We create amazing crafts for a cat with our own hands from improvised materials.

We create amazing crafts for a cat with our own hands from improvised materials.

Any pet requires care. So the British kitten, like all pets, likes to play with different toys. The kitten develops physically. Playing, he trains his instincts, strengthens his health. You can see that a kitten or an adult cat, being full and healthy, always tries to attract the attention of the owners. And one of the reasons for this is boredom. Sometimes cats require entertainment very often, depending on the nature. It is necessary to give at least 10 minutes a day for playing with a pet - as advised by experienced veterinarians. In practice, this can be done by purchasing a large number of different toys for the kitten of the breed "Briton" - then the pet will be occupied and the owners will enjoy his funny games. Make the life of the cat more fun. Photo №1 What toys are needed for a cat? The assortment of toys for cats is huge. On the shelves of pet stores their owners can find both the simplest and cheapest toys made of cloth (mice, balls), and automatic and expensive. Firms that create toys for animals, try to make life as possible for the owners of pets, offering more and more options. But if you watch, any purchased toy bothers the cat in a few days. And interest in toys fades, regardless of their complexity, price and quantity. Of course, you can buy new products for the pet forever, if there is a willingness to spend money on it endlessly. How can I take a kitten without making frequent purchases? Toys for a cat with their own hands There is a good option - to create a toy with their own hands. The process of creation can really please the owner, and the finished toy will please the kitten for a long time. In addition, in this case, you can accurately talk about the safety of toy materials. There are a few simple items used in everyday life that are very attractive for fluffy pets:

  • Packages made of paper, especially large ones. Cats love to study them well first, and then play with them more than once and long enough. Even a small ball, placed in such a package, can turn it into a toy. It should be remembered that cats adore it is the light color of the packages, and the property of rustling, inherent in the packages, does not leave any pet indifferent.

  • Boxes made of cardboard are also attractive. Kittens are very fond of climbing into them and playing. To make a toy out of the box, you can cut several holes in its walls. Then you can put something in the box - a ball, a ball, a rustling candy wrapper. Pets will be happy to actively use this box for games.
    • Another thing that is fascinating for cats ismulticolored corks from bottles made of plastic. You can give them to cats just in loose, you can tie one by one with a rope, and then fix it in the form of a ring.
    • Balls for tennis - also an excellent toy for kittens and adult cats. They like to play with them for a long time.
    • Simple and colorful pencils, which can be found in every person at home, are unusually entertaining for cats, including British breed.
    • A ball of fur or a small soft toy, suspended on your pet's favorite height, will be very interesting for him.
      • The most common rope with a bow on the end is a classic toy for any cat. And the most affordable!
      • Different balls of paper or foil are as good as the balls from the store

Creating a toy for cats with their own hands cando not require effort - you just need to show a little imagination and observation. Cats choose toys depending on their character and mood - this should be taken into account. Give joy to your pet and you will enjoy your game for a long time!