Crafts from wine corks own hands

Crafts from wine corks own hands

Crafts from wine corksIf you are wondering what kind of crafts from wineTraffic jams with their own hands can be made at home or in the workshop, then we recommend that you familiarize yourself with our selection. We chose the most interesting homemade products, which you can do with a minimal set of tools.

Lamps and chandeliers

Of all the options for home-made lamps from wine stoppers, the coolest thing to us was the following. Crafts from wine corks To make such a need to drill intoHoles of a sufficiently large diameter. In the holes, press the metal bushings into which you already insert the wire with the LED lighting element. You can do without metal bushings, just pasting the LED light bulbs into the cork. It turns out also cool, but with the bushing looks all the same a little more beautiful and neater. Crafts from wine corks Crafts from wine corks Also we liked table lamps, in which the lamp shade is plastered with stoppers. The light transmittance of such lampshades, of course, significantly decreases, but the lighting turns out to be more romantic. Crafts from wine corks How to make this type of crafts from wine corks is well shown in the picture.

Apron for the kitchen of wine corks

Apron for the kitchen is part of the wall betweenFloor and hanging lockers. It, as a rule, is faced with ceramic tiles. But you can use wine corks. They just stick to the wall, which is previously leveled. It looks so beautiful! Crafts from wine corks To save and simplify gluing, the cork should be cut beforehand in half along the length. The consumption will immediately decrease by half. A sharp clerical knife is used for cutting. Crafts from wine corks It seems that everything is simple, but it's not entirely true, there isA lot of nuances that need to be considered. Important nuances. Before gluing the plugs, you need to not only align the wall, but paint it in a dark color. It is necessary that the seams between the plugs are not conspicuous. Crafts from wine corks You can glue with usual liquid nails. They are tightly held and dry quickly, so it is very convenient to use them, especially with a good gun. Positioning the cork is best in a slightly chaotic or staggered order, as you will not achieve perfect symmetry, but the crooked rows will look disgusting. Crafts from wine corks It is also important to understand that the plugs are goodCope with high humidity of the kitchen, but are strongly dirty and heavily laundered. Therefore, we recommend them to cover with glass, and hot. Cut it yourself will not work, so you'll have to order it right away with the holes for the sockets and other elements. The glass is fastened to the wall by special anchor bolts, which can be bought in many construction shops. Crafts from wine corks The apron for the kitchen is a rather expensive hand-made article made from wine corks, but the result is worth it.

Rugs anywhere

What are good mats made of wine corks? Yes, almost everyone - they are warm, moisture resistant, strong, durable and beautiful. We do not need anything else. The only drawback is the relief. Between the traffic jams dirt will be clogged, which is not so easy to remove. But on the other hand, the rug can be washed under running water, after which it is dried and it becomes clean again. What kind of rugs can I make? Yes, any, including for the bathroom, for the hallway, for the toilet, for the window sill (to put flowers), for the dinner table (under the plates), etc. The scope is limited only by your imagination and some limitations - the cork does not like high temperatures, that is, put on a mat well, for example, a heated soldering iron is not worth it. Crafts from wine corks The manufacturing process is as simple as possible.A flexible or solid base is glued with a glue gun or liquid nails halves of plugs. Under the power of absolutely everyone. But the choice of the basis is not easy. With a stiffer simpler - it can be a sheet of plywood, a board, plastic or even thick cardboard. But you need to look for the flexible one already. True, you can make an article from wine corks in the form of a rug and without a base. But in this case it is necessary to connect them together with the use of a wire, a strong thread or something like that. Crafts from wine corks Crafts from wine corks Products with a base are much more beautiful and firmer, but without a foundation it is more practical, because they are much easier to clean.

Viscings on the door

From wine corks to nice curtains forDoorways that are used instead of interior doors in small apartments and not only. How it's done? Yes, everything is very simple! In the plugs, a hole is drilled or punched through with an awl, through which a fishing line or a strong thread is stretched (a fishing cord can be used, it is very durable and thin). Between the plugs, as a rule, large beads are also placed. It turns out very beautiful and original (strongly recommend it is the option with beads, as the plugs without them look pretty sad). Crafts from wine corks Crafts from wine corks Connect tubes can be in other ways,For example, using special metal eyelets with a thread that can be removed from a broken piano or bought in stores with goods for needlework (well, or in Chinese online stores). Crafts from wine corks But the option with a fishing line or cord is much easierAnd more reliable. By the way, if you like pendants on the door, but there is not enough congestion, then you should see what else they can be made from - look at our website.

Decoration of countertops

Wine stoppers can decorate the countertop,If its surface is damaged and no longer pleases you with its appearance. Or simply to give the table originality. As in the case with an apron for the kitchen, the cork is glued cut in half and painted in a dark color beforehand. Above, they are closed with strong, tempered glass. Spreads are also recommended in chaotic or staggered order. Crafts from wine corks Crafts from wine corks But if you are all right with your hands and there isTalent for drawing, then you can lay out a cork figure. We note at once that it is very, very difficult to do this. Therefore, first lay out the picture or if it works out - take pictures and start shooting one stopper, glue it and put it back. Crafts from wine corks Look at the picture from the traffic jams in the photo above. Truth is not a table, but for clarity it will work, there is no difference.

Other crafts

You can make other handicrafts from wine corks with your own hands - from wall clocks and frames for photographs to Christmas toys and flower pots. Crafts from wine corks Crafts from wine corks Crafts from wine corks Crafts from wine corks Crafts from wine corks Crafts from wine corks Crafts from wine corks Crafts from wine corks Crafts from wine corks We decided not to describe them in detail, sinceMost of them are not particularly practical, well, or they are made very simply. But the photos still published, suddenly you will like something and you want to repeat it.

Where to get a lot of traffic jams from wine?

In the handicrafts of wine corks the funniest thing is that they are mostly made in a basic way, but the material is extremely difficult to find. But all the same it is possible and we will prompt as:

  • Ask around friends and acquaintances (you can collect 20-30 pieces).
  • Address to the barmen and waiters in the nearbyCafes / restaurants / bars. You will have to show a maximum wit, as to force people to collect traffic jams for you is very difficult (you can collect up to 500 pieces in six months).
  • Wine corks can be bought in shops or directly from the manufacturer. The second option is not always possible, but more profitable (you can buy at least a million traffic jams, but they are not cheap).

The most cool option is availability in"Drinking establishments" of acquaintances who collect your collection quickly enough, and you in return make for them some hand-made articles, for example, a classy rug in the bathroom.