Create an exclusive candlestick with your own hands from glass containers and sea salt

Create an exclusive candlestick with your own hands from glass containers and sea salt

A beautiful candlestick with your own hands can makeeven a child. The actions are very simple, the manufacturing process does not take much time and the cost of materials is minimal. Virtually all the necessary elements are in every house. The original candlestick will be relevant in any situation: as on New Year's Eve, and to create a unique atmosphere of a romantic dinner, and simply as an addition to the overall interior of your house. You can create a product yourself from any improvised means. Banks and cups, glasses and glasses, colored dense threads, pieces of colorful fabric, buttons, beads, coffee grains, buckwheat, rice, empty wine bottles, wooden sticks or beautiful branches, cans - all this will be an excellent material for exclusive decor elements. There are many ways to please yourself and loved ones with the wonderful subject of your own work. The final result depends on imagination and wit. Let's consider some original ideas for creating a masterpiece with your own hands. Candlestick made of transparent glass and sea salt So, we need:

  • Jars from glass or other containers of any shape and size
  • Salt sea in different shades
  • PVA glue
  • Tableware for casing candlestick in salt (plates)
  • Paints in aerosol sprays and sequins for decorating the finished product

Step 1. Take the prepared container and process it with all the glue Candlesticks with their own hands. Photo №1 Step 2. We pour the salt into the plates. Step 3. We drop the container in a plate with salt. Thus, we get a practically finished product Candlesticks with their own hands. Photo # 2 Step 4. Leave this candlestick until it dries completely. Candlesticks with their own hands. Picture №3 Step 5. We decorate the product with sequins and colorful paints at our discretion. Candlesticks with their own hands. Photo №4 Another idea for making a candlestickhands - a candlestick made of glass containers, laces and dense threads. The main material that we need in the process, as well as in the previous case, is the glass container. This is a bank, a glass, a deep piala of a small size - everything that can be found on the premises. Additional materials:

  • PVA glue
  • Multicolored threads, lace napkins, beads, buttons, ribbons and so on
  • Scissors

Cut off the necessary piece of lace napkin, tightly wrap the container and glue along the seam. We choose an optional decoration on your own. The following candlestick patterns are obtained. Candlesticks with their own hands. Photo №5 Of course, you can come up with a completely new version, which will be an excellent decoration of any holiday.