from gum: learn to weave various figures


Weaving rezinochek as a hobby, not bornRecently in the US, thanks to a loving father who invented their daughters machine for making bracelets. Since 2013, American students en masse carried away with this type of work. Russian masters can also boast of unusual works. Jewellery, trinkets, clothes, handicrafts made of gum can be woven on the fingers, forks, machine tools, pencils, hook. It attracts a variety of ways rukodelnikov, masters of all ages.

Simple crafts for all

Any student with a great desire, patiencesubject to different ways of weaving ornaments on the machine, the plug, the slingshot, fingers. The essence of creativity is a logical location (stringing) rezinochek on the tool and their phased commit (lifting) hook. First, can get "sloppy", uneven products, but then rukodelnik beginning to understand how to shoot, pull or correct loop.
In fact, many children's kits offer a simplemethods of making handicrafts using connecting fasteners. Instructions accompanied by a step by step photos, so clear and no video. Suffice it to roll several rezinochek in small loops, connect them by some mounting. Girls decorate decoration beads, sculpted buttons, connecting hook them. Rezinochkami pulled through the bead, tightening the noose, provyazyvayut with other elements, get a beautiful bracelet.

In addition to jewelry accessories can do: key rings, bags for mobile phones, belts, wallets. Driving weaving the same: to entwine machine basis, then all columns zoster rezinochkami, lower loop shooting upward products. Again put on the gum, and then remove the bottom hinge. It built up row by row cloth or volume of the product. If you need dense work, then use the hook and increase the number of loops.

Decorative crafts

Schoolgirls weave toys, food, dishes, dollclothing and footwear, which requires painstaking, attention, patience. To the product has turned out dense basis twist twisted rubber band. The essence of the "machine" is the arrangement of weaving warp and multiple rows on the bars, vyvyazyvanii individual parts (if necessary), gradually fixing loops (up from the end). At the end of any artifacts left loop, which "delayed" node.

And what can be done from the gums to surprisesurrounding the unprecedented beauty? Designers create footwear, apparel, accessories human dimensions than embodied girlish dreams. The girls wear T-shirts, swimwear, shoes ... And American designer, Margarita Mileva, "rezinochnoe" dress weighed 4 kilograms. Of course, this is not a practical thing, rather bright, original works are created to impress others with his skill, aesthetic taste, extraordinary vision of the world.

Bags, toys, cars, mantles, mats,"Clothes" for bottles, containers, pencils and other items of decorative nature weaved in using a hook. Some details vyvyazyvayut separately filled with synthetic padding, attached to the base. For small works the machine the desired shape. Decorative crafts to produce better video master class. Things may well be present: quality material does not fade in sunlight, things do not "crack" and dust is removed with a damp cloth.

As you can see, crafts from rezinochek can be verybeautiful. But before you buy ask the quality of the material sets. Allergen-free and safe is silicone, even if it is acidic colors. Still allowed to sell gum rubber, PVC, but is not recommended because they weave a "wearable" items. Quality material is not painted, it does not have a sharp odor.

Get set with silicone rubber bands and whipping the evenings with his family different decorations, getting the thrill of co-creation. Start with at least mouse Minnie Mouse.

Workshop on weaving mouse Minnie Mouse

We need the machine, hook, set of rubber bands. For crafts from one end of the machine is necessary to construct a triangle, that is, 2nd row pushing forward one notch. The machine, turn to him so that the top is at the top, and the exposed parts of the studs are turned to you. Now, step by step, follow the mouse weaving. For the convenience of gum a certain color will be denoted by initial capital letters (CR - black rezinochka, KR - red, MP - milk, JR - yellow, BR - white); number - p .; carnations on the machine - the Civil Code.

Take 4CHR. Put 1CHR from the left side to the top of the machine and 1PC 1st district. Proceed with 2-oyChR the same from the top right (3p.). Now pull the Czech Republic following the 1st district. 1-2GK on, then there is a third gum rests on top of the first. Also weave 3p. Get a black house.

Take 7MR. Tension 1, 3p. by 1MR on 2-3GK. In 2p. from the top put 3MR alternately by 1-2, 2-3, 3-4GK. Next do the top of 1MR, capturing the last GC 1, 3p. and the top of the 2nd district. It will turn the hexagon. Take 1MR, 10KR, 3BR. Next to 2p. from the top to put on 1MR 4-5GK. The basis of the person is completed.
Go to dress. In 2p. 5GK are building with the top of 2KR, as did the Czech Republic (2, Step 3). Next to each point on the top of slide 1KR in all ranks. In each row, pull the BR and CR. Received the same pattern: red-white-red. Now at 2p. put another 2KR 8-9, 9-10GK. Take for crafts and 6CHR 8ZHR to weave his feet, boots.

In 1, 3p. pull 3CHR (9-10, 10-11, 11-12GK). On the hook screw the four 1ZHR, perekin'te it on 2ZHR. This item is put on the first row 12-13GK. Full wrap 1ZHR carnations. Now repeat step 18-20 for 3p. Take 3KR, 1BR. Twist turn the CD twice, put a triangle on the 9th, 8th, 7th YSC all machine series. Do the same with the BR-6 yhGK three rows.
Take 3BR, 4CHR, 2KR (it will hand crafts). Screw on the hook for four 1BR, 2BR place it on. Then you dial a chain of 3 loops: 2CHR-2CHR-2KR. Repeat step 25-27 to tie the second hand.

Put your hands on the 5-YSC 1, 3p. Take 12KR to weave hem of her dress. Hook dial a chain of 3 pairs of KR. This item (for the first and last loop) pull on 7-8GK 1p. Repeat step 31-32 for 3p. the second part hem.
Take 12CHR to tie the ears. Hook type chain of 6 pairs of the Czech Republic. This item (for the first and last loop), pull on the 1PC 1p., Correcting the ball with your fingers. Repeat step 35-36 with the second ear for 3p. Take 2CHR, 1MR eye. Screw on the hook for four turns of the Czech Republic. Transfer 2 element MR. Pull the ends 1MR 2 YSC-1, 3p. so that the black balls were placed on both sides of 2-goGK 2p. In this case the rear wall of MP between the eyes, wear a 2-oyGK 2p.

All base crafts ready. Close the loop with shoes. Hook pull the lower hinge by pushing torsion elastic, drag to the previous (where it is stretched). Weaving several multicolored rezinochek start from the top hinge. On the other studs just propletaete pairs lower gum. When all the rows to dopletete 1PC 2p., All loops grab hook. Through these loops thread the 2CHR, tighten the knot. Shaped fingers are adjusting mouse.

Take 3KR, 1CHR to bow. Use your fingers to drag 3KR, crochet using CR doing assembly is contracted red loop in the middle. Put the mouse over the ribbon loop. The toy is ready!

If something in the master class were not clear,See video professionals. These crafts can be used as a keychain for phone, keys, handbags, hair ornaments, bracelets, or as an attribute for the theater.

Video: weaving lesson Minnie Mouse on the machine