Crafts from plastic bottles. You can do everything yourself!

Crafts from plastic bottles. You can do everything yourself!

Throwing away each time usedPlastic containers, we do not hesitate even for a second about how different kinds of crafts from plastic bottles will be able to decorate our house or become practically useful in farming implements. Capacious boxes for groceries and original stands for kitchen appliances, convenient scoops for loose products and delicate candy bars, author's salad for cold appetizers and handmade vases for vases - all the utensils necessary for a household are not difficult to make from plastic bottles with their own hands. The ones that seem to us so useless and every day go to the garbage. Let's try together to make something useful or surprise friends with a beautiful hand-made article from the most readily available material? This is much easier than it might seem at first. Practical use of plastic bottles Empty PET bottles - surprisingly plasticMaterial for various crafts. They are represented by an abundance of shapes, volumes and colors, easily amenable to cutting and bending, are not afraid of moisture and testing by time. All this allows talented home masters to come up with and implement a self-made for the most diverse application. You do not have to fear for the hygienic properties of homemade trinkets - a material known to be non-toxic as was originally used in the food industry. Is it better to keep it away from the fire. So what, for example, can be made from plastic tanks from soda or beer? Let's immediately deal with this, taking on the arsenal of a couple of empty multicolored containers.

What can be done from a plastic bottle?

  • Kitchen accessories, household utensils and practically useful things;
  • Various toys from plastic bottles. Inexpensive, but interesting designers for children;
  • Exclusive decorative details for decorating home interiors;
  • A variety of summer crafts - garden and house inventory;
  • Various garden ornaments for front gardens, original fences for flower beds;
  • Technical products for automotive and home repair;
  • Dispensers, storage systems, containers for the transport of fragile things, various cases, etc.

And that is not all. Gradually we will gather for you the most interesting options for using plastic bottles. Choose the most necessary and suitable for you application for entertainment or housework and rather embark on an exciting design. All the schemes are dismantled step by step and are suitable for beginners, so that self-made plastic bottles are given to you easily and with pleasure. Nothing complicated, expensive or particularly laborious will not be here. Secrets of using plastic bottles at home and in the garden Do you know how useful the old polyethylene container for cottages can be? If there is no water supply in a country house, an excellent wash basin will turn out from a PET jar. And if you cut off the conical part of the bottle and plant it on a long stalk, then harvesting apples from the highest branches of the tree will not be difficult. Plastic bottles at the dacha will help in the event that you do not have a small watering can for neat sprinkling of seedlings. Master craftsmen quickly build a drip irrigation with their own hands from the plastic container, and the owners of the land plots will instantly make a glass of cups for seedling. Over time, your summer crafts will be supplemented with new functionality surprisingly to neighbors. If you do not be lazy and invent all the new devices, then working on the site will be much more interesting. And the harvest will certainly grow in volume. The scheme of manufacturing a washbasin from a plastic bottle Having mastered useful articles from plastic bottlesFor a kitchen garden, equip and household a pair of functional gizmos. The blessing of shortage of a material at you does not arise. Homemade mousetraps and massage mats for feet, original cans for storing cereals and woven plastic baskets, mini-greenhouses, vases and flower pots from plastic bottles and original caskets for storing sewing supplies can be of use to the home - everything you just want to create , Taking as a basis an ordinary plastic bottle. Making homemade household utensils and saving will help, and leisure will brighten up a very productive and uncomplicated hobby. And if working with standard containers of 1.5-2.5 liters. You suddenly get bored, think about what can be done from five-liter bottles - new ideas will be covered with a head. And the household will only benefit from your new ideas. Do not know where to buy sports equipment for a kindergarten? Is it worth it to break it over your head if your design talents decide the situation at the moment. There is a lot of ideas! Small containers filled with sand will replace dumbbells. And still from them it is possible to collect an excellent case for school. A palm made of plastic bottles will decorate a children's room, and a multi-colored alphabet from them will teach the preschooler reading. Crafts made of cork from plastic bottles will be a worthy alternative to a Lego designer, and you can also collect a real airplane from PET scraps for future aviators. The guys themselves will start making handmade self-made plastic bottles with their own hands, it is only necessary to show them a couple of our illustrated schemes with unique handmade toys. Homemade airplane from the covers Thinking about what can be done fromFive-liter plastic bottles, to teach the sorcerers something useful? Then by all means show the children how a bird feeder is made from an ordinary bottle, without which the feathered do not survive the winter cold. And on the international day of migratory birds on April 1, remind the children how to use plastic bottles, making birdhouses for birds flying from the south. With the help of our simple schemes and master classes, you will be able to teach children basic design skills and develop their technical imagination. Massage mat made by own hands Elements of home decor Look howBeautiful flowers can be made of plastic bottles! And how good are prefabricated interior pendants made from PET scraps! A collection of decorative articles from plastic bottles will be successfully supplemented by a delicate candy dish and a figured jug. Surely you have already figured out what other beautiful and useful products will soon decorate your home. Christmas toys or Christmas garlands made of plastic bottles, for example. Or carved for cutlery. Or maybe you already want to make an author's piggy bank, an art composition or a designer dispenser for keys in the living room? Useful article - water filter Separate attention worthy of vases from solidPolyethylene material. Homemade vase from the bottle is not inferior in beauty to the purchased ceramics or even crystal, if you do it diligently, putting all your artistic potential into work. Each such article for interior decoration is a unique hand-made thing. Not everyone will believe that the author's openwork vase is made from an ordinary bottle of lemonade. But friends will again be surprised by your skills when they see next handmade items from plastic bottle caps - hanging curtains and original mosaic panels.

Crafts from plastic bottles on

We did not accidentally put together the mostA variety of homemade items made of plastic containers, a material that is generally available and slightly undervalued .. Because every home master is interested in his own. And everyone will find here something necessary for themselves: one will like homemade children's toys, others will be pleased with household items. The scale of such homemade products depends on you. From empty PET bottles are built gazebos, make river rafts or swimming circles for babes - all that is enough for your imagination. You can always get inspired by the ideas of new homemade products on our website. Garland of bottoms from bottles What can I do right now? Collect the material! You will need a lot of empty bottles for truly large-scale creativity. You can even call relatives and acquaintances - let them not empty the container. Even in one picture you can find many original ideas: Furniture from plastic bottles