Create beautiful animals from vegetables with their own hands, which will serve as decor for your table

Create beautiful animals from vegetables with their own hands, which will serve as decor for your table

All children like to do something with their own hands. Of course, these are some complicated things. In the process of work, the child learns and develops. Perhaps the most interesting and delicious crafts are obtained from vegetables. For example, you can make a duck from carrots and potatoes. The most important thing for the child to understand how to do it. Next, we just tell you what you need to create such a duck yourself. First, adults need to pick potatoes of the right shape. Such that the child at once has guessed, that at it the duck has turned out. Interesting little animals from vegetables with their own hands. Photo №1 So, to create a duck you will need:

  • Carrots of any shape
  • Two dried carnations
  • A small slice of orange peel
  • A few matches
  • Two potatoes. One must be more than the other.

In case you did not have skins fromorange, then it can be replaced with carrots. It will be easier for you to cut out the paws of orange skins. Instead of matches, you can use toothpicks. Then you need to attach your eyes and beak. In the place where the head is to be inserted into the large potato three toothpicks. Carrots need to cut out a beak. This is the most difficult moment, so you'll have to try. The beak is attached with a match or toothpick. After attaching the beak, you need to cut out the paws of the most similar shape. The paws are also attached by means of matches. Dried cloves will act as eye. Just press the carnation into the potatoes. This completes the work. Sinenky penguin: This product is distinguished by its simplicity and originality. To produce it, you only need 1 eggplant and a couple of beads with pins: You can look for an eggplant in the form of an arc,it with Peking cabbage and green pepper. At the output will be a wonderful duck. The decoration of the room and the original design of the vase can also be served by an eggplant: Consider as a base material zucchini: Many interesting crafts can be made from courgettes. Let's enumerate only some crafts from zucchini: Zucchini tavern turns into a predator. Zucchini, or for lack of a cucumber, will help to get a terrible shark: Shoes from courgettes. Adorable shoes resemble Cinderella's shoes. In this case, you can also use cucumbers: You will get a nice pig from your vegetable marrow. Piglet and ears are made from zucchini, and eyes - from berries of mountain ash: