We create a bed for the doll with our own hands. Children and parents participate.

We create a bed for the doll with our own hands. Children and parents participate.

Today in shops you can meet the mosta variety of products, including dolls' beds. However, like beds for people, furniture for dolls is quite expensive. And the way out of this situation is to make the crib itself. It's much easier to make than you think. Imagine what a storm of positive emotions awaits you after such a gift. After all, you will create a cozy crib for your favorite bunny, pupa or for another toy. Bed for a doll, made by own hands To make such a craft, you do not even need to be bought, everything you need can be at your fingertips. To make this craft, you will need:

  • cardboard box,
  • glue,
  • pencil or felt-tip pen,
  • Scotch,
  • wire or line,
  • the cloth,
  • dark cardboard.

To begin with, we will make templates - on the very basiscribs and backrests. The sizes of a doll's bed can be very different. One of the options: the width of the bed is 20 cm, the length is 40 cm, the back of the high back is 16 cm, the low is 14 cm. We take the scissors in our hands and cut them out from the cardboard using the part template. If you have a very small child cut outparts as much as possible. This is to ensure that the bed is firm. Then take the PVA glue and glue all the details on each other, that is, layers. Cut the pieces of five wires of 60 centimeters. After we have pasted four layers of cardboard, we put a wire in several rows on top and stick it for fixing with adhesive tape. All this we water with glue, carefully put cardboard and its remains and paste. Then put under something heavy. While our composition dries, we take backs and glue them together in three pieces. And also we put under some weight. After some time we take out the parts from the bed from the press, pierce the backs with an awl and put them to the wire. When all the details of the bed are dry and "tight"will be glued together, pick up the backs and mark with a pencil the place of contact with the wire. We fasten it tightly and cut off excess. All that remains of the cardboard is glued with glue to the back. Then take the paper and pasted the finished doll's crib. You can paint it with paint. Cover the bed with a bed, and you can already play with it. In such a product, made with your own hands, your child's toy will sleep. Do not doubt that the baby will be delighted with the crib. You can decorate a finished craft with stickers or paper. To decorate the crib is not recommended to use pencils, markers, paints, since they are even dried in the dried state.