We create a female suit on the Chinese calendar with our own hands. It turns out that it's simple and beautiful.

We create a female suit on the Chinese calendar with our own hands. It turns out that it's simple and beautiful.

To plunge into childhood In a secret, probably, everyonean adult, from adolescence, dreams of returning to childhood, when you can play, sleep during the day, not be burdened with any special duties, enjoy holidays, believe in Santa Claus and, most importantly, look forward to the New Year, in advance to figure out who you will be on festive carnival. To help parents to make a suit, to happily try it on every evening, looking forward to how you will amaze everyone around you with your best suit. The costume of one of the most feminine symbols of the year on the Chinese calendar. Photo №1 But a tremulous expectation of a New Year's holidayreturn without using the time machine. Who prevents you from announcing the New Year's Ball costume? In the last century, our ancestors all Christmas and holiday balls were held only in masks and costumes. Costume ball for kids and more? Suppose you were invited to a costume New Year's Eve. Where to begin? The first thought is to go to the store, buy a mask and stop at this. Thought number two usually arises already in the store, when in the window next to the masks, you see the costumes of different characters of cartoons, movies, games, books ... And costumes are not only for kindergarten and junior school children, but also for adult sizes. There is a crazy desire to amaze all friends, appearing in a suit, for example, the cat Leopold. Here we recommend not to hurry! Give the third thought to form - to defeat everyone on the spot with a unique costume - make a cat costume with your own hands from improvised materials! Homemade New Year costume - the best giftyour beloved Huge plus homemade costume in the fact that while you are inventing it, selecting materials, doing, then until the last minute to retouch, the New Year mood will not leave you. The amount of positive that you will receive from: first creating a suit, then anticipating a general surprise, then - from a huge number of compliments and a sea of ​​memorable photos, will charge you with energy for the whole next year. Do not be afraid that making a costume is too difficult! The main thing is a little imagination and creativity, then find all the necessary materials and time for the realization of their ideas. The cat's costume can be of all kinds - from the ears and tail, to a full-fledged, for example, black overalls with sewn light strips, with a hood and ears, with a mask or painted face, gloves in the form of paws, etc. Here everything depends on your imagination and time to create an image. An uncomplicated suit, all the stages of creation of which we will consider below, will include:

  • The dark mini-skirt flap;
  • A dark turtleneck embroidered with silver threads of a New Year's rain;
  • Dark socks of Angora wool, also with a silver insert;
  • Black suede tight gloves;
  • Makeup in dark colors using aqua-grime;
  • Black thin fur tail with a white tassel on the tip, which must be sewn to the waistband of the skirt;
  • Of the remains of the same fur are made ears, which are attached to the wire by a wire to a thin rim for the hair.

Do all of the above points evena man who is not friends with needlework, will not be difficult. Yes, and a lot of all the work will not be taken away. And if you put a little creative, then the suit can be perfected with some small details. Mood - in the image Why was the cat's suit chosen as an example? Because it is an image that, better than many others, will emphasize your femininity and grace. After you see yourself in the mirror, then you will hear a few compliments in your address, you will come peacefully "meringent" mood, which will provide an excellent holiday to you and others. If you do not have time and desire to look for something, sew, create, invent, take a few sheets of paper or cardboard, cut out cat ears, insert an elastic band in them or fasten them on your hair, draw a cat's eyes, a mustache, a pink nose lipstick, put on a dark evening dress - and the image of the cat is ready. He is a little more primitive than a full costume, but no less charming. Experiment! Do not refuse at the same time, having received an invitation to the carnival - the impressions will not take long. You'll like it!