Craquelure in decoupage master class with turn-based photo

Craquelure in decoupage master class with turn-based photo


The technique of using craquelure in decoupage,It is considered popular with skilled workers who have long been working with decoupage. For beginners, this word may not be clear the first time. In this article, you will learn in detail what it is and how to apply it in practice.
Craquelure - is artificially created cracks,Imitating the aging of the object. There are two types of craquelure: one-step and two-step. One-step craquelure, used in the event that they want to see through the cracks of the top layer of paint, the lower tier of paint was visible. Two-step craquelure, the same as the first, but there is a small difference, the resulting cracks must be filled with something, for example silvery powder.

Master class using craquelure

This decoupage and its master class will help you familiarize yourself with such material as craquelure, and learn how you can work with it on the example of a plate.
To create the first masterpiece, you need the following materials:

  • Transparent dish, maximum plane;
  • alcohol;
  • Napkin with selected motif;
  • Acrylic colors, suitable colors;
  • decoupage glue or PVA;
  • craquelure;
  • brush;
  • Sponge;
  • Acrylic lacquer.

After you have prepared all the materials,You can start this decoupage and master class. Take a plate and wash it under a stream of warm water. Wipe the plate and degrease it with the existing alcohol. Do it very scrupulously. Separate the upper tier with the pattern from the napkin and attach it to the dish. Pour a little glue on the plane in the center and start to smooth it towards the edges, avoiding the appearance of wrinkles and bubbles under them.

Wait for a while until the glue dries. After that, apply white acrylic paint to the paper fragment. This is done for the purpose to give the brightness of the picture on the plate and make a contrast. Leave it to dry completely.

Now decoupage and a master class, go to workOver the background of the product. Craquelure gives handicrafts, the effect of antiquity, this is a very popular activity, which is great for such kind of products as plates. Apply a varnish varnish on the entire plane of the craft. This procedure is done, only in one direction.

The product remains to dry for twenty minutes. Mix a few drops of white and green paint and apply it on a plate. This is done strictly in the opposite movement, with respect to the varnish lacquer, without double-coating the same part. Artificial cracks, will appear in front of your eyes. Do not rush to work any further. The plate should dry for about three hours.

We pass to the last stage, which offersMaster Class. After drying, take a contrasting hue of the paint and apply it with hip movements using a washcloth. This is done over the entire surface. This technology will allow the cracks to look even more, more noticeable and extravagant. We leave time for drying.

The final stage is the application of acrylic lacquer, which will fix the work and will not allow it to deteriorate.

A master class using craquelure is over,And you have a small masterpiece in the technique of decoupage, made by yourself. As you could see, such work is not very difficult. The main thing that needs to be done is carefully repeat all the steps of the master class. In the same way, all objects of everyday life that surround a person in everyday life are decorated. Such a plate, made with the use of craquelure, in the technique of decoupage, will take an honorable place in your apartment, or become a memorable gift, your loved ones.

Work with one-step craquelure

Among the majority of adjacent methodsDecorating, one of the main places in decoupage, takes a one-step craquelure. This kind of decorating products, often used in decoupage, but can act as an independent unit. In the technique of decoupage, one of the components, is the selection of the background. A grid of small cracks, looks great on a simple casket or on an antique chest of drawers. To this end, you should review the work of experienced needlewomen and decide which option suits you.
Varnishes, from craquelure, are used in the processAging things to give an antique look. The work depends on what kind of effect we want to get. One-step craquelure is necessary in order to create a background with cracks, which, in consequence, will be glued napkin with a pattern. Artificial cracks clearly appear through the image. Two-step craquelure, is applied already on the finished drawing.
To get the right effect, which gives a one-step craquelure, you must follow certain rules:

  • In the first place, any surface is cleaned and covered with soil, and then dries up;
  • Then, the product is covered with any color and left for a while. To accelerate the process, you can use a hairdryer;
  • Lacquer varnish, applied in the places where it should be on the plan. The more crackel is applied, the more cracks will be obtained;
  • The next layer, there will be a different color paint,Which will shade the image. In this case, it is necessary to wait for complete drying of the paint or to use cold air of a hair dryer at a distance not less than fifty centimeters from the product;
  • Cut out napkins, glue with decoupage glue andLet the work dry. In order for the thing to look more worn, tint some areas of the surface. After all, it remains only to cover the entire product with varnish.

Following all of the above tips, you canCreate your own hands, truly original thing. Using the aging effect, one-step craquelure, you will make an antique craft that no one can distinguish from the real thing of antiquity.

Two-step craquelure casket

This wonderful master class, tells aboutHow to work with the technique of a two-step craquelure. For these purposes, a metal box, left over from the sweets, will be used. And to decorate it will be a printout with the image of an old house in the forest.
First of all, you should prepare a box, removing all labels from it, and then, degreasing, with any detergent or alcohol.

Apply a primer to the surface. For this, water-emulsion paint or acrylic is perfect. The inside of the box will remain untouched, since it is in good condition and without flaws.

Picture with a house, in its composition, recallsPhoto, so it needs to be put in water for half an hour to make it soft. Now, you can separate the top layer from the paper substrate. Lubricate the top of the cover with glue and attach the picture there.

Now, the master class will demonstrate howMake a rim of toilet paper. Cut it into strips, and spread the glue with water. Take the first piece of paper, put it around the perimeter of the image, and with a brush, start to form wrinkles. In this form, leave the lid dry.

After such manipulations, the edging of paper,It is painted in white color. And the image itself, is covered with several tiers of acrylic lacquer. Between each coating, a break is made for complete drying. Such actions should not be missed, otherwise, cracks will not work.

To make aging happen, as best as possible, use such craquelure, which is presented in the photo. They are applied by brush on the box.

It is very important that the varnish covers the whole planeCover. For this, it is better to walk with your fingers on the entire surface, as recommended by the master class. And as always, we leave to dry. Paper edging, stained with golden paint. The secret is to apply on the brush, as little as possible of this paint. If you are slightly overdone, paint over the top and a pearl shade.

The next step that the master class does isDecoration of the side parts of the casket, gold ornament. In this case a useful file is useful. Cut the napkin into small pieces and blend on them, hair spray. Put the paper on the file and place it under a thin stream of water to get rid of the bubbles. Now, boldly glue the side parts of the box.

A box, without fail, is coveredAcrylic lacquer. And the cracks obtained, it is necessary to wipe the powder with a metallic color, any of your choice. For this case, simple shadows with sparkles can come up. Using a cotton swab, in a circular motion, rub the powder into the cracks. Rinse with warm water, a crackling varnish, which is not necessary.

The finishing touches of the master class are the application of acrylic lacquer to the surface, in an amount of 10 times.

For decoration and shine, paint the sides, golden paint, as shown in the photo.

The master class is finished, and a magnificent casket under the antiquity is completely ready.

Technique, which was made a hack, is not as complicated as it might seem from the first time. It should, only, carefully do all the steps and recommendations.
Such a two-step craquelure can be processedAny surface. Namely, paper, wood, metal and glass, plastic and leather hand-made articles. Craquelure, is available in two bottles and is used, also two. You need to buy such a varnish, one of any manufacturer. Since the composition of others, can differ from each other. They are available in cans or tubes, and have a dispenser. On the vials drawn figures, it means that in the same order, they need to be applied to the object.
There are several types of two-stepCraquelure, this: a large, thread and small craquelure. Such definitions refer to the volume of cracks. The filamentous craquelure is called so because the thickness of the cracks is not more than the thickness of the thread.
Before starting independent steps inDecoupage, it follows, first of all, at least to study the theory and see the work of more experienced needlewomen. For beginners, lovers of such art as the aging of everyday objects, it is not superfluous to learn not complicated master classes, and then repeat them. If, you understand what is beginning to work for you, you can move on to the complicated version.
Connect this technique and your children. They will definitely like such work as the decoration of surrounding objects. And the results, you can decorate your apartment or desk. A pleasant surprise, will be such a gift received for the holiday. Such antique crafts, look very original. In the store, you can not always find something like that. Therefore, there is a chance to do something exclusive.

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