Crafts from thread the floss with your hands in the photo and video lessons

Crafts from thread the floss with your hands in the photo and video lessons


Threads - versatile material for creatinguseful crafts, make life cozy and comfortable, and the quality of floss is best suited for the job. Beautiful trinkets, pleasant things, and the desired things in an economy actually make their own hands. These crafts will be useful in home handy people who have remained unused remnants of yarn. There are a few tricks to make crafts from a variety of woolen thread and floss. Some of them you can find in our master - classes:
, Products made of thread in papier mache.

Figures from thread

Who did the dolls as a child of the thread? They were making her grandmother and great-grandmother on the grounds that it was not possible to have other, their mothers did and we do just because it was interesting, because these can not be bought, and now handmade very popular and much appreciated.

Because of thread and glue can be made not only dolls,figures but also various animals. Crafts can be very different: horses and seals, elephants and giraffes, fantastic characters and little animals unknown breed - room for imagination and creativity.
To get the doll, yarn add up toseveral additions, convenient to use for this book in various formats, or pieces of cardboard, and then the same blanks are laid across, where in the future will be the hands, feet, hair. The main thread in half and bend over tighten in the right places. If you use bright floss hair, you can make a girl with pigtails. Already finished doll top can be put on the clothes of the sewing securing the trunk cut pieces of thread or just wound them. The eyes, nose and lips embroider. Absolutely similar to dolls made animals.

Toys of floss can please hisChild playing with them will give him no less fun than talking shop with dolls. You can also decorate the children's room, decorate the kitchen domovenka good, give homemade New Year Santa Claus or the Snow Maiden, small animals, characters coming year, snowflake and Dr. Dr. Dolittle.

Video: Master-class on making dolls out of yarn

Artificial hair wigs Very interestingwith children to restore the old doll replaced her hair. In the process, there is in addition to the creative and educational moment. Hair at its head are mounted differently. When using the adhesive paste should just new. If there are special holes, then crochet hook through them to reach the desired length strings. Thus it is possible to make doll hair length and color desired.

With older children should be addressedmanufacturing almost of the wig. It can be made for the doll or yourself for the New Year costume. Any length of thread sewn in the middle of a thin strip of felt or other dense tissue, then the hairline on the forehead on the strip is attached a small comb to wig not loosed from the head. There are other ways of attaching artificial hair: on the mesh-related hook or a ready-made cap from fine yarn.

Baubles: the basics of weaving

The tradition of weaving baubles rooted inIndian culture. Pictures, set yarns have a meaning. Now rarely floss bracelets are some information, usually jewelry, and more original than it holds, the more appreciated. In Russian culture, there is a similar folk crafts - weaving belts.

Weaving is carried out in the following order:

  • Floss in different colors should be fixed on the book,pin or a special clip. The more strands - the wider the bracelet will. The length of thread must be not less than four times as long as the desired band;
  • There are two types of weaving: the easiest - oblique and direct or schemes;
  • To get started is to learn a simple weave: pick up the thread and secure - even number, arranged by color as follows: extreme - one color, following the two sides - the other, and so on;

  • at the beginning of intertwined first twothread twice, the first thread is tied around the second node, and the threads are reversed, the first is on the second place. Similarly extreme twist on the other hand, and continue weaving into a mirror sequence;
  • in the result should be a pattern reminiscent of herringbone. The right combination of colors will make Fenichka especially beautiful. Finish can be a conventional pigtail;
  • direct braiding requires expertisework, but also look bracelets, executed in this technique is much more attractive. This will require a special scheme, which provided a large number of books on needlework and and on our website;
  • at
    floss in the form of bracelets, necklaces and baubles further woven beads, beads, rhinestones and sequins, which gives them a special glamor and sophistication.

Video: Lessons from the most simple weave baubles

Macrame of floss Having mastered weaving baubles, you canstart weaving macramé. In principle, the technology is similar. Having carefully considered the basic circuit components, it will not be difficult to make yourself some decoration in macrame technique. These accessories will be a worthy addition to summer dresses and suits.

Video: braiding bracelet macrame technique of floss

Molyneux on cardboard

Making crafts from the floss on cardboard - a great way to family time, developing activities for children of all ages. All you need to do:

  • sheet of cardboard;
  • floss thread of different colors and lengths;
  • PVA glue;
  • scissors.

First on board a drawing, and theninstead of paints and colored pencils are used chopped thread. They are glued to the picture and the result is a naive child's drawing or chic panels, made using yarns of different colors and shades. Paintings made by this technique, reminiscent of embroidery and embroidery can take pride of place in the apartment.
There is another way to work with cardboard and floss: cardboard cut out the figure of a heart, rings, round, snowflake or bullseye. On the contour of an awl or a large gypsy needle pierced hole, and then the thread is passed through them. So do the New Year's toys, valentines and all the designer stuff.

Volume crafts

Volumetric toys can be made from anymaterials, even crafts from wool thread occupy a worthy place in the selection of material from the masters, but the crafts of floss thread, look more varied and richer thanks to the wide range of colors. Make this hack is very simple, from start
You will need:

  • balloons, fingertips, pastry balls;
  • little paper glue;
  • thread.

The scheme works as follows:

  • inflated balloons. From what kind of toy you plan to do, it depends on what size they will inflate. Now on sale, there are balls of different shapes and it enhances the volume of handicrafts, for example, a ball in the form of heart will make not difficult, but the original gift of Valentine's Day;
  • It is then evenly smeared surface stationery adhesive or plastic vial through a needle pierced therethrough and a thread is pulled while soaking adhesive;
  • in a chaotic manner thread wound on the ball. Better use of colorless glue dries not changing color floss. You can add glue gouache desired color. Threads on the ball must be completely dry, it occurs in about one day;
  • the ball is punctured or deflated and removed through the hole that was left in place ties.

This preparatory stage, the total volume for all crafts. Then it all depends on the imagination and ingenuity of the author. Thus it is possible to decorate flower pots, and any household utensils;
You can do the usual snowman, funnychicken or merry clown. Snowman from woolen yarn obtained by three white ball just sticking to each other, draw a face, with the help of small parts from toys to build his nose, and the lid of Kinder surprise is quite suitable as a bucket on his head.
For the chicken will need:

  • thread yellow color;
  • wire;
  • red ribbon;
  • small pieces of plastic;
  • some glue;
  • two buttons.

Two balls are glued to each other - is the head andtorso, legs made of chicken wire that is wrapped with red ribbon. For the beak used plastic pieces of candy boxes or any packaging, buttons - for eyes, wings and tail chicken draw paints or markers.

Video: how to make thread from tsiplenka

Using as a dried materialimpregnated with glue thread, you can make a creative bouquet of tulips. Permission is granted to use woolen thread. Themselves flowers are cut out of thread balls, get off the edge of the narrow lace, slabs for the leaves to prepare pieces of plastic or polyethylene, and then after drying should be a pair of scissors to give them the desired shape. Stems are made of thin wire and colored ribbons.
Billets glued yarn used in scrapbooking to create paintings, murals, greeting cards and boxes.
Particular attention should be paid to crafts,as the various vases, sugar bowls, lampshades. Beautifully glued rhinestones make the product even more effective. This, of course, "aerobatics", but the result is impressive.
Gradually, the products become more perfect, the creative process is delayed, new ideas and a desire to create a masterpiece with his own hands.

Video: crafts from different threads with their own hands