Create a unique free autumn dress for any shape with your own hands

Create a unique free autumn dress for any shape with your own hands

On the nose of autumn, I want to change the image, try on,something new and original, and your wardrobe, like the purse, is still empty? No problem! You do not need to run to neighbors to borrow money and get into debt in order to feel like a woman again in the Pushkin season. Everything can be done much easier and more fun! Only a few days, and with experience and hours of work and you have in your hands a unique free autumn dress that has been taken for almost nothing. In addition, it is always pleasant when you do something yourself. For sewing we will use a knitted cloth "oil". It is 100% polyester. Despite the fact that the material is synthetic, it is very pleasant to the touch and well attached to the body. The edges can not be processed - do not crumble. It should also be noted the cheapness of the material, which will allow you to economically get a good thing and leave money for yourself.

  • First we build a pattern as shown in the picture below. This is quite easy even for beginners, the good news on the Internet now is a huge number of video classes devoted to this topic.

1 (1) .jpg

  • The chest dash from the first picture is translated the line of the bottom, to get it as in the second illustration.

  • On the back, we simply cut beforehand from the middle of 8-9 cm
  • Next, let's create a larger volume below. To do this, let's do the following: lay out the backrest and the shelf together on the fabric. You do not need to do this closely, but with an indent beneath

Next, we cut out the same length both in front and in the back. This can be done for convenience on the fabric.

  • The next step is a small cut in the neck and adjustment, everything should look like the photo.

  • Next we take the ready-made pattern for the sleeves and slightly reduce it in volume, duplicate the shoulder cut and process the neck.

  • The bottom of our autumn dress is simple enough to sweep and here - a new thing is ready!

Thus, in just a few hours of work,following the instructions, you will receive an original free autumn dress, which will not be for any of the girlfriends. And for this you do not need sky-high sums and extraordinary skills. Only diligence and flight of imagination and you will make your autumn unforgettable!