Create a cushion toy Krosh yourself

Create a cushion toy Krosh yourself

How to make a toy cushion Krosh with your own hand. Photo №1 Toys made with their own hands, it's not easycrafts, and things done with the soul. They serve as objects of pride of the needlewoman, worthy decoration of the house. The toys you make can be useful. For example, you can make a pillow-toy for the baby. After all, you can play with it and relax. And the original design will make the pillow unique. A special pleasure will be given to the child a pillow made in the form of his favorite hero from the cartoon. Today, finding such patterns for pillow-toys is not a problem. Consider the process of manufacturing a pillow-toy in the form of the hero Krosh from the cartoon "Smeshariki". From the materials you need:

  • the cloth,
  • scissors,
  • needle,
  • thread of the right color and sintepon.

First, draw patterns on the fabric. It should be understood that, the smaller the figure, the more difficulties will be in sewing the pillow-toy. If you are engaged in sewing toys for the first time, increase the size of the pattern by 2 times to avoid damage to the fabric. Next, cut out pieces of fabric with a pattern. The next work will be stitching the pillow from the parts. When Krosh's body is ready, you can startsew his ears, hands and feet. If there is any excess cloth left, cut it off. The last step is filling your toy with a sintepon, give the necessary shape to the Smesharik. That's it, your cushion is ready! There are no difficulties in making a pillow-toy. If you are a beginner, then fakes of a round, oval shape can be made without difficulty. Just look for a pattern, overlay the details, outline, stitch, put inside the filler for the volume. Stylish and unique will look pillows with applique. The work is not easy, because the seam should be even, but the result will surpass itself. If you are making a pillow for a small child, do not add a lot of decorative small parts. After all, your baby can accidentally nullify all your work, tearing off a bead or button. Such elements are a real danger for a small child. Choose too light fabric should not be, because of the games of the baby toy quickly gets dirty. This should be taken into account when choosing a material. Buy the fabric to be washed, cleaned. A good alternative to sintepon will be polyester balls. This material will help the child develop motor skills. So go ahead! Come up with an unusual design, shapes, and most importantly have fun with needlework.