Create a beautiful hair clip for the girl with your own hands and save money

Create a beautiful hair clip for the girl with your own hands and save money

Today, variousHair clips and elastic bands from satin and reps ribbons. In stores such decorations are not very cheap, so why not make them yourself, especially since it is not as difficult as it might seem at first glance. In order to make such a small hairpin for a girl we will need:

  • Repin ribbon of three colors. Tapes of each color need about 70 centimeters, and from the remains you can make another small zakolochku.
  • Workpiece for the barrette.
  • Glue gun.
  • Scissors.
  • Half-beads with rhinestones for decorating the middle of the flower.

A quality and beautiful hairpin for a girl with her own hands. Photo №1 Creating our hair clip we start with the fact thatWe take the workpiece for the barrette and paste it with a piece of tape. We do this so that the color of the metal is not visible. We measure the strip of tape about one and a half times more than our barrette and glue our workpiece with the help of an adhesive gun. We try to squeeze carefully the glued places, so that then the tape does not come off. We leave our workpiece and begin to cut offtapes for hair clips. In order to make such a flower we need three strips of ribbons of different colors. Strips of each color should be slightly shorter than the previous ones. From the cut ribbons we start to make details. To do this, take one strip of tape and turn it into a figure eight. Center the workpiece with a small glue of glue. Thus, we make blanks from all ribbons. Well, if the ribbon you have a little more, so that in case of unsuccessful creation of the workpiece it could be replaced. From the received petals we begin to collect our flower. First we add more petals, fastening them with glue. Then we place the petals of a smaller size. We need to fasten everything very well, so that later our hair clip does not fall apart. In the middle of the finished flower, glue a half-bead. It remains for us to glue the hairpin with glue and glue our flower. That's all, a beautiful and bright zakolochka in the form of a small flower-bow is ready.