Create a doll Tilda. It's easy and fast. The result will please everyone.

Create a doll Tilda. It's easy and fast. The result will please everyone.

The making of Tilda dolls is a fascinating anduncomplicated. Everyone is able to sew any toy that he likes by just enough to have enough patience and theoretical and practical knowledge. To make it easier to understand the essence of the process of sewing such toys, consider an illustrative example. For this, we'll sew a cute and funny bunny. So, let's get started. How to sew a hare Tilda, step by step instruction. Photo №1 To make a rabbit, you need:

  • monophonic tissue that will go to the body of a hare
  • fabric for tailoring,
  • thread in the color of the fabric,
  • pin and needles,
  • scissors,
  • sewing machine,
  • floss for the decor.

Manufacturing process: 1. Prepare a pattern of the hare's body, cut them out and with pins attach all the details to the fabric. Details can also be traced in a piece of chalk or soap, and then cut them. You will get: 4 details for the "hands" of the hare, 4 details of the paws, 4 details of the trunk, two details of the ears. 2. Sew all the parts. To do this, use the sewing machine. Note that the sewing step is determined by the type of fabric. 3. Cut off all excess fabric leftovers, leaving small (2-3 mm) allowances, so that small parts, when turned out, do not wrinkle. 4. Carefully remove all the details of the hare, trying not to damage the seams. 5. Fill all the details of the bunny, with the exception of the ears. Handles and legs stuff them with sintepon or cotton wool, but not very much so that they do not stick out in different directions. 6. Using pins, pin the bunny's legs to the trunk. In this case, they must be put inside the body. Do not forget all the allowances to wrap inside the lower part of the trunk. 7. Make sure that the hare legs and handles come out neat and sew them with a hidden type of seam. 8. Using an iron, carefully strip off the ears, and then attach them to the body of the bunny and gently sew. Sewing ears better, too, using the seam of a secret, grasping with the needle only the very edge of the fabric. True, some masters use the upper edge of the line, but this is already a matter of everyone's taste. 9. Well, that's all! Our pretty, pretty bunny is ready! It remains only beautiful to embroider a nose, eyes and dress it in colorful, bright clothes.